15 best ad network for publishers and website owners: If you are a blogger especially a Word press blogger, then you know the importance of an ad network which would make your blog start earning money without disturbing the user experience.

There are many ad networks available which help you to make money from your blog. But as we know that not all available ad networks are trustable. There are some famous and genuine ad network for bloggers who wish to display ads on their blog or website and earn money.

The approval process of some ad networks is not an easy task. Publishers have to go through many steps and wait for getting approved. Approval and rejections is totally depending on the policies and guidelines provided by ad networks.

Google Adsense

best ad network for publishers

Google Adsense is one of the best ad network for publishers and is a pay per click model or cost per click wherein the advertiser pays the blogger every time some user comes to the blog and clicks on the advertisement.

The most common form of pay per click ads is when some user comes to the ad looking for commercial searches such as a pizza near him or dentist near him or enterprise software near him.

The types of ads that Google Adsense allows is display ads, text ads, ad link units, video ads, mobile ads, and feed ads.

Ad formats

  • Medium Rectangle: This ad is for both text and display ads because it is mobile optimized. It is a medium rectangle which fits into the sidebar. Here, the ad comes after the first or the second paragraph.
  • Large rectangle: This format is not mobile optimized. If you try to fit in this ad in the sidebar, then the user experience gets worse, but this format of an ad looks better when fitted in between paragraphs.
  • The Leader board: It does not support mobile ads, but it is suitable for a traditional banner or the header. It supports both text and image. Due to the size and placement, it gets better revenue.
  • Half Page: The size is too large, and therefore it is not best suited for all websites.
  • Large mobile banner: This format of an ad is placed just below the header. It can be used instead of a medium rectangle and gets the advertiser good money.
  • Mobile Leader board: This mobile leader board is half the size of a massive banner advertisement. It is half the size of a large banner ad, less cost-effective, but also less intrusive and offers a better mobile experience. It works well with mobile traffic.
  • Wide Skyscraper: Wide Skyscraper is a vertical advertisement for the sidebar. It can be used for both image and text. It is less intrusive and goes with any web design. But, you could also use vast half-page banner ads which draw more attention.
  • Portrait: This ad is wide and long and attracts brands who want more space for their advertisement. It goes with the content, or on the sidebar. It is tough to implement the ad without negatively affecting the user experience.
  • The Billboard: This ad is a horizontal advertisement which goes on the top or bottom of the website. It can be a hit or miss.
  • The Square: Usually, people prefer larger ads. But, not all websites are the same. If you are using a more straightforward but modern theme, then there is a square advertisement.

This ad would fit into your webpage as well as be noticeable. If your competition is a lot and you do not want to affect the user interface, then this ad format is the best.

Ads bases such as CPM, CPC and CPA

When we are talking about ad sense, the aim is to get high eCPM and get more cost per click. The most crucial aspect here is good CTC with decent CTR. If you have a good CTR, there is a better ranking for your advertisement.

Conditions for publishers

  • Now, let us come to how to get approval when you are using an ad network.
  • You will be surprised to know that this runs the other way around and the better the quality of your ad network; the tighter it is to get permission.
  • So, now we are going to talk about approved conditions for the publisher.
  • You may not get approval for advertising network.
  • Once you have an approved account with a publisher, a dedicated manager would help you at every stage to get you to optimize your ad placement and settings for generating high revenue.
  • The first option is to create the account on Ad Sense.
  • Your geolocation should be well defined so that you can later earn a high income.
  • Your blog’s primary language should be English. You could try to apply if your blog has two languages.
  • Moreover, only the English pages of your blog should have advertisements.
  • Update your blog regularly.
  • Google ad sense only want active blogs.
  • You could also try and recycle old content.

Approval conditions for publishers

  • If you as an advertiser click on an ad on your blog
  • Ask Others to click on your advertisement link
  • If you use an automated process to increase the clicks on the links
  • Join a group that clicks on Adsense ads
  • Pay someone to click on the ad click
  • If you use language such as ‘visit these links,’ or ‘ support us,’ or ‘ click the ads
  • If you promote adult content or drugs-related content

Minimum payout

  • Google Adsense have a minimum payout section which is usually 100 $. Fill a tax form before you start.
  • When you start getting close to the payment threshold that you start getting asked for your payment information.
  • If Google Adsense wants to confirm your bank details, they send you a certain small amount and check out the bank records.
  • You will be paid once you reach the threshold.

