Facts and benefits no one will tell you about the Turmeric: Turmeric is a plant that is best known for its herbal and medicinal goods. The spice Curcumin has many medicinal benefits and must be included in your daily diet.

The plant turmeric is highly cultivated in India and Sri Lanka. In ancient times, it was also highly cultivated in parts of Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Haldi, as it is called in India, is widely used in almost all Indian cuisines.


Following are the facts and benefits of turmeric:

Turmeric is the plant from which Curcumin is extracted. Curcumin is what we see in our daily lives. The yellowish, mustard powder is made by crushing the roots of the turmeric plant.

The roots of the plant look like Ginger and give a yellowish colour to the spice.

Turmeric is one of the cheapest spices available in the market. However, its cheap price doesn’t mean that the spice is mediocre.

The spice itself is loaded with medicinal benefits. Its low price and health benefits are what make this spice so widely used.

The Turmeric spice is also used as a food colouring and flavouring agent. It imparts a dark yellow colour to the food. So it is ideally put in food items like pulses, vegetables and dairy items.

Though the spice itself has a bitter taste and a pungent odour, it always enhances the taste and colour of the food.

Medicinal Uses

Curcumin, the root ingredient of the Turmeric plant has been widely used in Ayurvedic sciences since ancient times.

It is known to heal various ailments like Arthritis, Acne, and Leprosy etc. It is also used as a side medicine in the treatment of cancer.

Turmeric also helps lose weight. It acts as a reducer of inflammation and helps burn away all extra fat from the body tissue.

However, only consuming turmeric won’t reduce weight. Works well when you are dieting or exercising to lose weight.

Curcumin helps the body fight various brain diseases also. It helps increase BDNF levels in the brain. BDNF helps the brain in maintaining and producing new brain cells.

Most brain diseases affect these brain cells. So there is a possibility that the effect of such diseases can be reversed by producing new brain cells- which curcumin helps in.

Many chemical and scientific types of research show that Curcumin helps block NF-kb molecules. These molecules if allowed, enter the genes and introduces various chronic diseases.

Turmeric is also known to be a remedy of Alzheimer’s, a disease quite common in the West.


One thing that should be noted about Turmeric is that people have been using it in the Indian subcontinent for centuries while the West has just picked up this herb.

As a result, India has the lowest number of Alzheimer’s patients in the world while the western countries like America are badly affected.


This can be due to various reasons, but this fact states the importance of Turmeric and how it has safeguarded its users from various chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s.

facts and benefits of turmeric

Globally used product

Curcumin also finds itself used in many Thai and Iranian cuisines as well. Although it isn’t as widely used as it is India, people of Iran and Thailand often try to use the spice in their staple diet.

Also, these countries use various parts of the Turmeric plant while preparing food, which isn’t common in India or Sri Lanka.

Many countries of the west including the UK and US sell “golden milk”.  This milk is nothing but haldi doodh with few extra preservatives. The drink is quite famous as it has a long shelf life and goodness of turmeric.

The application of turmeric is not only limited to food but is also heavily used in toothpaste, soaps and shampoos.

Many companies boast that their product includes the goodness of turmeric, as it helps heal skin cells, removes dandruff, and strengthens teeth.


Industrial use of Turmeric

The turmeric plant is also used for making Acidic and Basic indicators. Turmeric paper is prepared by mixing ethyl alcohol and turmeric.

The solution is dried on a paper and finds its uses in many chemical industries.  The yellow coloured paper turns reddish brown in basic solutions and doesn’t change colour in acidic solutions.

Overconsumption of the turmeric spice can also result in various diseases. Curcumin should only be taken in small doses(500-1000 Milligrams). Its over-consumption can lead to an upset stomach, kidney stones or cramps.

The human body can only absorb 25% of the turmeric that we consume. Our human body finds it hard to absorb a complex chemical like Curcumin.

Also, only 3% of the powdered turmeric is curcumin, so our body is only designed to take curcumin in small amounts.


Turmeric is widely used in the food industry. Although Indians have been using it for centuries, the rest of the world is just learning the great benefits of Turmeric.

The spice is now used in almost all kinds of dishes.

Turmeric flavoured tea is quite famous in Japan. The habitats of Okinawa(an island in Japan) have the highest average lifespan in the world. Turmeric flavoured tea is a common beverage for those people.

Turmeric has been known to enhance the flavour of various curries. Now many people in the Western countries are adding curcumin to their desserts for its health benefits.

The Lebanese Cake is one such recipe that employs the use of turmeric. This cake is also quite good for patients suffering from diabetes as it has low sugar volumes and the goodness of turmeric.

There is no doubt that Curcumin and its parent plant Turmeric have huge uses. Although it took western countries many years to realize its full potential, Indian households have been using it for a very long time.

India produces the highest amount of Turmeric in the world, and also exports it in huge quantities.

However, Indians uses 80% of the grown turmeric while only 20% is exported to other countries. But in spite of this, India is still the highest exporter of Turmeric in the world.


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