If you’re likely to earn affiliate commissions, a dating affiliate program can provide an easy way to earn money. Dating websites have become extremely popular in recent years, making dating affiliate programs an excellent way to earn money online. Choosing the right dating affiliate programs will pay off in the long run.

A few dating affiliate programs will compensate you when your referral continues to pay their monthly subscription fee and a host of new dating sites that charge monthly membership fees. Adult dating, casual dating, and mainstream dating are the three primary types of dating offers.

Best Dating Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program representatives can assist you in selecting offers for your traffic source, recommending creative strategies and GEO, traffic optimization, and increasing payments based on the quality of your traffic.

1. Christian Mingle

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Christian Mingle is a dating site dedicated exclusively to Christian singles in North America and throughout the world. The Christian faith is unique because it always centers on meeting and interacting with that individual for the rest of your life.

As a result, singles of this faith are willing to pay for dating sites that assist them in achieving that goal. And, except for CPA offers, Christian Mingle is one of the most successful Christian dating affiliate programs available.

  • The Commission rate is $2 per lead.
  • The cookie duration is 30 days.

2. David Wygant for Men

dating affiliate programs

David Wygant has built up a reputation as a celebrity matchmaker. His program receives approximately 1.7 million monthly visits.

Many of David Wygant’s books and programs are reasonably priced, making them more accessible to your audience. You have the option of promoting specific programs. This is an excellent opportunity to educate your audience about dating before persuading them to join a dating platform.

For every person who comes through your affiliate link, you’ll get earned a 50% commission on the sale value. You get to use all of the features that are offered on the platform. These include the ability to post interviews, banners, and videos and other marketing resources.

  • Commission: 50%
  • The cookie duration is 30 days.

3. Insparx Affiliates

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You can promote a variety of offers on the Insparx Affiliates Dating platform. The platform’s signup process is simple and easy, and you’ll receive prompt and friendly support once you’ve completed your registration. This page’s marketing tools and resources can help you increase traffic on your landing pages.

Commission rates for programs available through the Insparx Affiliates platform are pretty competitive when compared to other options. The platform is also targeted at a global audience.

  • Cookie Duration: n/a
  • Commission Value: 250€ per Order

4. Love Revenue

dating affiliate programs

Love Revenue is another comprehensive network of dating affiliate programs that provides you with the most significant amount of flexibility.

You can use Love Revenue to promote content that is optimized for desktop or mobile users. It concentrates on increasing your chances of generating additional revenue.

The Love Revenue system’s dating site network has over five million registered profiles and generates revenue at a rate of 12% per month.

  • Commission: €70
  • Duration of cookie: 30 days.

5. Cupid Media

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Cupid Media is a market leader in the online dating industry. A list of 35 niche dating services is available, catering to specific ethnicities, religions, lifestyles, and interests.

 While most of these dating offers are country-specific, you can find niche dating websites focused on a variety of topics, including single parents, gays, and lesbians. Withdrawing funds is easy once a month: use Skrill to withdraw money.

  • Commission Value: 75%
  • Cookie Duration: n/a

6. OurTime

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OurTime is a dating site geared toward a more chronologically mature target audience. There is now an all-time high number of single fiftysomethings on the lookout for love. With the right audience, promoting a program like OurTime.com can be highly profitable.

Although the ‘Network Earnings’ score for this program is not high, it is recommended that you also promote other senior dating offers to help generate additional revenue.

  • Commission rate: 50%
  • The cookie duration is 120 days.

7. eHarmony

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This is a truly customized dating service that matches you with highly compatible individuals explicitly chosen for you. eHarmony’s matching is based on utilizing its twenty-nine DIMENSIONS model to match couples based on the compatibility options discovered in thousands of established relationships.

eHarmony is dedicated to assisting singles in recognizing love daily. It helps single women and men find lasting and fulfilling relationships by matching their twenty-nine Dimensions of Compatibility.

When you’ve completed registration questionnaires, you will be paid on a commission basis of a monthly subscription schedule of 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. Earn up to £70 per hour by communicating linguistically with members of the eHarmony GB program.

  • A commission rate of 20%
  • The duration of a cookie is limited to forty-five days.

8. Match.com

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Match.com is one of the world’s largest online dating platforms today. It has approximately eighteen branches worldwide.

The match does not have an affiliate program on its website, for starters. CJ Affiliate is the third-party affiliate marketing platform that handles that part of the job. So, to join, you must go through that portal.

This is quite generous when compared to the compensation you receive from other companies in various industries. Match Group, one of the world’s leading online dating services, holds a considerable stake in several popular dating websites.

  • The commission rate is 50%
  • The cookie duration is 120 days.

9. EliteSingles

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EliteSingles is a dating site that caters specifically to educated singles. It’s an excellent market for professionals looking for long-term relationships. Many affiliate networks host the program. However, CJ Affiliates is the primary hosting platform.