Rates of CPC, CPA, and CPM

  • India has a CPC 77% less than the US average.
  • India’s CPC on Google Adsense is $0. 25 and CPM is $0.13.
  • The much heard about the average cost per action or CPA is $48.96.
  • There is an average cost of action in Ad words across all industries is different such as in advocacy, auto industry, B2B, dating, and personal industry and more.


best ad network for publishers

Media.net ad network is a contextual ad network. All the ads are displayed through this network are based on the context of the page on which ad code is implemented. If you are running a pet blog or technology blog, your readers will see ads related to pet products and technology products.

Media.net is powered by Yahoo and Bing network and is one of the best ad networks for publishers. It is a great alternative for Google Adsense. It not widely used by many publishers due to its publisher approval conditions but this is one of the best ad network for publishers like Google Adsense.

Ad formats

  • Finely targeted ads with the help of keywords and much higher revenue.
  • Display Ads
  • Incredible and creative native ads

The online media there is in native ads is such that it exists without disturbing the user experience. Ads base is CPC or cost per click. Media.net is the best ad network for publishers who are searching for the best Adsense alternative with pay per click ad models.

Approval conditions for publishers

Your blog should have the following

  • The about us page, the contact us page, and the privacy policy should be all true to the knowledge of the blogger.
  • The blog should have a simple design.
  • Do not submit your blog with ads in large numbers, in fact, remove the ads when applying.
  • Take care of your sidebar widget, avoid unwanted widget there.
  • The blogs are all manually examined carefully.
  • Your blog should not have pirated anything.
  • Your blog should not have deceptive content to better the SEO.
  • If you follow the usual ethical standards of blogging, then your blog should get approved.

Minimum payout threshold: The minimum payout threshold is 100 dollars.


Rates of CPC, CPM, CPA

Rate of CPC, CPM, CPA in Media.net provide for a CPM of 1 dollar. If you earn 2 dollars for one media.net ad unit, then CTR comes up to 0.5%, and you end up making 40 cents per click.

Propeller ads

best ad network for publishers

The Propeller ad network is another good ad network for new publishers after google Adsense and media.net. If your Google Adsense account is blocked by google or you are finding difficult to get approval from Mediaa.net network then propeller ad network is good option for you.

The propeller ad network has some strict guidelines and rules but it does not very hard to get publisher approval from the Propeller ad network. Propeller ads are also one of the best ad network for publishers and There are no fixed requirements for website visitors.

But Propeller ad network serves adult content too, so it not recommendable for every type of site to use this ad network.

Ad formats

  • Native banners which have an icon, a title, and a description.
  • Pop-under ads which are like a pop-up ad which lingers behind all the screens and shows up only after all screens have closed.
  • mobile ads.
  • Then there is a push-up ad where a dialogue window opens up and seeks your user engagement maybe like dating apps. This ad could also be banners.
  • Push notification ads which get robot free traffic and where the website asks permission to start sending push notifications, the user gives consent to receive the information and user further permits to receive ads which then show up on the user chat.

Model of ads: The model on which ads are based is a CPM model.

How does propeller ads pay

  • Propeller ads are pop-under. It has a robust cost per miles.
  • When you publish an advertisement, you get 80% of all ads published on your mobile app or website.
  • Propeller ads combine all modes of payment and call theme CPM model.
  • This method is the best payout based on several variables.
  • CPA or cost per action is how much the advertiser pays per action.
  • What can be an action? It could be a sale, or a newsletter, a click or a contact request.
  • Cost per click is simple, and the advertiser pays it for each click on their advertisement, CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions.
  • Impression means every time an ad shows up.
  • eCPM is an effective cost per thousand.
  • This model combines all models of payment together.
  • There is a  simple calculation in eCPM. eCPM – = Total earnings/ Total impressions *1000.

Approval Conditions for publishers

  • You should not have terror links, or you should not have been doing the manufacture of arms and ammunition.
  • You should not be a money launderer.
  • There should be no crime
  • You should not be part of any pornographic racket.
  • You should not be a political or charitable organization.

Minimum Payout: Minimum payout for the publisher is $25.

Rates of CPA, CPC and CPM

  • The cost per click was $.007.
  • When one is dealing with push notifications, usually CPC or cost per click is noted instead of price per 1000 impressions because to have a profitable business campaign with CPM with your ads, your click-through rate should be around 10%.
  • The approval rate was 40%  which means 146 conversions in 58 confirmed leads.

