WordPress is the best Content Management System. It’s free and open-source. You can create your website or blog very easily on WordPress using different best and beautiful SEO plugins. It has all features which you need, from a beginner level to an advanced level.

After successfully developing your blog or website, what comes next? Ranking it on top! Yes, that’s why techies invest so much in Search Engine Optimization. So, their website or blog comes at the top of search results.

There are a lot of ways of boosting your website’s ranking. What if I told you, you could improve your site’s SEO score by just using some plugins? Is it possible? So, the answer is a big “YES”.

In this post, we will list best SEO plugins for WordPress. The plugins which will improve your SEO.

“Right tools are the shortcut to achieve the perfect work.”

Plugins are like light-weight applications. In WordPress, there are a lot of plugins. Different plugins for different work.

There are plugins to display a contact form on the website, plugins to play a live video and many more plugins for different functions.

When you go through the WordPress plugin library, you will get the exact plugin for your functionalities. By using plugins, you’re saved from writing long bunches of codes. Simply find a suitable plugin and install it.

How to Install and Use a Plugin?

Step 1: First log in to your WordPress account. Then go to your Dashboard.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, you can see the option written ‘Plugins’. Hover on it, so that a new menu will open.

Step 3: Press on the “Add New” option to install a plugin.

Step 4: The WordPress Plugins library will open. Search for your plugin.

Step 5: To install the plugin, click on Install Now if you have downloaded or purchased plugins. Then you can upload it.

Step 6: To upload a plugin, click on “Upload Plugin”. Then upload the ZIP file. Your plugin will be installed.

You can see all the installed plugins by going to the “Installed Plugins” section.

From there, you can also uninstall or remove a plugin. Now, just activate your plugins and enjoy them.


10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Let’s talk about best SEO plugins for WordPress. They are often easier to understand and install, and you can choose from a wide range of plugins with various functions.

The best plugins show you SEO forecasts and recommendations for your page and post-editors.

WordPress plugins have unique features, such as options for checking broken links or minimizing image file sizes.

1. Yoast SEO

best seo plugins for wordpress

If you are a fan of WordPress, then you must have heard about Yoast SEO. It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

It is a very useful SEO plugin—interesting fact: Yoast SEO is active on more than five million sites. Yoast SEO is the chief plugin for many websites.

It is recommended to install. For a beginner, it would be the best plugin to start with. What can you do with Yoast SEO?

  • You can add SEO Title to your page or posts.
  • You can add a Meta description to your page or posts.
  • Set the focus keyword.
  • See the analysis report of your page or post.
  • Yoast SEO shows SEO Analysis and Readability Analysis reports.
  • The SEO Analysis will show how much your content is optimized for a good ranking.
  • It checks the keyword. Then analyses the content.
  • The Readability Analysis is also very useful.
  • It tells you about how much your content is well organized that a visitor would find it easy or difficult to read.
  • Follow whatever the tool tells.
  • When all points turn green, your content becomes easy to read. 
  • Yoast SEO is also used to create XML sitemaps.

These all beneficial features of Yoast SEO plugin makes it one of the best and profitable wordPress SEO plugin.

2. All in One SEO Pack

Today, millions of websites use it. All in One SEO Pack is very popular and one of the best WordPress plugins that work amazingly to deploy optimization to the posts and pages.

The default features work fine. You can learn to use the advanced settings. After that, you can boost your website’s traffic. It has many features similar to Yoast SEO.

Furthermore, it has integrated some more features, for example autogenerate meta descriptions and more.

3. The SEO Framework

best seo plugins for wordpress


Do you want to improve your website ranking? The SEO Framework has everything you require. The easy user interface of the plugin makes it more admirable.

No ads, yes, the plugin is ad-free. The SEO Framework has great features for bloggers. It assists you in creating better content. Just like a virtual proof-reader.

It will guide to create titles, descriptions and also content. These things will help you to rank up surely. 

4. Rank Math

best seo plugins for wordpress

The power of the Rank Math WordPress plugin is unmatched. It can drive traffic effectively. The user interface is another thing that makes it admiring.

Along with exceptional features, it has a simple user interface. The installation and setup are quite simple.

Rank Math has Google Search Console integration. Also, it detects errors like 404 and can be solved using it. Furthermore, you can set up to five main keywords.

Whereas, other SEO plugins don’t have this feature. Rather than these, there are a lot more things to look for in Rank Math. This makes it one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. 

5. Akismet Anti-spam

Are you afraid that spam comments in your blog may ruin your SEO score? If yes, then you should add an Anti-spam plugin on your list.

However, spam comments don’t matter but spam links in comments should be stopped. Spam links decrease search result quality. Hence, it’s better to just install the Anti-spam plugin. 

6. Shortpixel

best seo plugins for wordpress


Page loading speed is an important factor. The fast-loading page has a greater ranking. Images are elements that take more time to load.

Using the Shortpixel plugin, you can make your images load faster. The plugin compresses and optimizes images. There are three compression ways—namely lossy, glossy and lossless.

The plugin works with JPG, GIF, PNG, and PDF. Just install the plugin and choose your preferred setting. It will then compress and optimize all the images although this plugin is not free.

But it gives 100 credits free per month. If you want free plugin like Shortpixel, then search for it in the library. Out of all, Shortpixel performs best.

7. a3 Lazy Load

Another WordPress plugin which optimizes images to increase the website loading speed, but in a unique way.

When you enable the plugin, it makes the website to load those images which are on the view area. When the user scrolls down, subsequently images on that area get load.

Only images on the visible area are loaded. In this way, the page loads instantly and Increasing your ranking, as discussed above. Loading speed is a ranking factor.

The a3 Lazy Load plugin is easy to use. Just install it and enable it. You can see the options to enable and disable. It also works with widgets and Gravatars.

8. Broken Link checker


Broken links are like a nightmare. Manually determining broken links is tough work. The Broken Link Checker WordPress plugins check internal as well as external broken links.

The plugin once started keeps running in the background. It reports any broken link through email. Also, you can check by opening the plugin’s report. With the broken links you can:

  • Edit URL: Using it you can edit the broken link URL
  • Unlink: It will delete the broken link from the post or page.
  • Not broken: If you think the link is correct and working fine, then click on Not broken.
  • Dismiss: It will do nothing to link.
  • Recheck: If you think the link is correct and working fine. Then let the plugin do a recheck.

The tool looks very useful. However, you have to compensate for your website’s speed as the tool runs all-time in background. It uses a lot of bandwidth. Consequently, slowing down website speed.

We recommend using the plugin sometimes to do check. After the check is complete, disable the plugin. In this way, your website’s speed will not decrease.

9. W3 Total Cache

best seo plugins for wordpress

Do you want a lightning speed load? Google released reports that website speed is an important factor. Only optimizing posts, images and adding trending keywords are not enough.

To see a better ranking, you should work upon your site speed. The W3 Total Cache plugin is there to handle these problems. It speeds up the website. Also, it improves the user experience.

It minifies the cascading stylesheet and JavaScript codes. Tech giants like AT&T and Mashable use it. Now, you know how popular it is—making it one of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

10. All in one WP Security and Firewall


No one likes to visit a website that has security flaws. The security of your users is important. Also, it is important to secure your website.

All in one WP Security and Firewall is there to save your website or blog from security breaches.

There is no doubt that WordPress provides high security but it is necessary and recommended to take your security one level above. 

Final words

These above mentioned are the best SEO plugins for WordPress. They can truly help your website or blog to rank better. Search engine optimization is the best way to draw traffic.

Using these plugins, your ranking will surely improve. Now, log into your WordPress administrator account. Install the plugins which you need and start using them. 

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