Accidental Insurance Policy plans and benefits: Accidental clauses in the insurance law have been there recently.

For this insurance cover to become active, one should have sustained an injury in an accident. To avail of this policy benefit, you have to pay an extra premium.

One of the clauses in the insurance law is that death through an accident should are thereby violent means which are visible to all. What exactly is an accident that needs to be discussed?

The accidental insurance says that an accident should be an unforeseen event, and the case law that relates to this accidental insurance is Smt. Alka Shukla vs. LIC.

Thus, Life insurance and medical insurance comes into question, and the risk cover has not covered in terms of accidental insurance.


The unintentional protection should not unsettle you or the life of one’s loved ones.

There are three aspects of accidental cover, which are an unexpected death, permanent disability, and temporary disablement.

The partial disablement gets you 150% of the total sum assured. You also get compensation of 15k per week, of up to 100 weeks.

If you have a dependent child, you get the educational grant, and the cumulative bonus of 5% per year up to a maximum of 50%, the idea is that the insurance holder should remain secure during unexpected moments in life with this insurance policy.

You should be better safe than sorry. The insurance policy should pay for cases of your disability, or payment to your relatives in case of your death.

The insurance also covers the time when you are ill, and you are not able to work. Everyone should buy accidental insurance.

You do not need to be a certain age to buy this insurance. You also should not be in any particular profession to get accidental insurance, and you could be in any state of health.

If you wish it to be an ideal situation, then you should purchase this insurance when you are working and when you just have joined a job.

You could lose a limb in the accident, or lose your life, and the insurance works in both situations.

This insurance should also exist in the case where there is an occupational risk and which risks are suffered by people in various locations.

The low-risk professions are teachers, lawyers, bankers, and the high cases of risks are people who carry the right amount of cash with them.

Then there are building contractors, and engineers who work in a high-risk environment and the garage and motor mechanics.

Those people who work with explosives and those who are mountaineers.


Benefits of personal accident insurance policy

No one wishes to get into an accident, but it can happen as a reality. A lot of people die or become disabled in accidents, and though you cannot plan an accident, you can prepare for the future of your family when there occurs an accident.

Thus, you should have a personal accident cover. With the rise in the number of vehicles on the roads, the number of accidents increases.


Things cover in Accidental Insurance Policy

  • It gives you personal security.
  • You get worldwide coverage.
  • You do not need to get medical tests done.
  • Educational fund for the children.

Now, if we were to know about the coverage of this policy, then you should know that in case of accidental death, you should be able to get 100% of the total insurance cost cover.

If you are permanently disabled, then you get 100% cost cover, and if you lose two eyes or two limbs and if you lose one arm and one sight. You get 50% of the sum insured, in case you lose one leg and on the eye.


Things Accidental Insurance policy does not cover

  • If the compensation does not get covered under more than two clauses for the same duration of time.
  • The capital sum assured was less than the amount that becomes due to the policyholder.
  • If the sum became assured due to the commitment of suicide or abetment of death.
  • The person who got injured was because of pregnancy or childbirth.
  • The death occurred due to war or nuclear perils, or there were some radiation and natural death.

Speaking generally, all persons are eligible for the policy whether they are aged one to aged 70 years. You should know all the norms of the system when you wish to take a plan with any company.

There are then comprehensive plans which are not available for the people aged between age 21 and aged 70.

What will be the premium would not be dependant on any factor except the fact that which is the risk insured.

We will now step by step discussing the risk levels of various occupational people and what is their risk level. 

First of all, there are high-risk professions such as that of lawyers and doctors, then comes to the second risk people who are builders and contractors.


accidental insurance policy

Accidental Insurance policy plans

Then there are more accident plans to been looked at such as

The First and the most basic plan

This is the basic plan, which is an accidental death, transportation of mortal remains, and the educational needs of the children.

The Primary Plus plan

The primary plus plan is the second, this covers,

  • accidental deaths
  • child educational need
  • permanent and total disability

The Advance plan

the advance plan covers

  • Unintentional death
  • child educational benefits
  • permanent disability
  • and partial disability

Comprehensive plan


comprehensive plans covers

  • accidental death
  • scholarly interest
  • partial disability
  • and temporary total disability

Benefits of buying a personal accidental insurance policy

There are many benefits of buying personal accident assurance with payment of Additional fee and payment. They are as follows:

Hospital confinement allowance

If one goes to the hospital because of being in an accident, then he or she will be given Rs. 1000  for each calendar day which should be up to a maximum of Rs. 30k.

Accident hospitalization cover

If one sits in a hospital for 24 full hours, then he would be compensated for the same which the injured person spent.

Medical expense reimbursement

You get 40% the value of the claim or 10% of the total sum which was to be insured or a maximum of aggregate up to 5 lakh and the actual amount of the treatment whichever comes to lower.

Modification of residential accommodation and vehicle

You get the sum insured for the amount you spent on modifying your residence for treatment, or own car for the same purpose if there has been a permanent disability, and the max limit of the amount that you can get is 50k in all. This applies to the modification of only one house or vehicle.

Additional benefits without additional fees

Transportation of the mortal body

You get costs to transport the body from the hospital to the place of cremation. This amount could be set at Rs. 5k, or 2% of the total sum insured.

Children educational benefit

One time the benefit of 5k and for the education of two children who are dependant on the insured.

The policy is renewable for life. With this, you can renew policies life long, and you no longer need to longer worry about, and all have been covered in one system. This is the typical case.

You should compare all the accidental insurances from top insurers, and you need to pay the lowest premiums, and this figure is impressive on the lines of the fact that there have been many accidents. 

This law has made by the Ministry of Road transport and highways.

Last of all, to summarize I would like to state that there are two kinds of insurances in the market today

Individual insurance

This talks of the accident, loss of limbs and sight, and permanent disabilities.

Group Accident Insurance

Employers give this insurance to employees. Sometimes, you also get a discount on the premium. It is a good incentive for you to take out an insurance policy, and it is all low-cost insurance.

This is called a value-added advantage. It is for small organizations; this is a basic plan, which you could take ours for your whole family.

Now, let us look at the best insurance plans for personal accidents insurance and companies provide accidental insurance, these are as follows:

1.  HDFC Ergo General Insurance

2. New India Assurance

3.  Royal Sundaram

4. Apollo Munich

5. ICICILombard

6. Reliance General Insurance

These are personal accident plans, where the age of the people would be between 18 years to 65 years, and the sum assured is 2.5 to 15 lakh.

Now, the government has made it imperative to take out these life insurance policies. Finally, this is towards family security, and this coverage is worldwide.

One of the last things to be discussed in this article is that you would get hospital cash, ambulance expenses, burns, and in case you have broken any bones if someone dies then their children get the benefit of the education which their father and mother should have paid for.


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