Revenue Hits

best ad network for publishers

Revenue hits ad network is another best ad networks for publishers found in the year 2008. From that date, it is a rapidly growing ad network. It is one of the best ad networks which works as an alternative for Google Adsense and Media.net ad networks.

There is no fixed or minimum traffic requirement for publishers to get approval from Revenue hits. They also do not demand any fixed language. Publishers who are running blogs in different languages also can apply for Revenue hits ad network and start earning by serving their ads.

Best ad networks for publishers include Revenue hits ad network. Revenue hits make for most relevant ads for your audience and you can earn from your ad space.

Ad formats

  • Display banners – Static or animated
  • Pop ads – When the user closes the window, the advertisement becomes visible.
  • Button ads – Small graphic ad
  • Footers –Located on the top of the content at the bottom side of the page.
  • Interstitial – This ad comes between two pages in the natural transition points and has a transparent layer and it opens whenever the visitor clicks on the page.
  • Shadowbox – No ad blindness can cover the advertisement.
  • Slider – Located on the webpage, and stays fixed when the visitor scrolls from top to bottom.
  • Top banner – Located on the top of the webpage.
  • Dialogue – This is a dialogue box which asks the user to press ok or cancel.

What is the ad base: Revenue Hits has a CPM and CPA model both

Approval conditions for publishers

  • Copyright and trademark laws protect all material on Revenue Hits.
  • It is applied toward personal and non-commercial purposes.
  • No information should be racial, pornographic, or objectionable.
  • There should be no malicious information on the website.
  • If any of the conditions are violated then action could be taken.

Minimum payout

  • As per 2018, Revenue Hits pays you by NET 30 basis which is a monthly model.
  • This means that the buyer has purchased something, and the payout would be within 30 days, and a discount comes when the payment should take place within 15 days, assuming a discount of 20 %.

Rates of CPC, CPA, CPM

Revenue Hits has an average CPM rate of USD 1.9 in the USA. This CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions.


best ad network for publishers

Infolink is based on the text-based ad platform. Other ad formats are also available but Infolink is especially known for its beautiful text-based ads.

This is one of the best ad network for publishers and a great Adsense alternative if used wisely. You can easily run Infolinks side by side with Google Adsense.

Ad formats

  • InFold is in line with your SEO. These are usually footer ads which are not intrusive.
  • InText does an excellent deal for SEO and underlines keywords twice. Hover over the ad bubble, and the SEO related ad opens.
  • InTag invites engagement with the user with its SEO friendly advertisements.
  • InFrame is ads related to the category of the websites. It does not disturb the site layout at all.
  • InScreen is ad intermission between pages. These are well-timed ads which keep in mind both advertisements and website content. It has three triggers. A user has to enter the site, when a user goes from one page to another and when the user leaves your website.

Ads base on CPM, CPC, CPA

  • Info link model is the CPM model.
  • This is the cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions model.
  • Imagine the price of 1000 impression pages on one web page.
  • If a publisher charges 2 dollars per 1000 impressions which means the advertiser must pay 2 dollars per every 1000 impressions.
  • It is the most common pricing model for ads.

The model for publishers

  • No content should be violent
  • There should be no discrimination based on sex, religion and more.
  • No illegal content
  • There should be no defamation.
  • There should be no pornography.

Minimum payout

  • There is a minimum payout of $50 if you use a payment method of using PayPal, etc.
  • Infolinks is the best ad networks for publishers and the criterion for a minimum payout is that your minimum payout threshold should be less than your earnings before you can receive your earnings.

Rates of CPC, CPM, CPA

The CPM rates are high with a scale of 2 dollars, and the fill rate is 100% But, the rates vary with different things such as streaming, music, movies and other downloads.


best ad network for publishers

Bidvertiser is an ad network focus on banner ads, pop-under ads and slider ads for both desktop and mobile devices. The ads are similar to AdSense and they generate great revenue.

This ad platform is the best ad networks for publishers and compatible with Google Adsense and publisher can easily run Bidvertiser ads with Google Adsense.

Publishers can easily get approval from Bidvertiser. Process of registration is simple and approval conditions are also simple and that makes Bidvertiser one of the best ad network for publishers.

