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Hi pen pals,

Welcome to www.bronzebucket.com. We are an entertainment and knowledge-based website. I am Atul S Umarkar, the owner of this mindfulness experiment.

We value our readers and have chosen certain areas where to educate our followers.

It is like God made internet because when you are online, you are in the midst of moving mountains of knowledge, and jumping in the sea of awareness, and this website is a drop of entertainment and education in the circus of the internet made by almighty himself.

That is how I thought of my site. The website is active on the internet, and we take pride in it, and being a part of this vast desert of the internet gives us great pleasure.

We hope to provide you with content that is valuable to you, and we curate content which we hope appeals to you.

Our niche topics are health and care, education and research, food and beverage, technology, travel and the internet.

My inspiration comes from the internet, and many authors and writers, and I work towards contributing my bit to the internet.

About Me

Hi again, I am Atul S Umarkar, and I hail from the holy city of Nashik, Maharashtra (India). I think of myself as a regular and essential guy who loves to have fun in his free time. I believe that life is better when you are enjoying it.

admin bronzebucket

I am a full-time banker and avid blogger. I done both hats successfully. Banking is my profession and writing is my calling, what inspires me is word curators who weave magic with their writings.

I partner with these motivational people to gather the vision and furnish content that makes a difference in the lives of my readers, albeit a small difference.

My own story is of win and loss. When I first started this website, I suffered a monetary loss of Rs. 15,000 and needless to say, I was a little hassled.

But I got back up and curated my website, bronzebucket.com, and now this website is doing very well, and I have found my footing. My writers inspire me and do a great job keeping my boat sailing in calm waters.

It is because I am an Indian is why because my website name is bronzebucket.com.

You would be happy to know that bronze is given more importance than gold in our society because drinking from bronze is considered a great benefit for the health, and bronze also has other significance.

Bronze was also the first alloy to be found and discovered, and therefore, our website is a bronze bucket full of information which you can apply to your daily life.

We are working hard towards providing you with information that helps you, which entertains you, and which makes you knowledgeable.

It is a new website which we started not a long time ago, and I want to improve my site content on an everyday basis, so please follow me on all social networking websites.

Find the links below at the end, follow me and leave your precious comments so that we can take the necessary steps to make the site a better version of its self.

About the Website

We tell millennial more about blogging websites such as WordPress and how you can earn money with WordPress. Then we move to technologies that are making a difference in 2019-2022, and which would lead to job creation.

We tell you how WordPress is making sure that having an online journal would make sure that you earn money out of it later in life.

This blog is for everyone who is on the lookout for a new topics on Internet every minute, and we would not stop till we have come across some technology which can assure us that mind mapping is a reality, just like brain mapping created ripples.

We fall back to our Indian roots by telling you the Ayurveda benefits of constituents found in our kitchens such as turmeric and lemon.

We are aloe-vera fans. If an Indian does not tell you about turmeric, then he is missing something, and so are you.

We publish research papers into cures of ailments such as asthma, hair loss and other disorders such as diabetes. We write about cancer research too.

Continuing in the same vein, we take to writing travelogues and on travel topics such as travel destinations abroad, or road trips or honeymoon travel all within your nation.

We will tell you stories of how youngsters are going by road to explore the world, making travel blogs, and getting awards for their daredevilry.

You can start a road trip, cover world destinations, make Vlogs, write blogs, and become a social influencer; we will bring exciting stories of the world on your mobile screen.

We are a whole lot under one URL. We inform we educate; we fight for causes, we tell you tales of inspiration, we are available on all portals – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Mail me on admin@bronzebucket.com

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If you discover any hassles regarding advertisements, copywriting work, and other issues with reference to www.bronzebucket.comyou can always contact us on admin@bronzebucket.com