Self-esteem can be considered as a way of thinking, acting, and feeling that we trust, respect, accept, and believe in ourselves. It has to come from within. Self-esteem guides a person to face the journey of life with zeal and overcome difficulties with a positive attitude. Here in this article, we are discussing common but important causes of Low Self-esteem.

When a person has low self-esteem, the person loses confidence and remains aloof from society. Low self-esteem degrades the personality and affects our rational thinking. If you have low self-esteem, you’ll likely develop a negative attitude and lose your real potential.

Additionally, your mental health gets affected significantly and you become aggressive. Low self-esteem makes you act indifferently and negatively to the different events that happen in your life, including the reactions, responses, how we choose to organize yourselves in the midst of hardships.

It makes you; therefore, lose the whole essence of living. Indeed, no one is born with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is different from being shy, which is believed to have some genetic factors. So, low-self begins at a very early stage in our lives.

However, it can start at a later time in our lives. In severe cases of low self-esteem, the individual may become depressed and even attempt suicide. 


Causes of Low Self-esteem

There are many causes of low self-esteem. Becoming aware of these causes will help you to address any area that you feel can degrade your self-esteem. They include the following:

Unhappy Childhood

Your childhood can also cause a huge impact on how you see and value yourself. If you didn’t feel the love and affection of your parents when you’re younger, you’ll feel neglected and unimportant as you grow older.

If your parents have been showing no interest in your activities and didn’t praise your achievements, you’ll grow up with very low levels of self-confidence in your capabilities. 

Physical, Mental or emotional abuse from relatives, parents, friends, or even strangers is also another factor that can contribute to an unhappy childhood.

You can work towards healing physical abuse to a particular degree but that isn’t the case when it comes to emotional or mental abuse.

The latter sit deep since they torment the inner being of an individual. Kids who have suffered from all these are most likely to become depressed and insecure people. 

Parents always play a significant role in the upbringing of a kid because they are the ones who install the primary impressions and beliefs.

Whether these are bad or good beliefs, they will mold the child to grow either into a self-defeating or self-confident person.  


Physical Appearance

One of the main causes of low self-esteem stem from appearance. You may be concerned at some levels about how other people see you physically.

Your image bothers you significantly as if there are some huge irregularities in the way you look. That can be hard to overcome if you’re not willing to make the effort towards change yet won’t accept yourself as you’re right now. 

Lack of Body Fitness and Health

Any lack of body fitness and well-being can make you feel down and affect your low self-esteem. You can feel lethargic, without energy, and usually feeling exhausted and when you look into the mirror you see yourself different from the people around you.

This makes you feel self-conscious and only boosts your feeling of low self-esteem. Mostly, it’s only a figment of your own imagination and all you need is that get-up-and-go attitude to solve the problem.

Generally, with every cause, there’s an effect, and whatever that causes you to have that feeling of low self-esteem, there’s always an effect to get your right out of it. 

low self esteem causes


A Breakdown of Any Relationship

It doesn’t matter if it’s the breakup of your first serious relationship or the divorce of a marriage, the amount of low self-esteem it causes to us is unimaginably huge.

It’s only the amount of pain it brings that differs depending on how serious and committed as well as what effect it had on you as a person.

Anytime we get into any type of relation, we become reliant on the other individual. When the relationship is no more, for a while we appear lost and it leaves an empty hole that affects our overall self-esteem. 

Abusive Relationships

Your relationships with other people can also affect your self-esteem. If you happened to be a constant victim of bullying, you could have the wrong thinking that you deserved to be mistreated.

While you grow older, your friendly and romantic relationships can also lead to low self-confidence if those relationships were abusive and hurtful.

These unfair treatments can make you experience a state of helplessness, causing you to consider yourself as the victim all the time. 


Social Pressures

Demands from our societies can also contribute to our low self-esteem. Today, society appears to put pressure on us to look stylish and beautiful or become a different person.

So many people struggle to fit in and satisfy specific norms. For example, you might feel pressured and struggle to look slim and pretty.

Our society is quite stereotyped and usually triggers negative feelings of a person.

Your Background

From the time you’re born, you have people around you, shaping your life, telling you what’s right and wrong, and ultimately forming your foundation level of self-confidence. As you went through schooling, your peers and friends will continue to affect how you feel.

If you’re made to feel stupid with too much criticism that leaves you feeling like you don’t belong there or like someone is making all the decisions for you, then that could as well be a contributing factor to your low self-confidence today. 


From the above list of causes of self-esteem, we understand that there’s nothing bad about wanting to reap the best out of your potential.

So, make sure you’re in control of setting your expectations. Don’t try to follow someone else’s unrealistic expectations of what’s expected of you.

Low self-esteem can develop by failing to meet or fulfill your expectations. Therefore, you have to take full control of it.

Your life isn’t about having low levels of confidence, low self-esteem, or anxieties that put the levels of your stress through the roof!



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