Ad formats

  • Display banners consist of an image or a multimedia object. It can be static or animated.
  • Pop-Under is a kind of pop up and shows up only when the window closes.
  • Sliders come from the right corner of the webpage.
  • Smart links are complicated. This link works in the form of short and memorable links to social media content.
  • An example is a link in the bio of the Instagram profiles.
  • It works when you want a link to describe your products and services when you want to raise awareness with better messages for instance, ‘child health care/Donate’.
  • when you wish for your business and offerings to be more visible, finally when you wish to provide a call for action button such as ‘Buy now‘.
  • XML – If you have a large website with many products and services, then XML feed works for you.
  • Programmatic is the new and upcoming ads where 60% and the majority of Google ads would be Programmatic by the coming year.

How it works is if someone clicks on the webpage, whoever is the publisher of the page puts an ad impression for auction, the ad marketplace holds a sale of advertisers, and the advertiser willing to bid the most, wins the right to display their ad.

Model of the advertisement: CPM, CPC, CPA. Their cost model is a combination of CPM, CPC, CPA model.

Approval conditions for publishers

  • It should not display adult and sexual content
  • The website should not be a pirate, spamming, or hacking website.
  • The site should be complete and not under construction.
  • The website should not give incentives to users to visit the site.

Minimum payout

  • The minimum payout condition is $10 which makes this website usable for small-time publishers.
  • You do not have to commit for a longer-term.
  • If you find this is not working, then you can cash out the minimum payment and skip to another website.

Rates of CPC, CPA, and CPM

Its payment rate is 0.10 to 1 dollar per click. Also, the pay per click is sometimes more than $2 too.


best ad network for publishers

Adbuff is one of the well known and latest ad exchange platforms for publishers.  It connects some of the huge advertisers to its publishers. Adbuff mainly concentrates on high-quality traffic for its advertisers and premium quality ads for its publishers.

This ad platform works on bidding technology and gives a platform to its advertiser to access various network ads using the latest bidding technology. Publishers get the highest rates for most competitive ads.

Ad formats

  • Display ads of all sizes
  • Video ads which are post-roll, pre-roll, and mid-roll
  • Mobile ads including in-app, interstitial footer, standard sizes, and mobile web.

What is the ad base: Ad buff offers all three, CPM, CPC, and CPA.

Approval conditions for Publishers

  • There will not be any adult content.
  • There should not be any gambling
  • The content should not have any Bitcoin content there.
  • There should not be any illegal content on the webpage.
  • There should be content only in English.

Minimum payout

  • The minimum payout conditions are that it has a high minimum payout of $100.
  • There is also a high minimum requirement of traffic to join such as 2000 uniques per day.

Rates of CPM, CPC, CPA

The CPM rate is .30 cents, and it could range between.30 $ to $3 and more.

Hilltop ads

best ad network for publishers

Hilltop ad platform is good for new bloggers who don’t have prior experience about monetizing their blog. There are no restrictions for publishers to get approval from hilltop ads. Almost all types of websites and blogs are accepted such as gaming, personal blogs, entertainment and news websites etc.

Ad formats

  • pop-ups
  • direct links
  • push notifications
  • video ads
  • banners
  • native ads

Model of hilltop ads: The ad buff is CPC based, and it also uses the eCPM model.

Approval conditions for publishers

There is no minimum traffic, and there are none of the publisher language requirements.

Minimum payout

  • The minimum payout requirement is with a payment threshold of 50 dollars.
  • This condition means that when a payment is due, the person pays seven days after the billing period.

Rates of CPM, CPC, CPA

The price of CPM, CPC, and CPA is 3 USD to 5 USD.


best ad network for publishers

Click Adu is a fraud less system. Pop-under ads of ClickAdu ad platform is impressive. Other ad networks such as Google Adsense and media.net doesn’t allow publishers to use pop-under ads.

It is also a beneficial ad platform for the publisher because of fast approval system for publishers. There are No hard and strict guidelines for the publisher to get approval. No minimum traffic and language requirement for publishers.

Ad formats

  • Push up dialogue ads: It is Google-friendly and compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Pre-roll video ads: It is a promotional video which works for both computers and mobiles.
  • SKIM: In this case, the publisher inserts a link on a specific site element, when the user clicks on this link, an ad appears to the user.
  • Pop up ads
  • Push notifications
  • Banner Ads

What is the ad base: The ad base is high eCPM with a 100% fill rate.

Approval conditions for publishers

  • There are no traffic conditions, and there is no minimum requirement in terms of what should be the language of the content.
  • It should not be an illegal site is one condition.
  • All the most shared ads should be in the format of pop up ads.
  • There should be no cheating or misleading information.