This is fairly standard and should provide you with sufficient time to earn a commission. EliteSingles charges a monthly membership fee of $31.95 per month. Their commission is not associated with this fee. This appears to be less rewarding, especially when compared to the pricing of other programs.

  • The commission rate is $7.
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

10. Military Cupid

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There is a massive demand for a dating site specifically targeted at a specific audience. Additionally, when you consider that now the divorce rate for serving soldiers, sailors, and pilots is 14%, you can see another market gap.

Military Cupid is a dating website that is a part of the Cupid network. This means that they are highly effective at converting visitors into affiliate commissions for you.

  • 75% commission rate (first month only)
  • Cookie duration: TBC

11. TopOffers.com


TopOffers.com is another perfect CPA dating network that hosts popular dating sites. The premium dating CPA channel boasts over 1500 offers, global traffic, innovative solutions, dedicated professional managers, and weekly payouts.

With 100 per cent fraud protection and detailed reports, TopOffers’ in-house platform ensures conversion of even the most challenging traffic. All traffic is routed through a single reference, and their tracking system covers the rest.

12. Vipoffers


VIPoffers is a premium affiliate program specializing in Adult Dating, Adult Games, and Adult Sites. This is a direct advertiser that features a wide range of exclusive offers. It is a unique landing page creator, producing individual landing pages for every customer.

The network is primarily concentrated in English-speaking countries. The payment models are CPA and CPL. They are compatible with all types of traffic, including email, display, push notifications, and social media.

Support is highly responsive and will even help reputable partners in creating a white label. You can begin receiving your funds with $250 via Paxum or Wire Transfer.

13. CougarLife


The niche dating site CougarLife is aimed at mature women (especially those in their 40s) who are explicitly searching for younger men. The majority of members are from the US and Canada. CJ Affiliates does not host the Cougar Life affiliate program. You must apply directly through their affiliate landing page.

After approval, you’ll gain access to a diverse collection of promoting creative for display banners, browse and social PPC campaigns, and more. As monthly subscriptions are relatively expensive, you’ll earn high commissions. A referral period of 30 days, and an 80% commission rate, are included in the program.

14. People Media



People Media operates similarly to Cupid Media. This means that with this platform, you will be able to find several niche dating sites. It provides you with a larger audience of clients.

They have dating platforms catering to a range of racial and ethnic demographics, including Blacks, Asians, Latinos, older people, single parents, and many others.

On their website, you can observe their complete list of communities. This will help you determine whether your audience is included in their community list. It also caters to those who are at least 50 years of age.

  • The commission rate is 50%.
  • The cookie’s duration is 120 days.

15. SilverSingles


SilverSingles is unique among affiliate programs in that it pays per lead. One of the benefits is that you will earn a steady commission no matter how long the user’s subscription lasts. This site is specifically for professionals who are over 50 years old, so it’s a prominent achievement if that is your target demographic.

SilverSingles pays affiliates on a per-lead basis and provides them with high-converting landing pages. CJ Affiliate is the third-party affiliate marketing platform for sign up.

  • The commission rate is $7.
  • The cookie duration is 30 days.

Factors before Choosing an Online Dating Affiliate Marketing Program

As an affiliate, one of the first important decisions you need to make is selecting an affiliate program. This program then forms the basis of all the time and money the affiliate would spend trying to generate a sustainable income. You can’t win very often if the playing field is unfavorable! Choosing the right affiliate program is choosing your playing field.

1. Commission Rates

It is a vital component of every affiliate marketing strategy that is essential for your success. Affiliate programs are designed to benefit both parties. As a promotional tactic, one who promotes another’s business should be rewarded with equitable commissions.

Therefore, if you choose an affiliate marketing program, make sure that the rates are suitable for you.

2. Popularity of the Brand

As an individual, you cannot refuse to purchase something simply because you have previously heard the brand name. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll want to partner with a relatively well-known brand.

3. Referral Period

Your referral period, or cookie duration, is a time constraint you set on the number of sales you wish to make. If they exceed that period, you will not be rewarded.

If you must make a choice, list the cookie duration alongside the commission rates. You certainly do not want a lengthy referral period with low commission rates.

4. Type of Affiliate Program

This is another factor to consider when making your selection. This is because it affects the amount of funds you can earn.

Affiliates programs pay per click also exist for dating sites. Alternatively, there are dating affiliate programs that pay based on the number of leads generated. When someone clicks on the affiliate link, they’re paid every time.


Final Thought

There is a substantial earning potential with dating affiliate programs. The challenge would be to do better than the competition. When it comes to affiliates, there are just as many affiliate programs as there are affiliate partners. Unless you create highly targeted and specific keywords, they will face strong competition.

Choose dating affiliate programs that payout regularly. The most effective affiliate programs pay period affiliate commissions of at least 25% on online purchases and 10-15% on purchases made by their referrals.

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