Eating disorder treatments: An eating disorder can be described as an illness in which you can keep on eating food irregularly.

In this, you are always concerned about your weight and shape. Irregular eating includes eating excessive food; if you are not hungry, they also keep on eating.

This food intake ultimately creates a problem for your health. In most of the eating disorder, there is a focus on weight, shape and food which creates dangerous behaviour.

This creates a depression in your mind. Depression and eating disorder damages your heart, digestive system, bones, teeth, mouth, and leads to other diseases.

An eating disorder affects both males and females. The most common eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder.

Food eating disorder can be developed at any stage of life but mostly found in teens or young adulthood.

If appropriate medical treatment is taken, then it can be cured. Though it can be cured if we ignore this, then its symptoms can be deadly.


Causes of Eating Disorders

As an eating disorder is a serious illness, but it is treatable. It can be affected by males, females. The exact causes are not known, or sometimes they vary in every person.

But food eating disorder results in the Biological, Psychological and Sociocultural factors.

Biological Causes

In most cases, the reason to have an eating disorder is genetic links. If any family member is suffering from the disorder, then it will be transferred to the future generation.

With an eating disorder, you also suffer from mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. If you have these consequences, then you must approach the treatment centers.

Cultural Causes

Culture also helps to develop an eating disorder. Every day we go through messages of beauty, unreal body, and fat diets. If you have an eating disorder, you are already occupied with food.

Due to this, you keep on deciding good or bad food if you fail to recognize the food and its health effects and increases the problems in health.

 Environmental Causes

Due to certain changes in the environment, eating disorder gets more dangerous. Environment plays an important role in developing food eating disorders.

  • Family dynamics
  • Pressure to look good
  • Exception of a good result at school or work
  • Traumatic experiences

This is a few experiences which increase the eating disorder through the environment.

To get perfection at looks or standards patient makes a contribution to developing an eating disorder.


eating disorder treatments

Signs and Types of Eating Disorder

Anorexia Nervosa

This illness is life-threatening. It is characterized by low body weight, fear of gaining weight, and abnormal shape of the body.

Patients suffering from Anorexia Nervosa do exercise because of shame and embarrassment.

Sometimes due to fear of weight gain, they avoid eating and face other health issues.

If proper treatment is given to the patients, this illness can be recovered.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder which is life-threatening and dangerous.

It can be seen if someone eats a large portion of food and then do excessive exercise or takes diet pills.

This people often avoid eating in a day, and due to this, they do more binge eating and purging.

In these patients, physically signs are not seen as they are normal in weight or they are overweighted.

Binge Eating Disorder

This patients eat a lot of food and don’t have control over eating. They eat food quickly, even when they are not hungry.

Binge sufferers are ashamed, guilty of the food eaten by them. They often try to eat in private.


Eating Disorder Treatments

You will find varieties of treatments for food eating disorder. But it is more important to find treatments that are suitable for your disorder.

The proper treatments should visit the root of the problem and cure it.

Here are a few steps to follow while taking the treatments on any types of an eating disorder.

Make your team for treatments

As for eating disorder is a serious illness related to emotions, medical and nutrition consequences.

So it becomes important for the team to understand the aspect of the problem. To find an eating disorder specialist consider the following points

  • Ask for a reference to the family doctor
  • Check your local hospital or medical centres
  • If you are in school, then ask for counsellors 
  • Call on the helpline numbers

List out Health Problems

Sometimes, an eating disorder can be deadly not just because of low body weight. There are problems because of regularly doing fast or binge or purge.

So for this, it is important to evaluate the medical checkup. After evaluation, if there are problems, then it should become a priority.

If you are facing any life-threatening problem, then you have to hospitalized for your safety.


Make a Long Time Treatment Plan

When your health is under control, then you and your team can work for long term recovery plans.

You need different methods to discuss the plans. So here are a few methods

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps you and your family to understand how the eating disorder is affecting your relationship.

This also helps how family members help to recover in their own way. If you all are together, it will improve respect, communication and support.

Medical Counseling

During treatment, there will be regular checkup to see whether your body is out of danger.

This includes regular blood tests, weight check and much other health screening.

Counseling by a Nutritionist

Nutritionist has an important role in reducing health problems.

A dietician or a nutritionist helps to change your eating behaviours and gives you proper and healthy food every day.

Learn to Take Help From Yourself

Professional help is important but remembers about your role in recovery. Your motivation helps to understand the eating disorder properly.

Then you will be confident to follow all the further treatments on eating disorder. Always reduce your emotional pain; it will not help to recover. Also, you can try a few methods like

  • Call Friends
  • Play with pets
  • Watch movies
  • Go for a walk
  • Read motivational books
  • Listen to music



There are many articles on eating disorders you can read them and understand about it. In rare cases, this illness is life-threatening.

But it can be recovered if you take proper medical help and understand the illness properly.

So if you notice your family member or friends have these signs, you can follow the treatments although food eating disorder cannot be prevented by you. But you can encourage to take treatment.


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