Minimum Payout

  • Your minimum payment threshold is 100 dollars, and they make a payment twice per month.
  • If you have at least $100 in the account, you may withdraw on each payday.
  • If there is more than $100 in the report, you can remove the amount due to you for advertising.
  • They pay on a Net-15 schedule which also means you need to make an invoice every 15 days.

Rates of CPM, CPC, and CPA

The CPM rates are very high and can see to be more than $1.


best ad network for publishers

On Clicksor the advertisers pay publishers a small amount when their ad gets clicked. Clicksor has become one of the best contextual advertising networks available today. Its ad types are display ads such as Google Adsense. But it is a small ad network as compared to Google Adsense and media.net.

Limited numbers of advertisers use this ad service and this makes it hard to compete with a large advertising network such as Adsense. It is the best ad network for publishers and still a good option for the publisher to earn respective income using Clicksor ad platform.

Ad formats

  • Banner ads
  • Pop-under ads
  • Inline text ads
  • Inpage banners
  • Interstitial ads

Approval conditions for publishers

  • No pornography content on your website
  • There should not be any zoom sexuality
  • There should be no violence
  • Should not be any illegal activities

Minimum Payout: There are fast payouts, and excellent customer service and the minimum payout is $50, and the agency follows the net 15 schedules.

Rates of CPM, CPC, and CPA

The CPM rate is $2, and the agency promises a rate between 1.5 dollars to 2.5 dollars. This price is the price in Tier 1 countries, and Tier 2 countries have a lesser payout.


best ad network for publishers

It is a leading advertisement company. The managers of Adsterra provide expert advice to enhance your campaign performance. Adsterra is one of the best ad network for publishers and provides ways to earn a decent income for its publishers.

The managers also do third party fraud protection which helps to get full protection against common malware and bad ads. Adsterra provides high-quality traffic to advertisers and best premium quality ads to publishers.

There are no issues regarding payment to publishers and highest CPM rates with 100% fill rate provided makes it widely accepted ad platform.

Ad formats

  • Leader board ads that come on top of the page in the place of the header.
  • The rectangle which comes on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Skyscraper which is a perfect alternative for Google Ad Sense and which comes on the right side of the page at the end from top to bottom. 
  • Pop-unders
  • Direct links
  • Pre-roll video
  • Push notifications
  • Interstitials

Model of ads

  • Adsterra supports all payment models such as CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI), and you need to select your successful plan.
  • This would drive your mobile and desktop traffic.
  • You can monetize you’re your impression with 100 % fill rates and customized to your needs solution.

Approval conditions of publishers

  • You should be at least 18 years of age
  • It should not be a hacking business
  • No drugs promoting business
  • It should not be an illegal website
  • It should not be a torrent site

Minimum payout

  • The payment policy is NET 15, and there is a vast range of withdrawal options.
  • The withdrawal options are among Bitcoin, Web money and PayPal.

Rates of CPA, CPC, CPM

  • The websites that use Adsterra have a CPM of fewer than 50 cents.
  • For those who do not need a direct ad sales team, the CPM is less than 25 cents.
  • That website that has medium and banner ads have a CPM of less than 1 dollar.
  • Niche reference sites have a CPM higher than 5 dollars.


best ad network for publishers

The size of advertisements which is acceptable as buy-sell ads are GIF ads, JPG ads, and PNG files. Buysell and does not support Flash or HTML ads. It also does not help video ads.

The ad should not be offensive to be on Buysell ads. Buysellads have different strategies for advertisements for their publishers and advertisers. Buysellads is the best ad networks for publishers which provide different ways to earn money through the website.

It is a marketplace where publisher lists their website on Buysellads and advertisers come and checkout listed publisher’s websites and if they are impressed with the stats of website they buy a spot on publisher’s website to display their ads.

Getting approval from Buysellads is not an easy task. if you want to approve your website on Buysellads as a publisher you need to have a decent number of per day visitors on your website, style and design of your website really matter here.

Ad formats

Nice quality design attracts more and more advertisers towards your website. They have simple, responsive, effective native ads for their publishers such as:

  • Image + text ads
  • Fancy bars
  • Flex bar
  • Sticky box

Ads are based on CPM, CPC, CPA

Approval conditions for publishers

  • The ad should not be offensive.
  • The ad should not be illegal content on your website.

