How to start a youtube channel, tips for beginners: How to get to the top of the content creator mountain? Whatever your goal is, whether that’s subscribers or financial goals or whatever your passion is the first thing you have to keep in mind before starting a YouTube channel that you are not going to get famous overnight.

Some people seem to think that they can post a video and it will get thousands of views. No! Your first few videos would probably get 1 or 2 views or 10 views. So just relax! You are not going to get super famous by posting 1 video or 2 videos. You have to just keep on going!

Your channel is a reflection of who you are and what you like. You don’t have to pick a specific genre but it’s helpful to know what the scope of your channel will be. Confidence is key when becoming a You tuber. This may not apply to all styles of channels but can be good when you are doing a voice-over or if you are speaking in front of the camera.

Tips to start a YouTube channel

Start before you are ready. Just get started. It’s so important not to wait for all the answers. First, you need to upload your own videos so you can have something for people to subscribe to.

And secondly, you need to learn what it takes to make compelling content that will get people to want to be going to your channel.

You are going to judge yourself

You are going to judge yourself because while filming your videos you are going to see your own face, listen to your own voice so there will probably be a lot of self-judgement but it will get better. You will get used to it. So be prepared. Love yourself!

Share your channel

Tell your friends, family about your YouTube channel. Those are gonna be your best supporters when you are just starting out. Think about putting links to your YouTube video, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

You need to let the world know that you are posting YouTube videos. Do this a lot. Do this everywhere. Talk about it all the time. Put some passion around your vision for YouTube.

People are going to make fun of you

One thing you need to know before getting into this is that people are going to make fun of you. All you really got to do is keep on going with YouTube. Do what you love!

Ignore hate comments

Trolls and constant hate can either ruin your day or you can make the best of it. Rather than getting offended, we must laugh at those comments.

Use compelling titles

You don’t want to be boring, right? One of the biggest sins you could commit as a You Tuber is to have boring titles. For most people who are starting from 0 views and 0 subscribers, compelling titles are very important because people are searching for you.

They don’t know you yet. Make the title interesting. Ask yourself “Would this headline work in a classified ad”.

Focus on a niche

If you are starting from a scratch you need to focus on a niche because it’s very powerful than having a general channel. The reality is if you try and reach everybody you are going to end up reaching nobody.


So you really want to define who your target audience is? Ask yourself “What are they interested in”? Start small in order to get big. It really takes some time. You need to think over this question “Why would people be interested in your content”?


Go to other people’s videos and comment. Go on social media, find the people that are interested in your type of content and interact with them. Comment back, reply back, answer questions.

Don’t just straight up ask for your subscribership or just promote your channel, add value some way. Go on channels and add valuable content and tips to the current conversation. Get into conversations with people.

Focus on the fundamentals

Focus on the fundamentals and the level of everything. You will certainly rise. Ask yourself “Are you doing the basic things or are you focusing on a good title or are you focusing on a good thumbnail or are you tagging your videos”?

Often times when people start, they discount things like tags, they are not properly letting YouTube know what is inside of their content. So, you have got to do this. Every YouTube success story starts with basics. Don’t just study fundamentals, work on them.

Content is king

Success on YouTube comes down to consistent, strategic, quality content. And one of the biggest tips is before you press record, do some research and preparation. Spend some time to YouTube search bar and look for video ideas.

Spend some time asking questions on Twitter or in the community. Look for hot topics that are trending and then plan your videos. That will improve the strength of your content. You will have to create quality content that would interest a large audience.

Create searchable content

Focus on creating searchable videos. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, so if they are interested in makeup, or cooking, or interior decoration or whatever it is, you want your videos to show up in those top search results. We call this ranking videos.

When you do that, it really will help your channel grow. Keep in mind, be patient. Great things take time, great things take work, a lot of work. Pace yourself, keep learning and keep uploading and you will grow.

Hook them with a YouTube trailer

Think about your favourite movie. Before it comes out, you are all excited. The movie company releases a trailer. They give you some of the best scenes from the movie so you are looking forward to when the movie comes out. You should do the same thing for your YouTube channel.

So you have your first time visitor going to your channel, go to the homepage of your channel; so they could click on it and they could see what channel is about. People need to know, they need to have a reason why they need to do. You cannot just ask people to subscribe to your channel because your videos are fantastic.

Why would they do it? So in your trailer tell them who you are, what the channel is about, how often you upload, why they should subscribe. The golden rule of making a captivating trailer is “show, don’t tell”.

With video as a medium, you can show your viewers what your channel is about instead of boring text or talk. Capture the mood and personality of your channel through movement, colour, and animation. Bring your own style.

Fall in love with your fans

One of the biggest mistakes a YouTuber make, they make videos that they want to make instead of making videos that your fans want. You look at the subscriber, you look at the thumbs up, you look at the views, and you look at the number. You think it’s just a digit.

It’s not just a digit. Behind this, there’s a person. There’s a human being with feelings, emotions and struggles. Never forget that. Don’t ever treat your fan like a digit.

Have a CTA(call to action)in your video

You have to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. Do you want them to share your video, do you want them to give you a thumbs-up, do you want them to comment below on your video.

You have to tell them exactly what to do. There are many ways you can insert a call to action. You can do it before, during or after. So, at the beginning of your video, you can say something, “if you are visiting my channel for the first time, make sure you hit the subscribe button”.

In the middle, you can say “hey if you like this video hit like”. And at the end of the video, you can say “Please like, share and subscribe to my channel”.  Your CTA might be something like:

  • Check out my videos to learn more
  • Click Subscribe to be the first to know more about news and updates
  • If you like this channel, don’t forget to tell your friends.
  • Long term consistency

You tubers give up too soon. They upload some videos, or they upload a dozen videos, and they are saying to themselves “no one is watching my videos”, “I am not getting enough views”, “no comments yet, why?” Don’t lose hope. You have to stay consistent. You have to think that this is a long term game.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there

This is something that may be the most important thing to remember when starting your YouTube channel. Some of them are scared of what others are going to think when they are putting themselves on the internet. Face this fear and be who you are and be transparent with your viewers.

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