Truly, email marketing is a popular term. However, different people understand it differently. Some people may think of email marketing types as a catalog of new commodities from their go-to hobby store. Others might think of the same as a nice postcard they got from a local nightclub promoting the entertainment lineup of the season.

Whatever you think email marketing to be, if you’re looking forward to using this method to advertise your products or services, there are some things you’ll need to take care of. 

Before you start your email marketing campaign, you need to consider just what your target is. It’s true, selling is the main thing you want.

But the marketing business is a bit more subtle than you can imagine. Actually, there are numerous ways to execute the selling of your products or services through an email campaign.

As it used to be, email apart from being very cost-friendly is also pretty flexible. There are two main types of campaigns to first think about:  

Direct Email

This approach is very simple. It involves sending out a promotional message through an email. The info contained in the email may be an announcement of new products, a discount or special offer, or even a friendly introduction. 

Retention Email

In this approach, you’ll be trying to keep buyers coming back. Here, what you crave for is loyalty. So, rather than a simple promotion text, retention emails ought to focus on developing a lasting relationship with your customers.

The emails should offer something more than simple adverts. You want to provide your customers with valuable information. Additionally, you want to keep your customers entertained and smiling all day. 


Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

After you have determined what email marketing types you want to take, there are numerous different email marketing types you can consider as listed below:

1. Email Newsletters

Emil newsletter is also known as E-Newsletter. This is one of the important email marketing types and very popular among online marketers.

The aim of an email newsletter campaign is to assist an organization or business to build a rigid relationship with its customers, membership group, or prospects.

The idea behind a suitable email newsletter is to provide relevant content that followers will find informative or entertaining.

For instance, a travel agency that offers a monthly E-Newsletter to its clientele with a feature article on a popular travel spot, a sidebar with a few travel tips, a testimonial with several pictures from a satisfied customer.

And possibly a few short stories and pictures advertising the featured vacation plans of the company. 

2. Email Press Releases

Generally, email marketing types targets media contacts. It’s very widely utilized by organizations and businesses to reach other subscribers.

If a company has grown a considerable emailing list, email press releases are an organic way of getting the word out.

For instance, you can think of an animal shelter in an urban region that emails announcements regarding available pets for adoption.

Through a little writing and a single click, the marketer can immediately deliver the release to many media contacts and pet enthusiasts. 

3. Email Invitations

The idea behind this email marketing type is to invite you to, for example, some special events or offers. It normally features a festive theme.

For instance, a hotel may invite you to a special Italian night dinner so that it can introduce you to some of its latest Italian dishes. 

4. Email Postcards

Postcards are short announcements, normally with one or two very relevant graphics. The layout is very simple and the message is to the point.

Postcards are usually utilized to notify subscribers of special deals, new commodities, or upcoming events.

For example, you can think of a just listed postcard from a realtor notifying potential buyers of a property that just came in the market. 


email marketing types

5. Email Surveys

This approach is one of the latest. It works nicely for many purposes. It’s exactly what it suggests – a questionnaire where the recipients answer questions and submit them.

Email surveys could be a situation where a local gym wants to understand more about the needs and desires of its members.

They send a survey, understand more about their members, and perhaps offer free admission in return.  

6. Email Catalogs

Email catalogs are electronic versions of print catalogs. However, email catalogs only list or advertise a small sampling of the available products.

There are normally several pictures with small descriptions and links below encouraging the reader to click the link and learn more and buy.

For example, you can think of a computer retailer displaying an inventory of their latest products.


7. Best of Email

This approach is somewhat similar to catalogs, but instead of showcasing all your products, you display a selected few that you have selected.

The structure is a bit simple. All that you need here is a few promotion shots, a few quick copies, and links to process the orders.  

8. Coupons

Coupons are simple special offers or discounts by email trying to garner new business, boost sales, and encourage repeat business. 

9. Top Ten Emails

This is one of the handy types of email marketing when you don’t want to do an all-out newsletter or if you wish to simply mix things up, you might want to think about sending a top ten email.

It involves facts and tips that will advertise your products while giving customers informative information. Any variation such as 10 can’t miss hacks, top 7 ways to improve quality of life, etc. 


Final Thought

As online sales continue to get popular and popular, it’s important that businesses are utilizing all the means they can to boost their sales.

Email marketing is a crucial part of this. Whether you use static or other emails, it’s essential that any promotional message sent is of outstanding quality and is also user-friendly.

From the above email marketing types or approaches, it’s you now to decide which approaches you’re going to take to promote your products or service.

All you need to do is to work smarter, take advantage of email marketing, and take your business to the next level. 


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