Vacations are not only meaningful hobbies but also an experience that we orientate our work lives around. Leaves are a necessity than a luxury, and it helps to rejuvenate ourselves. And if the holidays are by the famous Indian beaches, it is like a dream comes true. It not only recharges us but also motivates us to face the challenges of the concrete jungle when back to work.

Qualities of Famous Indian Beaches

In India, the vacation business is now more popular than it was before. Millions of dollars are pumped into the vacation industry to make everything related to it easy and comfortable. 

It includes travel from one beach to another in India to have the best of all the seas around our peninsular country. Let us see the qualities of Famous Indian beaches.

An ocean breeze puts any mind at ease and happiness is a day at any beaches in India. Walking along the Indian beaches enables to connect to the words of writers who lived hundreds of years ago. 

Tourists from the world around find Indian beaches far more exciting and one to explore more than others. The Indian beaches start from its southern tip Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.  It is where the three seas meet at one place.

The Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meet there to give the sunrise a spectacular event and sunrise equally transcendental. 

Early morning view of the sunrise over three seas is a view that will be remembered for a lifetime by anyone. It will truly put you in another dimension which you till now only dream of.

From there it is beaches of Kerala, Goa, and Mumbai on the west along the Arabian Sea. And on the east, it is Chennai, Vizag, Orissa, and Kolkata along the Bay of Bengal.  There are also Famous Indian beaches in the Andaman and Nicobar islands known as Radha beaches which are one of their kind.

One is not less than others for the best vacation experiences. The exotic beaches all have the necessary infrastructure for a luxurious and happy holiday.

Also, travel to all these fascinating and beautiful beaches is accessible by land, air, and water. Following are the Famous Indian beaches for vacation destinations.


1. Kerala

Kerala is known as God’s own country. It is because of its rich fauna and flora and its beaches. The famous beach on the shores of the Arabian Sea is the Varkala beach.

Varkala Beach

Apart from the mind-blowing view of the Arabian Sea, Varkala is world-renowned for its yoga and Ayurveda medications.

Tourists from around the world visit this beach in Kerala to enjoy and also rejuvenate their bodies and mind. The Arabian seafood cooked in the traditional Kerala cuisine is mouthwatering and has its best nutritional benefits.

The place is exotic because of being under a cliff. Varkala beach has the best view of the overextend of the Arabian Sea.  Date palms, coconuts, shops, and hotels dot the footpath along the cliff.

This picture-postcard beauty stays with the viewer somewhere in the viewer’s mind. But, one beach is not enough when you are visiting Kerala.

Therefore, you must attend another beach nestled between the Arabian Sea and the very green Western Ghats. This is the Marari beach.


Marari Beach

It lies along the coast of a village, and that is where the beach gets its name from. It can bewitch your heart and soul.

If you want to let go and chill out there, you can or else you can participate in the snake race, do not worry though there are no snakes involved and this sport is called as such because the shape of the boat resembles that of a snake.

Keralites take pride in their ships, and there is space of 100 people on board the vessel, so if you wish to experience a Keralites tradition then hop onto one of the many ships.

Famous Indian beaches

2. Karnataka

Karnataka is also famous for its beautiful beaches. The beauty of the Famous Indian beaches in Karnataka will definitely attract you. Beaches such as Gokarna and Om beach have some specialties.

Gokarna Beach

The Gokarna beach in the Karnataka state some 190 kilometers from Goa is entirely different from it. It is not so crowded as Goa and has a quiet nature with all its beauty to enjoy without any disturbances. It blends religion with beach fun.

The Gokarna beach constitutes the Paradise beach, Om beach and Half Moon beach all with their unique exotic views and breathtaking sights.

Om Beach

Om beach, for instance, is more like a relaxed holiday but wild parties are happening too. The thatched bamboo huts that dot the beach have their charm.

If you are coming from abroad, then set your dates such that the holiday coincides with Mahashivratri or Ganesh Chaturthi, the local deity celebration and you’ll get an inkling of how Indians celebrate the important religious holidays.

But, foreigners usually take to the other Gokarna which has quiet beaches offering a time of solitude and quietness.


3. Goa

One place in India where more and more foreigners visit every year in Goa. It is because of its number of beaches with the best of facilities.

It is one of the most visited tourist places in India.  Goa is the Famous Indian beaches destination not only for foreigners but also for Indians.

This is why it is called the party capital of India. It is one fabulous beach-filled place where tourists flock to around the year. There can be people seen sunbathing, swimming, parasailing, or relaxing in their hammocks.

Calangute Beach

Calangute is one of the Famous Indian beaches in Goa. It is the queen of all Goa beaches which is like saying a lot.

The stores are the best for shopping because there is a lot of haggling, and you can buy a lot of bizarre jewels there along with a lot of neon stuff, and not to forget the handicrafts.

Despite the many stores and much commercialization, the place is warm and charming. Nature freaks would also have a grand time here.

If you wish to stay in a seven-star hotel or a shack, the choice is yours, both kinds of accommodation are available here. The following are the famous Indian beaches in goa each with unique features for the best of sea and beaches.

Agonda Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Goa and famous for its peaceful environment. Situated on the south of Goa it is renowned for its late-night parties, events, water sports, and delicious cuisines.

During the day time, you could explore the ruins left behind by the Portuguese, then eat at one of the hauntingly delicious food stalls such as the Cape Goa, and in the night go to a place with a view and bask in the glory of the stars you are under, and let the moon hypnotize you. 

The line of huts along the beach also makes to enjoy the beach 24 x 7 for all its beauty. Do not forget to find time in between to shop.

The general stores that sell beach-wear or party wear would have you in a tizzy because everything on offer is maddeningly beautiful.