Minimum payout

  • Minimum payout condition of a buy-sell ad is $50 worth of impressions or 1% whichever is more significant for checks.
  • The minimum payout for PayPal is $20, and for wire transfer, the minimum payout is $500.
  • Whatever the publisher sets as a minimum trumps all else minimum values.
  • If the minimum rate is higher than the available amount, then the available amount becomes the minimum.

Rate of CPC, CPA, and CPM

The rate of CPM is $0.25 – $20.


best ad network for publishers

Adcash is one of the fastest-growing ad platforms with a huge global network functioning around the world. It provides different kinds of quality ads formats for its publishers to display on their websites. It is one of the best ad networks for publishers to earn more money by displaying ads on websites.

Ad formats

The size of ads acceptable as the format of ads is Push notifications,

  • web-native
  • pop-under
  • interstitial
  • skyscraper
  • rectangle
  • banner ads

Choose the one which suits your audience and brings the best performance.

Ads based on CPM, CPC, CPA

This is one of the best ad networks for publishers and It is a model based on high eCPM rates and all three other modes, CPA, CPC, and CPM. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad, and every time your ad reaches a 1000 impressions.

Approval conditions for publishers

  • Sites must be high on knowledge.
  • There should be nothing illegal.
  • Adult or pornography content
  • hate speech
  • hacking content
  • Selling of any illegal items
  • violent content

Minimum Payout

  • Publishers should choose between getting paid in Euros and pounds.
  • The minimum threshold is €100, and payments can be through PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and more currency.
  • The mode is NET +30 schedule, which means payment would take place within 30 days.

Rates of CPC, CPA, and CPM

The standard CPM rate is €5.25 and €13.27 in most Asian countries.


best ad network for publishers

Adpushup is one of the best ad network for publishers which provides different ad formats to its publishers to display on their websites. Ad formats of Adpushup are attractive and don’t disturb the user’s experience.

Ad formats

  • sticky ads
  • docked ads
  • In-image ads
  • native ads.

Ad models

  • It follows an eCPM model, which is a combination of all three, a CPM model, a CPC model, and a CPA model.
  • All pricing models are essential in different circumstances and one of not necessarily better than the others.

Approval conditions for publishers

  • There should be no intrusive ads
  • Ads should not disrupt the user experience
  • There should be no security concerns
  • page load time should be better
  • There should be no privacy concerns
  • Minimum 10000 page views per month

Minimum payout: The minimum payout is $50. Once you have reached the revenue of that amount, you could earn as per your agreement, and the most common arrangement is Net 60 or Net 90.

Rates of CPM

The standard CPM rate for Android ads is $2; the average banner ad format CPM rate is $1.


best ad network for publishers

AdHitz can make the website or blog into a money-making machine. There is no minimum requirement for daily visits and that makes it Adhitz one of the best ad network for publishers

Approval for publishers account is a simple process depending upon if your website meets the requirements of Adhitz publishers guidelines and policies. Adhitz provides high-quality ads in multiple ad formats.

Minimum payout of Adhitz is $5 via PayPal, wire transfer or cheque. This network normally accepts all types of the website as a publisher excluding adult content and porn websites.

Ad formats

  • Rich Media Banners
  • Mobile Banners
  • Popup
  • Popunder
  • Interstitial
  • XML
  • integrated widgets

The modes of advertisements are CPC and CPA. In CPC ad format Publishers get revenue if someone visits their website and clicks on the ads provided by Adhitz ad network.

Cost per action (CPA) is another way for the publisher to earn money. This revenue format is slightly different from the CPC format. Publishers will not earn money if visitors click on ads.

They will earn revenue if any visitor clicks on the ad and complete the given tasks such as asked for fill up the survey form, email id form, contact information etc.

Ads model

Then there is CPM which is cost per thousand impressions, cost per view which is amount received for every aspect of the full page, click-through rate which is number of clicks on the ad divided by number of times advertisement shows, e CPC which is average cost per click delivered, e CPM  which is effective cost per thousand impressions.

Approval conditions for publishers

  • If a publisher tries to get fake clicks, then the profile may get banned.
  • If a publisher decides to counterfeit traffic, his profile may get banned.

The minimum payout is $5. It may be through PayPal, wire, and check.

Rates of CPC and CPM

CPM rates provided by adhitz are around $3 to $5 for per 1000 impression and CPC rates are around $0.30 to $0.50 for per click in the USA.

If you are a blogger or owned a decent website and want to monetize your blog or website you can choose and apply for any of the above ad networks and start making money by displaying ads.

Good luck with your blogging future. Happy blogging, Happy earning!

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