Time management is an art and science of how much time would you allocate to each activity to make time for all work individually and collectively better. It is a way to save time, be more focused, it lowers stress and leads to career success. In this article, we will discuss effective and better time management tips.

Better Time Management Tips

Here are some better time management tips which you can follow:

1.Answering the phone is urgent always, but some people who have drive completely shun the phone out of their schedules.
2.By actively just keeping emails as a means of communication. sometimes that is a very good move because everyone might have noticed that when they are working.
3.The sudden call can break your focus and it may take a long time not just to attend the call but also to come out of the conversation you just had on the phone, and to get back to work.
4.Taking a call is the equivalent of reading funny emails on Gmail.
5.There is a priority matrix, and you should learn it by heart and which action should you take first, which to do next, which to do later, and which do not do.
6.You would be surprised to know that a component of a good work ethic and time management is getting away from clutter, it boosts self-esteem and keeps one motivated.
7.This pattern is to keep the important things, give away some things, and throw away some things, keep things which you want for your records, give away something so that someone else might use it, and if that is work, it should be delegated, and throw away things that are of zero value to you.
8.But, if a task is both essential and urgent, and you still do not wish to do it, ask your peers and family which alternative they have.
9.More details about that would be multitasking; there are huge debates on if multitasking ability is good or bad, and the answer is, it is terrible.
10.Priority goes against the concept of multitasking. Just stay calm which you more or less cannot be if you are multitasking.
11.The generation is such that we need to talk on the phone while driving, chatting while working, music while walking and such, so the fact is -multitasking is overrated, and you could easily step into a very productive zone when you don’t fall into the trap of multitasking.
12.Now comes the mother of all problems, procrastination. Shift your weekly tasks into daily tasks. Now, you also need to remember that your energy levels throughout the week would also fluctuate.
13.This would be all the motivation you need. When the work finishes, it is Sunday, and you have met your weekly goals then do not think twice before congratulating yourself on a productive week well spent.
14.If your peers and bosses are giving you compliments, then that is just the next level of happiness and decides that you should continue with the same company because sometimes it becomes essential to judge if staying with an equal company or firm is worth its money in salt. 


Importance of Time Management

Better time management should lead to the completion of tasks, finish all the to-do activities in time, help you with prioritization, plan a project, and then translate the work into achievements.

Stress Relief

If you already know what to do in a 15-minute time slot, then you have already not wasted time narrowing down your work. Just get to the task at hand, and finish the same within a margin of 2 minutes more or two minutes less. That is your ideal situation.

If you have completed the task in 13 minutes, then you get exactly 2 minutes to rest, and if you have finished your job in 17 minutes, then you are running that much late.


More Time to Play

When you have completed your allocated work in due time and know you have done well, not only do you save time to play but you can play knowing that you have done an excellent job at it.

More Opportunities

Everyone wants someone focused and someone who is disciplined and who tracks time. This asset of a company is worth money in gold.

More opportunities knock on the door of people who are disciplined and work by the clock. Therefore, most companies now have a system where you have to put in your billable hours by the last minute.

This means some opportunities are reserved only for those who have proper respect for time. These people are known as organized in simple words, and that is a desirable character trait and great for all fields of work.

Corporate organizations often use the term called, SMART goals. These goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

better time management tips


Realize Goals

People who value time can realize their goals with more efficiency. Plus, they reach their goals in lesser time. These people have their eyes set on future goals. What automatically happens is that one who’s doing time-bound work would eliminate all nonessential tasks.


There are many layers to preferences. For instance, some tasks to be done right away, or some which are essential but not urgent, some are urgent but not necessary, and these tasks get delegated, and finally, there are goals which are not critical and not needed.

Time Limit

You should set a time limit if a project comes and keeps bothering you, which means if you have to deliver a research paper in 3 hours, so set an alarm clock, do not rest until the project gets completed, and finally, relax so that the project does not keep nagging you throughout.


If you want a break, then do so, you cannot work on zero energy, so naps become essential, you’ll wake up fresh, and then work with zeal and power.

Remove Non-essential Tasks

Some tasks are not essential, completely get rid of them, and do not waste time thinking about them, but if you are a perfectionist and you wish that the job should be done and not avoided then delegate the same task to someone who you can trust.

Plan Ahead

Plan for the whole year, month, and week whichever suits you and whichever you are capable of. Proper planning gives you a clear idea about the goals on which u want to work and allows you to work smarter and not harder.

Social Media

Social media is the muck of the generation. If you are seen spending time on social media, your image in the corporate office will go for a toss, you’ll be asked questions and you would answer it.

Many employees do social media in the office, and that is why the whole question of adding co-workers on Facebook happens which all corporate people know is not a good thing.

Plus, the wasted time is always there. So, maintain the right image, do not spend precious office time, and stay away from social media which is irresistible but a bad habit.

Control Over Your Work Life

If you feel in control over your work life, you are winning; the rule is simple. If you think things are going awry, then you are losing, the money would keep pouring in with the assignments, and that would happen only when you are completing these assignments in time. So, all things one, be in control or you lose.

If you do not plan your time well, the following things can happen

Proper time management with better time management tips is expected always otherwise you will face some unwanted things in life or at the place of work.

1.Poor workflow is what can happen.
2.No one wishes to work with someone who cannot fulfil projects in time in the day and age of billable hours.
3.If you do your job dedicatedly, then more work would keep pouring in, and that means higher income
4.Poor quality of work is the result of poor planning.


Those who respect time, time recognizes them, those who squander time are the same people who waste money and their future no matter what looks bleak.

There is always the philosophy; time is the biggest equalizer if you are rich or poor the time with everyone is of the same amount. No matter what is said, those who waste time fall at the wayside, and the ones who respect time, and have grit take first place.

Nobody who respected the time and made time goals remained overworked because 24 hours are enough if you are clocking your hours well enough.

You could work, eat, pursue a hobby and lounge in a park all in 24 hours. Time management is a good concept, but hard to follow for a long time, and not anyone who did that remained unsuccessful.

better time management tips

Final words

That is all. I hope you manage time better by using some our the better time management tips we have provided in this article and have a successful life!

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