WordPress has always been the first option for choosing a Content Management System to develop and maintain the website. The reason is quite simple, the kind of services it provides is unmatchable. Furthermore, WordPress is a free and open-source platform and provides tremendous benefits to it’s users.

The community of people using the WordPress Content Management System is also very wide. Hence, one can easily find solutions for his or her problems anywhere.

Benefits of WordPress

In this article, we’ll discuss the top benefits of using WordPress. Why we should use WordPress to develop a website? What are the advantages of using WordPress? All these questions will become clear by the end of the article.

Free and Open-Source

Creating a website can cost you too much money. This is not with the case of WordPress. Here, you can develop your website free of cost.

For using the commercial version of WordPress, you will have to pay for using the important services. Whereas, the organizational version is free.

The same kind of development would take a lot of money if hired as a web developer and purchased other services. Thanks to WordPress, you have got relief.

The WordPress platform provides more benefits and all these for free. Stay tuned with the article.


WordPress is SEO Friendly

According to Google, WordPress is 99% Search Engine Optimisation friendly.

What is Search Engine Optimisation? Well, have you ever thought when you search something in Google or other search engines then why that particular website’s content shows up in the search results? That’s because of SEO techniques.

WordPress users will get a lot of SEO benefits. It will take all the SEO responsibilities. Furthermore, WordPress provides some of the best SEO plugins.

We have a complete dedicated article on WordPress SEO plugins, check that out to know about which are the best SEO Plugins for WordPress. Various benefits that WordPress provides to improve the SEO of the website:

Speed Loading

Website loading speed is an important factor in SEO. The WordPress CMS is well optimized to provide a better website loading speed.

Media Optimization

The media files like images and videos are smartly optimized. The process of adding tags title and alt tags is also very simple. There are often some plugins that help to smartly optimize the media files.

Social Media Integration

Do you know that search engines give priority to the website which has good traffic coming from social media platforms? Hence, WordPress understands this and has an option for social media integration.

Simple Navigation

Menus, categories, widgets, drop-down menus, tags, and many more pieces of stuff are already present in the WordPress themes.

Hence, navigation through pages and posts become very simple. Which highly improves the user experience subsequently SEO.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is like a path which leads search engine to the most important pages of your website. WordPress handles the XLM site mapping of your website.

wordpress benefits


Multiple User Management

Besides the administrator, you can add more users who can manage, view, edit, and much more according to the rights given to them. This feature helps one to efficiently manage the work along with other workers.

There is no additional cost you have to pay for it. It is an inbuilt and free service provided by WordPress. But be very aware while giving privileges to others. 

Easy to Use and Customize

Making a website using WordPress is one of the easiest things to do. You don’t have to know so much about web technologies. Also, no need to write a single line of code. 

Once you have got your domain and hosting. Create an account, install WordPress, and then choose the theme.

Half of your work is done, then start adding content. Build pages and posts, insert media files, and use plugins to enhance functionalities.

Updating the website and customization of layout can also be done anytime and anywhere. One of the greatest advantages of using WordPress is that it can be used in cross-platforms.


Top-notch Security

Almost 25% of websites on the World Wide Web are powered by WordPress. So, it becomes a great responsibility for WordPress to maintain the security of its systems.

WordPress has a quarter of the World Wide Web Hackers consistently try to find vulnerabilities and loopholes by using which they can exploit the websites.

WordPress on the other hand always works hard to maintain its flawless security. It is necessary for WordPress users to install regular updates. Your websites are safe if you follow some security measures.

WordPress provides all protection against hacking and other exploitation it can. Consequently, it is important that you should also follow some preventive measures.

Like, always keep updating WordPress to its latest version. Don’t install plugins and themes from untrusted websites. It is advised to download them from the WordPress library and update the plugins regularly.

Using some security tools provided by WordPress will be great. For example, WP Security & Firewall.

Earn Money from Your Websites

You can easily earn a good amount of passive income from your WordPress websites. WordPress websites allow you to monetize your websites. That means now you can earn money by putting ads.

Besides advertisements, you can earn money in return for promotions. Affiliate marketing is another way to drive income. WordPress is a great place to start your online business. It has all kinds of stuff required. 



Till now, we have given all answers to your prior questions. That’s why we should go for WordPress. These are the major benefits of WordPress.

We also have an article on the features of WordPress. Make sure, you check out that too for getting more acquainted with WordPress services.

So, now what you are thinking of? Just get started from now itself. If you don’t know how to set up WordPress. Read our article on it. However, the process is very simple.

The community of people using WordPress is very large. Therefore, anytime you can get help from anyone. Just for any problem put the query online. 


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