So, you want to create a free blog on WordPress. Blogging is an evergreen field. If you are a beginner in this field, then WordPress will be best to start with. 

WordPress is an open-source and free to use Content Management System. Did you know? Almost 27% of all websites are powered by the WordPress content management system.

WordPress also contributes 76% of the Content Management System market share. So, you might be wondering, what makes it so admirable? Well, you will find the answer ahead.

Why WordPress?

You should know that “Why WordPress” before you get to know “How to create a free blog on WordPress?

Being older than Facebook and Twitter, it still stands out and powers a quarter of the world wide web. The following are the reasons which voguish WordPress.


Simplicity is the Key

The WordPress content management system is very easy to use, easy to maintain and very cost-effective as compared to others.

The most important reason behind using WordPress is that you don’t need to master any coding to develop and create web pages and posts on wordpress blog.

You can create a completely free blog on WordPress without using coding. Just select a Theme and start working to create a free wordpress blog.

There are many themes, inbuilt tools and plugins are available in WordPress which you can use for your WordPress blog.

Responsive Designing

WordPress blogs can be easily adjusted to any device such as tablet, mobile, PC, etc. On any device, your visitors will get the best experience. 


In WordPress, the majority don’t use HTML or any other programming language to integrate functionalities to your blog.

Plugins and Themes are used in that case. They are easy to use and customize. You can easily use them to create and customize your free WordPress blog.

There are many Plugins available, both free and paid. Use them to achieve your targets. Hence, a better user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important thing nowadays in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

create a free wordpress blog

WordPress comes equipped with many tools to take care of your blog SEO. Following are best examples of WordPress SEO plugins and SEO tools.


Requirements to Create a Free WordPress Blog

Below given are the necessary things and steps to create a free WordPress blog.


Register for a domain such as or or You can get it from ay domain providers.

create a free wordpress blog

Else now WordPress also sells domains. It depends upon you how to get. Following are some of best Domain providers


WordPress is a content management system. However, if you create a WordPress blog, then it offers hosting services.

For big websites, it is advised to go for buying a hosting. Alternatively, you can choose other hosting service providers such as

WordPress account

Sign up on After creating a WordPress account, it’s time to install WordPress on your website.

Now, I think it’s time to start easy tutorial on how to create a free WordPress blog.


How to Install WordPress on Your Website?

After successfully creating an account on WordPress, it’s time to install WordPress content management system. Follow these steps to do the same.

create a free wordpress blog

Go to then log in using your credentials. In the home section, you will find Create Site button, you have to Click that button.

  • If you have used a hosting and domain, then there also you can get an option to install WordPress
  • Fill everything which is being asked. Give the name of your site and link your domain.
  • You can also do it after creating the site. Hover over the Dashboard to find the option for adding a domain. 

How to Customize Your WordPress Blog?

You can follow below given steps to start customizing your wordpress blog or change the appearance of your wordpress blog.

Choose Theme

There are numerous themes available in WordPress. Use them to make your blog look attractive. Here’s how you can choose a theme for your blog.

create a free wordpress blog

Go to your Dashboard (wp-admin) then expand the Appearance tab. You will find the ‘Theme’ option, click on it. A new pop-up will appear.

Now you have two ways to install a theme. The first way is to choose a theme from the list of themes available in the WordPress gallery.

Secondly, you can install a theme if you have purchased some theme or made yourself.

To do that, click on ‘Upload Theme’. Upload your theme’s ZIP file. Activate the theme and see the changes.

create a free wordpress blog

Following are some of the best theme shops for WordPress


Customize Theme

After you have set the theme. It’s now the time to customize it. You can make changes easily.

Just go to the Dashboard then Appearance then below Theme select customize.

create a free wordpress blog

The customization options are on the left-hand side. All the changes on your site will appear on the right-hand side.

Here, you can tweak many things, for example- header, footer, background, etc.

On the right-hand side, you can see a pencil icon in some places. They can be used to edit the respective element. 

Adding Posts

Let’s put our very first post on the blog on WordPress. Go to your Dashboard, Your Dashboard is a one-stop destination for all.

On the Dashboard select the Posts, you will see three options appearing. All options are self-explanatory. All posts option will show all of your posts.

create a free wordpress blog

Add New is used to create a new post in WordPress blog. Categories will display categories set for posts. Tags will show the various tags used in posts.

After clicking on ‘Add New’, WordPress post editor will appear. It is just like any word processing application.

Write everything or paste you want to post. You can easily use it to add images, videos, or embed links.

To add anything, whether a new paragraph, heading, or media, just click the ‘+’ icon above. It will add a new block.

Try out the things. Slowly you will get familiar with all. After writing the post, you have three options

Save as draft

Your post will not be published for everyone. It will be just saved in your posts list in draft section.


It will show you how your post will look when it is finally published but it is not live and it can’t be seen by any of your visitors. 


When, finally, your post is completed. Use it to make it live. Now, it can be seen by any visitor.


Adding Pages

The process of adding pages is the same as you added a post. Just go the Pages option from your Dashboard. It is below Posts and Media.

create a free wordpress blog

There you can see All Pages and options such as Add New, Tags, and Copy a page. When clicked on Add New, You will get an editor.

Just like you got while adding a post, Use it to create your blog’s pages. After creating the page, link all your pages.

For example, if you made an About Us page, then put a link on Homepage redirecting the user to the About Us page. 

Adding Plugins

Using Plugins, you can add various types of functionalities on your WordPress blog. On your Dashboard, find the Plugins option.

create a free wordpress blog

Click on it to work with plugins. Click on Add New button to add a plugin. WordPress plugin library has thousands of useful plugins.

Furthermore, you can upload more plugins if you want. 


So, by following these steps, create your first free blog using WordPress content management system.

WordPress has tons of features. Explore them and use them effectively. 

Today, blogging is a great source of income. People are generating millions using it. It’s upon you how much creative and determined you are towards your work.

Best of luck with your blog!



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