Baga Beach

This commercial world-famous beach is in North Goa. Tourists from all over the globe prefer Baga beach for its bars, clubs, later night parties, water sports, restaurants, dolphin sightseeing trips, and many more.

Baga’s history is such that it was the first beach to be explored by the foreigners and has been on the world map since the time of what was called summer of love. 

Since then the hippies started to come to Baga in large numbers which did a lot of credit to the culture of Goa. Therefore, you’ll find things such as tattoo parlors and Thai massages here. Not just that, if you have a streak of adventure, you could do water sports here such as jet skiing and parasailing.

Palolem Beach

Palolem beach is a picture-perfect beach enclosed by the forest of coconut palms and turquoise seawater. Tourists flock to this beach for its greenery and tranquillity.

Colva Beach

It is in the south of Goa and the best beach to relax in the world.  Huts and boats make this beach one of the most fun-filled destinations for beach parties. When in Colva, try and go to the Lady of Mercy Church because it is beautiful.

4. Maharashtra

The Ganpatipule beach in Maharashtra is one of the unspoiled beaches in India. It is spread across the Konkan coast and holds spectacular beach beauty vibes. Mostly nature lovers and pilgrims visit here.

Ganpatipule Beach

The abundant flora of mangroves and coconut palms along with the famous 400-year-old Lord Ganesh temple is the reason for it.  The rare thing about this temple is that the deity here faces west.

There are two legends behind this temple; one is that the name comes from the white sand of the beach and second that a lady insulted the deity and moved his position and that is why the name Ganpathipule.


Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is a beautiful beach in the Malvan region, Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra. It is one of the beautiful and famous Indian beaches that easily helps to refresh your mind and relax your soul.

Clearwater, pleasant and beautiful waves, exotic marine species, and different fishes make this beach must visit place for tourists around the globe. A trip to the Tarkarli beach provides different types of excitement to its visitors. They can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, stay and trip in a houseboat, parasailing, jet-skiing, and dolphin spotting.


Famous Indian beaches

5. Tamil Nadu

There is a variety of beaches in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the starting point for the beaches on the shores of Bay of Bengal sea up to the Himalayas.

It starts with the three sea combinations of Kanyakumari. This destination is India’s answer to the land’s end. At night, if you are close to the lighthouse, you get to see the sky view or the panorama right from the beach.


Marina Beach

Marina beach in Chennai is the second longest beach in the world, but you cannot swim here or take a bath because the beach waters are turbulent.

Rameswaram Beach

Rameswaram beach is famous for pilgrims from around the world. You’ll love the vibe of the place. Just like all coral reefs all over the world, this beach is also insanely beautiful.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram for foreign tourists and its thousands of years of sculptures is well known. It is the second most visited beach in India by foreign tourists around the globe. Turtle walks here would engage you; it is also ideal for long romantic walks with your beloved. 

Kovalam Beaches

Kovalam beaches are known for its serenity and natural beauty, and it is also known as the paradise of South India.


6. Pondicherry

The world-famous Auroville beach is in the union territory of Pondicherry. Many foreign tourists around the year visit the famous French architectural buildings and the Aurobindo Ashram

Auroville Beach

A mixture of French and Indian culture with pleasant surroundings make this exotic beach destination famous for many people around the world. The other most famous beach in Pondicherry is the Promenade

Vehicles are banned here to make sure that nature remains preserved and that also makes this place very beautiful for morning walks and evening jogs.

7. Andhra Pradesh

The newly divided state of Andhra Pradesh has the longest coastline in India. 

Ramakrishna Beach

It is the home of the famous Vizag port and one of the Famous Indian beaches known as the Ramakrishna beach or the RK beach is filled with golden sands and beach shacks. The Andhra cuisine seafood is a delight for seafood lovers with its spicy and unique taste.

Yarada Beach

Another beach in Andhra is the Yarada beach which is another unspoiled beach of India. Water sports and later night parties are the special of this beach.

Rishikonda Beach

Next, is Rishikonda beach which is the most loved especially if its Holi and the whole crowd gathers to throw colored water on each other, and have a gala festive time.

8. Orissa

The world famous Puri temple is on one side, and the beach, on the other hand, is known as the Puri beach. 

Puri Beach

Due to its double-sided beach atmosphere and the unique place for both the sunrise and sunset here makes it the most preferred tourist destination. 

It is not just a beach place, but also a religious site. It has calmer waters than other beaches and crowds flock here as devotees. The wind blows ruffles to create music in the air and the vibe is pure and beautiful.

9. Kolkota

The Far East state of Kolkata near the Himalayas have numerous and Famous Indian beaches on the shores of Bay of Bengal. 

Digha Beach

Digha is one beach which is the perfect beach destination for many Indians and foreigners for its exquisite beauty. No matter where you come from, you’ll notice that the sun is sparkling in full glory and the waves reflect the sunshine and the weather is hot.

Mandarmani Beach

If you are looking for an unexplored beach, then Mandarmani beach is for you. You’ll find this beach deserted so you could honeymoon here or enjoy some solitude in the middle of a pristine place.


10. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The beautiful Havelock island of Andaman and Nicobar are home to the best beach in Asia, the Radhanagar beach.

Radhanagar Beach

The beauty of the beach is beyond imagination, and that is why Times Magazine has selected it for the best in the whole of the Asian continent. It is also one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in the country.

Go to the beach and also find time for visiting the light and sound show at the Cellular jail and go to the two museums, the forest museum, and the Samudrika museum. The beach would offer you snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking, and more adventures.

Final words

Indian beaches are famous and affordable heavens on earth for the vacations to be joyful and memorable for a lifetime.

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