Do you seriously want to know the exact meaning of the New year resolution?… Commonly, a person shall make resolutions for the new year. Of course, anyone would want to have a good year ahead. Taking a vow with a bow is not a bad deal either. That too when the new year is approaching, we may be contemplating on which behaviour to choose and which one to discard.

And once the year starts, we might hardly work on the resolution list for 2 months. Statistics say that 12% of the total human lot shall manage to keep the resolution for a certain percentage of time compared to others who dump it by February every year.

The whole idea of keeping the New Year resolutions to work wonders for you depends on the most common mistakes that others shall commit in maintaining the rigour. Firstly, we must get to know the psychology and new year resolution meaning.

This shall impeccably make you understand the type of resolution list that you might make for the new year. Also, this can give you deep insight into personal growth, diligence, and human happiness. It is always good to make resolutions and let us see the following in the upcoming columns to make this New year the best one for you. You will get to learn:

Benefits of New Year Resolution: Unless you get to know how resolutions work better with people, you can never make the right new year goals.

Psychology in Setting top 10 goals: It is good to analyse why and which resolution is best for this new year.

Origin of Psychology: Is it a tradition? Understanding the New year resolution meaning shall set a good tone for your first new year resolution.

Incredible Benefits of Making a Resolution List for the New year

One must understand that making a resolution list is never beneficial but adhering to the plan is. This block shall never make you understand how to write a resolution but to give you an insight into how it works for your and your family’s development in the new year.

Change and Improvement

This is the main key benefit of making a New years resolution. The whole New Year Resolution Meaning lies in the change that you are looking for in the new year. The change that shall bring happiness and prosperity at home.

The change that shall keep abundance as the motto. It is not that we are bad, but a good amount of improvement in the coming year shall bring a lot of laurels. One must also realize that following the resolution list needs diligence and perseverance too.

Feel of Achievement

This happens most of the time. As you dream of doing something consistently, the dream by itself shall make you feel successful. As a part of the resolution, the list must be written in such a way that creates a sense of honour and achievement.

This shall stay in your heart and brain for a long time. You need to keep your mind reminding of the achievement factor and there you go, your new resolution to keep the resolutions shall work wonders in your life.

Structured Life Style

This is one of the benefits that you must relish. When we say structured lifestyle, it does not mean military life, but a life with incredible plans and execution in place. Your new year plan shall be concrete and creates a sense of accomplishment only when you move with an appropriate execution structure.

Once this is set and you begin to follow them, the way you begin to get the task done for the resolution, itself shall create a better lifestyle. All the more, you shall certainly have sketched the best new year resolution for the new year. Following them improves lifestyle invariably.


Psychology Behind New Year Goals

The New Year Resolution meaning is well understood by learning the science behind taking vows and making new plans for New Year.

Success – Your Definition

The word Success has a different meaning for every individual. Which one is your success factor? Determines a lot of character in your life. Nevertheless, if you are planning for a new year revolution, you must be aware of your success factor.

As such, any good new year’s resolution shall not work good, if it is aligned with your success factor. Always, set your New year plan following your success factor. You must look to work towards the resolution made and not dump it in the middle of the pursuit.

Adventure Seeking Mind

The New Year New You concept of yours boils down to the way you want yourself to be. The ones you have not attempted in your life shall make you feel bogged down. And if those aspects feature in your New Year resolution list, you shall feel the best.

Your mind seeks excitement and such is any human need. It is not that you want yourself to be superhuman as your mind limits you from fantasy thoughts. But, it aims to make you the best compares to last year.

Pain and Oath

The thought of how to start a New Year allows you to think about the pain that you have undergone in the past. The behaviour and the dearth of something that had created a hurt in you shall strongly urge you to make all resolutions to resolve the past pain factor.

It is the emotions that make you take the oath. We start reading about the best new year plans that others had made, go through the New year blogs, and finally, make the list. This emotion can be easily leveraged to a successful growth plan and make a New year promise to yourself.

