Effective ways to Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolutions in 2019: New Year is a time of festivity when we all get together with our family and loved ones to indulge in merrymaking, leaving all our worries behind for a few days.

Along with that, it’s also a time when we reflect upon the past year and make plans for the year that lies ahead. But one of the most significant aspects of the New Year is the resolutions that we make.

We all have our imperfections and every now and then, we do get the urge to work on those flaws and improve certain aspects of our lives.

So when a new year approaches, most of us feel the desire to leave behind those shortcomings and weaknesses and turn over a new leaf.

We don’t need to wait for the 1st of January to start bringing positive changes in our lives, but the joyful and festive atmosphere of New Year certainly inspires us to be a different, better person.

Hence the saying, ‘New Year, New me’. We then start making a list of resolutions that we plan to stick to throughout the year, be it hitting the gym, eating healthy or quitting an addiction.

But here comes the sad truth – within a few weeks, most people tend to give up on their resolutions. Then comes another year, another set of resolutions and another failed attempt at making a change.

The cycle continues until we finally feel like resolutions are a waste of time and we are better off the way we are.

Even statistics say that more than 90% of resolutions fail and that too within the first two months! However, the good news is that you don’t have to fail this year.

Because we’ve come up with amazing techniques to help you stick to your New Year resolutions. But before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at…


There main reason why we give up on our resolutions is that humans are always resistant to change. Mostly because changing any aspect of our lives requires sacrifice, investment of time and energy, and most importantly, patience.

To make things worse, we already deal with so much stress in our daily, busy lives that the determination with which we made those resolutions just fades away.

So keeping in mind these reasons, we have come up with simple yet effective ways to ensure that you don’t break your resolutions.


Make the right resolutions

I heard this statement on a Facebook video – “If you really wanted something, you’d have started working on it yesterday instead of waiting for tomorrow”.

Basically, if your resolution is something you firmly desire to change or achieve, you’ll automatically be motivated to put it into action.

Your resolutions shouldn’t be based on what others think of you, or how you want to be perceived by other people.


So the first thing you need to do is take a few moments to list down things that you strongly wish for.

The second step is to avoid any resolutions you’ve made in the past year and failed at, as you’re more likely to fail at it again.

new year rsolution

Take small steps with visible outcomes

If you start working on the resolutions you made but fail to see any significant achievement, you’ll lose motivation in no time.

You’ll need to plan out your resolutions into smaller milestones so that you’ll be able to see some results in a short time.

This will boost your confidence and will inspire you to keep working on your resolution.

Here’s an example – If you’re planning to lose weight this year, your first target should be losing just one kilogram, or two at most.

This can be achieved in less than a month, and it will encourage you to keep on going for another month. Keep at it and before you know it, you’ll have lost significant weight.


Allot less time to working on your resolution

You may think, ‘How will I succeed with my resolutions if I don’t spend enough time on it?’. But it doesn’t work that way.

Many people break their resolutions because they don’t have enough time to spare from their busy schedule.

If your resolution only requires you to set aside a few minutes of your time every day, then you are most likely to stick to it.


Find a partner

I don’t think there is much to explain about this. We are social animals, and we love to be in the company of near and dear ones.

It’s only obvious that if we have someone with whom we share a common resolution, then we will enjoy the overall process.

Whether you’re planning to get that gym subscription or quitting that nasty habit of smoking, having someone accompany you will make it a bit more fun.

Meditate for a few minutes every day

Making or breaking a habit requires strong willpower and determination. If you’re mentally strong and filled with positive energy, you’re more likely to succeed with your resolutions.

And meditation is definitely one of the best ways to nurture your mind and stay positive.

But like I said in one of the points above, spend only a short amount of time on it so that you can do it every day without hesitation.

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Don’t focus on the long run

This is one mistake that I’ve seen many people make. Once they start out with their resolutions, they focus more on the end result and less on the journey.

The strategy is to make your resolution enjoyable rather than tedious. Don’t think about whether you will be able to fulfil your resolution for the entire year.

Taking the journey one day at a time, you’ll feel less pressure to stick to your resolution and the process will become much easier over time.

new year resolution

Avoid peer pressure

Once you’ve decided on your resolutions, you’ll certainly come across people in your circle who indulge in the same habits that you’re trying to give up. Spending more time with such people will make it harder for you to change.

If you’re planning to maintain a healthy lifestyle, spend less time with friends who indulge in fast food and unhealthy eating habits.

If your resolution is to quit smoking, avoid the company of friends who are regular smokers.

You don’t need to completely cut off such friends and acquaintances, but instead, explain it to them politely so that they’ll also support your decision.

Be ready to start over

To achieve anything in life, we must also be willing to handle failure. Success does not come easily without a few initial setbacks.

So if you do end up breaking your resolution at some point down the road, don’t be frustrated and give up on it.

Take a break if you have to, reconsider your options and be ready to start over again, no matter what time of the year it is. Failing and trying again is still a better achievement than not trying at all.

All these are very effective techniques that will certainly help you to stick to your New Year resolutions, not just for a few months but for the entire year and even more.

Say goodbye to all those failed resolutions from the previous years, and get started on a fresh journey this New Year with these easy-to-follow steps, and see the difference for yourselves.


My name is Atul Umarkar and I am the founder of www.bronzebucket.com. I am a professional banker from Nashik (Devotional city situated in Maharashtra state). I am 30-year-old simple fun loving guy loves to be active on social media and surf internet to collect quality information to upgrade my knowledge.

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