14 February, valentines day | The day of love decoded: February 14 is the day which is very special no matter what anyone was to say.

Valentines is the day lovers celebrate and show their love for each other.

One should commemorate that day, and it brings spring in the step into the hearts of every girl. Girls wait for this day.

It brings a smile on the face of every person, and some people go to the extent of marrying on this day.

Marriage should be on your mind on this day, and why not? A pure red rose says it all.



So, Valentine’s day is the time when the chill in the air becomes tolerable as if Cupid was a weather god.

Jokes apart, we love all God’s equally, and we are thinking of Cupid also as God because matches are made in heaven.

We love the way Cupid is portrayed with angel wings and a halo.

If you have been crushing on that nerd who plays the guitar and he has finally proposed, and you do not know what to wear because you want to look alluring and oh little nerdy then we have some outfit ideas.

Always remember the personality of the guy who you are dating while dressing up. So, let us see.

Valentines is perfect weather, so one can start dressing up in summer clothing again or just take a woolen scarf and cover the neck, the air is fragrant, and a sexy slip-on cardigan with a full sleeve maroon top from a good brand, some black stockings and boots would do the trick.

Let us explain that further


First thing

The first thing that remains the same is grooming, get a manicure, pedicure and facial done. Second, go for a cleaning.

Your body wash could be Victoria’s Secret; your shampoo could be rich which makes your hair bouncy and which smells good, apply an equally sweet-smelling conditioner, and some powerful fragrance serum.

So, we have conveyed the point that every aspect of you should feel good. Last, of all, do not forget to face perfume.

When there is closeness, or you are holding hands, then just a whiff of you should awaken the moment.

You should go for shiny hair, bouncy hair look. If you have a straightener at home, then you should go for a straight hair look, or you could get curls done with a curling iron. Curls look cute whereas straight poker hair looks hot.

You should probably get a haircut and style done on the day of Valentines.

If possible, get global hair highlights done in the color of choice, reds look good but wash off quicker, and brown mocha and blonde shades last longer.

Get some completion with good looking hair ties. A silver hair tie would look good on a ponytail, or else get a banana clip to show off your silky mane.

Never make the mistake of not taking an hour long shower before you go out dating.

You are likely to impress more if you have shining white teeth so brush for an hour too if you can.


valentines day

Second thing

Coming back to clothes, you should not show off a lot of skin if it’s your first date, skirts are also an option though besides jeans, not just that but you could even wear an A-line sheath dress.

Bare legs in winters do not look all that good, therefore, wear stockings.

You could wear boots or kitten heels. High heels slay and that depends on you if you can strut your stuff, tall is always in. You would love reaching the boy’s shoulder height with these high heels.

A little-known fact is that most guys like ethnic wear on women and Valentine’s is not an exception. You could also apply an Indian tattoo.

Wear a shawl in Pashmina to add to the value of the fact that you are an Indian at heart.

Red is the colour of the day, but you could wear almost any colour, even white dresses look hot.

Whites who are off-shoulder would make you impress everyone from bystanders and your beau.

You would also be able to impress your date’s parents when you wear a white dress and a diamond neckpiece. Halter designs are also in vogue.

Some bold women also drape a saree on this day, and the Indo western look steals the show.

A halter blouse is useful as an alternative. A bright orange saree with a red top looks very good. Satin in mild pink is a good option; you could wear a satin dress.

The other colours that are doing the round are purple and light olive green.

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Third thing

Do not forget a nice watch, the sunglasses, remember to dress according to if you like day dates or night dates.

You could also wear leather pants and a camisole to keep it sexy and simple. Leather pants do not just look sexy but they too casual.

Go for a summery look only when you are genuinely not feeling cold, or else keep yourself warm with as many layers as you want.

Red coloured pullover, an off white coat and some formal trousers would look endearingly different too. 


Fourth thing

You could wear minimal jewellry such as an exciting design in earrings, such as a geometric design or an animal motif.

Imagine how cute you would look if you were wearing rat designs or duck designs on your ears, wear a gold chain with a pendant that goes with the earrings.

Makeup should be as much as you wish to carry off, from a base of the foundation to winged eyeliner, some lip colour maybe peach or a nude shade on the lips look perfect.

The latest fad these days is the metallic colour lip shade. 

Metallic blue is awesome. It would give you a gothic look which is exciting. College goers should strike this look.

Few people know that your lip colour should match the colour of your nails. Apply mascara.


14th February is an important day from the point of view of every person who is in love.

if you want to look good, attract your loved one and impress them on the very special day of valentines just follow above important tips.

it will help you in every manner. So stop wasting your time and start working on the above things mentioned.

Have fun! Happy Valentines!


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