For us to understand the New Year Resolution Meaning, it is imperative to also know the origin of such things. As such, it was a tradition. And such tradition also covers religious beliefs. You must also know, a new year resolution is not a new concept but very popular in the west and the east.

new year resolution meaning

Origin and History of Resolutions

Taking a New Year Pledge is a very old tradition followed by our ancestors. Remember faintly that people had taken vows in front of God that they shall do a certain ritual if God does the one that they wanted. They also promise to God that they shall pay back the debts and whatever items that they have borrowed from others.

The people of Rome had this culture of promising and making standard resolutions in front of God Janus. This is the most common ritual done when the New year approaches. During the late-night service at churches, the Christians used to make resolutions in front of God, especially during New year’s Eve. The same practice is followed during Christmas Eve as well.

As such, the list of resolutions you make these days is not a modern concept. We have been following this for centuries. This has a strong scientific paradigm attached to it. People believed that such resolutions made shall be followed as a strict ritual as they have promised in front of God, the highest fear factor that the Human has to date.


Best Ideas for New Year Resolution

The New Year Resolution Meaning is to set personal goals and achieve them in the New Year. The most common resolution are mentioned below

  1. Take care of Finances Better
  2. Eat and Live healthy Lifestyle
  3. Live an Energetic Life
  4. Exceptional Weight Loss
  5. Improve on Social Connections

The resolution list you see above has never changed in years for many. Strangely, even in the year most of us made the same list and did not follow it. Staggering statistics say 80% of us fail to stick to the new year plan.

Your plans for New year can be any. It could range from healthy living to improve on financial well-being. But there is a way to go by it. Setting up the all resolution list is one part, following the same as a ritual is the second.

The former task is pretty simple but the latter is a tough and challenging one. As the first part requires you to imagine and dream but the second part makes you be on the field to DO it and not just lie and dream. Let us go step by step in unveiling the secrets to Follow the New year resolution

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Set Realistic Best New Year Resolutions

This shall be the first step to glory. When we say realistic, it requires you to choose the one that you aspire for. Please understand, desire and dream are two different concepts. What you desire may not be the same as what you dream of.

Self Analyse yourself as to what success means to you. Please do not compare yourself with others. Your need may not be your friend’s need. Your dislike can always be the liking of your wife. So, get to know your success factor. It can be financial well-being, mental relaxation, abundance, buying something new, getting to the top in your career.

But what is it? This is the main question. The lines on your new year resolutions must be realistic. How to make it realistic? The best new year tips for you is

Firstly, set only a few resolutions. Limit the resolution list. Don’t make a big list and get overwhelmed as soon as the new year dawns. Make a list of the Top 10 New Year’s resolutions.

From that prune it for Top 5. That must be at the forefront. These are the 5 things you would like to achieve this new year. And the real New Year resolution meaning is set for your life.

Secondly, set a deadline for each resolution. A new year plan without a set timeline is good for nothing. When do you want that particular desire to happen? Mention it in the sheet of paper.

Lastly, Make a clear plan of action for each one in your new year’s revolution. This list now is your Bible.

When we say a clear plan, it is all about execution. The new year promise shall not be kept if you do not execute it appropriately.

Track the Progress

You must know where you stand in terms of the New Year Plan that you had made earlier. It is highly recommended to track your progress. It shall help you to keep yourself motivated. Also, the sense of achievement shall keep you going as well.

At the same time, the urge to perform better when the progress is not as expected shall keep you on track. It is not about completing the task, it is all about, how motivated are you in accomplishing your plans for the New year.

Ideally, these are the two steps that you must follow every time you set a resolution list. It can be for a new year or any other function. You must set realistic goals and they must be measurable at all times during the year. By doing so, you set the new year resolution meaning a whole new perspective.

So What’s your new year resolution? We shall help you with a few top 10 best goals that you might pick from.

  1. Live Life to the Fullest
  2. Learn a New Skill
  3. Live a healthy Life
  4. Be a better person
  5. Go to the Gym
  6. Get organized
  7. Spend Responsibly
  8. Quit any bad habit that hampers health
  9. Pursuing Career Ambition
  10. Improve Social Connection

As we see the list, every resolution must be given a real meaning. You must elaborate on the goal with specificity. It includes the time frame, what exactly you want, the execution plan, etc.

For example, ‘Live a healthy life: What does it mean to you? Does it include, going to the gym, eating proper food at the proper time, following eating rituals, and so on?

As such, it does not have a timeline but you must have the eating and living chart made for living a healthy life. It might also have information about what you would like to quit that hamper a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, New Year resolution meaning is to give every goal a real meaning by elaborating on the specificity.

List of Some of the Top Goals

As we said earlier, it is not about setting different resolutions. It is all about setting the right goals and following the same. The New year’s New You must be strong, healthy, and abundant.

Make the Right Resolutions

I heard this statement on a Facebook video, “If you really wanted something, you’d have started working on it yesterday instead of waiting for tomorrow”.

Basically, if your resolution is something you firmly desire to change or achieve, you’ll automatically be motivated to put it into action. Your resolutions shouldn’t be based on what others think of you, or how you want to be perceived by other people.

So the first thing you need to do is take a few moments to list down things that you strongly wish for. The second step is to avoid any resolutions you’ve made in the past year and failed at, as you’re more likely to fail at it again.


new year resolutions

Take Small Steps With Visible Outcomes

If you start working on the resolutions you made but fail to see any significant achievement, you’ll lose motivation in no time. You’ll need to plan out your resolutions into smaller milestones so that you’ll be able to see some results in a short time. This will boost your confidence and will inspire you to keep working on your resolution.

Here’s an example – If you’re planning to lose weight this year, your first target should be losing just one kilogram, or two at most. This can be achieved in less than a month, and it will encourage you to keep on going for another month. Keep at it and before you know it, you’ll have lost significant weight.


Allot Less Time to Working on Your Resolution

You may think, ‘How will I succeed with my resolutions if I don’t spend enough time on them?’. But it doesn’t work that way. Many people break their resolutions because they don’t have enough time to spare from their busy schedules.

If your resolution only requires you to set aside a few minutes of your time every day, then you are most likely to stick to it.

Find a Partner

I don’t think there is much to explain about this. We are social animals, and we love to be in the company of near and dear ones. It’s only obvious that if we have someone with whom we share a common resolution, then we will enjoy the overall process.

Whether you’re planning to get that gym subscription or quitting that nasty habit of smoking, having someone accompany you will make it a bit more fun.

Meditate for a Few Minutes Every Day

Making or breaking a habit requires strong willpower and determination. If you’re mentally strong and filled with positive energy, you’re more likely to succeed with your resolutions.

And meditation is definitely one of the best ways to nurture your mind and stay positive. But like I said in one of the points above, spend only a short amount of time on it so that you can do it every day without hesitation.

Don’t Focus on the Long Run

This is one mistake that I’ve seen many people make. Once they start out with their resolutions, they focus more on the end result and less on the journey. The strategy is to make your resolution enjoyable rather than tedious.

Don’t think about whether you will be able to fulfill your resolution for the entire year. Taking the journey one day at a time, you’ll feel less pressure to stick to your resolution, and the process will become much easier over time.


Avoid Peer Pressure

Once you’ve decided on your resolutions, you’ll certainly come across people in your circle who indulge in the same habits that you’re trying to give up. Spending more time with such people will make it harder for you to change.

If you’re planning to maintain a healthy lifestyle, spend less time with friends who indulge in fast food and unhealthy eating habits. If your resolution is to quit smoking, avoid the company of friends who are regular smokers.

You don’t need to completely cut off such friends and acquaintances, but instead, explain it to them politely so that they’ll also support your decision.


Be Ready to Start Over

To achieve anything in life, we must also be willing to handle failure. Success does not come easily without a few initial setbacks. So if you do end up breaking your resolution at some point down the road, don’t be frustrated and give up on it.

Take a break if you have to, reconsider your options and be ready to start over again, no matter what time of the year it is. Failing and trying again is still a better achievement than not trying at all.

All these are very effective techniques that will certainly help you to stick to your New Year resolutions, not just for a few months but for the entire year and even more.

Say goodbye to all those failed resolutions from the previous years, and get started on a fresh journey this New Year with these easy-to-follow steps, and see the difference for yourselves.

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