Start a YouTube channel: YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. More than 300 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Many people became famous just because of YouTube. Today, on YouTube you will get video related to anything.

Just open YouTube, search, and play the video. Being a very famous platform for entertainment.

It also serves to be one of the best platforms for live streaming, educational purpose, marketing, and much more.

YouTube as a Career

YouTube became much popular after high-speed Internet became common. Now people prefer to watch online videos rather than downloading them.

So, it is a great time to join YouTube if you want to convey something using videos.

Who can be a YouTuber?

Anyone can become a YouTuber, just you need these:

  • The topic of your channel
  • Make videos consistently
  • Knowledge of Creator Studio
  • Proper tools and applications
  • Internet and a device to access it

We will cover all of them one by one. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about how to start a YouTube channel.

This article will tell everything about how to start a YouTube channel. Don’t miss any part, all the information present here is useful. 


Steps to start a YouTube channel

The process to start a YouTube channel just takes a few minutes. It’s not hard to start a channel on YouTube. Follow these steps one by one to create your own YouTube channel

Create Google account 

To start a YouTube channel you just need a Google Account. Sign up or create an account with Google and for that, you can visit google’s official website

If you already have a Gmail account then you can sign in to Google Account with proper credentials and then open YouTube.

Create a YouTube channel

On the YouTube home page, at the upper-right corner click on the logo of your Google Account.

A menu will appear, there click on the option Create a Channel to start a YouTube channel. Then another menu will pop up, press on getting Started.

Set the name and logo of your channel

After that, it asks you to set the Channel Name and logo. It is very important to have a unique Channel name and logo so that your subscribers can easily distinguish you.

Furthermore, it helps them to remember your channel. There are two ways to set the Channel Name and Logo.

First, it will automatically use the name and logo in your Google Account for the YouTube channel.

Second, if you want to have a custom name and logo. Choose whatever you want.

Customize your channel

Your YouTube channel is now active. Now, you can upload videos on your channel.

Before that, customize your channel and for that, go and Click on the Customise Channel option at the top right-hand side.

Add Channel Art, update the Channel description, and social media links. Make your channel look completely ready.

Then upload your first ever video. Also, verify the channel using your mobile number.

start a youtube channel


Tips to grow your YouTube channel

So, till now you have established your YouTube channel. Now, it is very important to grow your channel after you start a YouTube channel.

So, more people can watch your videos. More engagement, more views, more subscribers, and more money.

We have compiled valuable information and presented it over here. Following this advice will surely help you to reach your dream.

Use compelling titles

For most people who are starting from 0 views and 0 subscribers, compelling titles are very important because people are searching for good quality content

Compelling headings and titles help to engage more and more people for longer periods on a specific video.


Be unique in content-wise

To grow exponentially, it is necessary to create original and unique content.

If you are starting from scratch you need to focus on a niche because it’s very powerful than having a general channel.

Also, stick to one niche for your channel. It is important that you should be interested in that niche. Otherwise, you will surely get demotivated after some time.

To know what else can you do to make the video more interesting, you really need to define who your target audience is? Ask yourself What are they interested in? Or you can ask yourself as a viewer what you need in a video like that?

Start small in order to get big. It really takes some time. You need to think over this question “Why would people be interested in your content”?

Make the first ten videos of best quality

Take time and create the best quality videos. Give a good time in research and editing.

Make everything finest so that viewers are agitated to subscribe to the channel. Watch time also matters in the growth of the channel.

Hence, it is necessary to make content which the viewer will watch till the end and not leave in between.

When YouTube realizes that your videos are getting good views and engagement. It will automatically promote your channel in search results.

Be consistent and equally productive

In the initial phase, it is very much important to be consistent in terms of uploading a video.

Plan a schedule whether it will be daily or weekly. Stick to the schedule and start posting videos.

If somehow ever you are busy with other tasks then make some videos in advance.

Upload them as private and make them public when you want.

Search Engine Optimisation

In ranking any type of content whether video or article, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques play an important role.

It is the cheapest way to promote your content. No need to spend money on promotions, advertisements, etc.

Play with YouTube search algorithms to rank your videos.

Have you ever wondered, whenever you search something on YouTube why that particular video comes above in the result? That’s the game of SEO which you need to understand.

The title of the video plays the most important role. Hence, decide a title that is unique and has the main keywords.

The title should be informative as well, so that viewer gets assured that they have got what they were looking for.

Description and tags are also important. Write a brief detail about the video in the description. Put some important keywords in it. 

Use tags properly and efficiently. It is recommended to do a bit of research before deciding the tags. 

The engagement of your YouTube channel videos can be increased by using eye-catching thumbnails.

Don’t create false thumbnails and titles. This kind of practice will never yield good results.


Use social media platforms

Besides SEO, you have to do self-promotion to drive the initial traffic on to your videos.

Share your videos on Social Media Platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Tell your friends and relatives to share.

If possible then try to collaborate with some YouTubers. Also, try to get featured on other channels.

If you are connected with any social groups, share your videos there. You need to let the world know that you are posting YouTube videos.

Do this a lot. Do this everywhere. Talk about it all the time. Put some passion around your vision for YouTube.


Go to other people’s videos and comment. Go on social media, find the people that are interested in your type of content and interact with them. Comment back, reply back, answer questions.

Don’t just straight up ask for your subscribership or just promote your channel, add value some way.

Go on channels and add valuable content and tips to the current conversation. Get into conversations with people.

Ignore hate comments

Trolls and constant hate can either ruin your day or you can make the best of it.

Rather than getting offended, you must laugh at those comments and try to take something important from it which will help you to grow your channel.

Focus on the fundamentals

Focus on the fundamentals and you will certainly rise. Ask yourself Are you doing the basic things? are you focusing on a good title? or are you focusing on a good thumbnail? or are you tagging your videos”?

Often times when people start, they discontinue things like adding tags to videos, they are not properly letting YouTube know what is inside of their content. So, don’t forget to do this.

Every YouTube success story starts with basics. Don’t just study fundamentals, work on them.

Hook them with a YouTube trailer

Think about your favourite movie. Before it comes out, you are all excited. The movie company releases a trailer.

They give you some of the best scenes from the movie so you are looking forward to when the movie comes out. You should do the same thing for your YouTube channel.

Create and post a compelling trailer of your video so, your visitors could click on it and they could see what channel is all about.

In your trailer tell them who you are? what the channel is about? how often you upload? why they should subscribe?

The golden rule of making a captivating trailer is “show, don’t tell”.

With video as a medium, you can show your viewers what your channel is about instead of boring text or talk.

Capture the mood and personality of your channel through movement, colour, and animation. Bring your own style.

Fall in love with your fans

One of the biggest mistakes a YouTuber make, they make videos that they want to make instead of making videos that their fans want.

They look at the subscribers, thumbs up, views, and numbers and think it’s just a digit.

It’s not just a digit. Behind this, there’s a person. There’s a human being with feelings, emotions and struggles.

Never forget that. Don’t ever treat your fan like a digit.

Have a CTA (call to action) in your video

You have to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do.

Do you want them to share your video? Do you want them to give you a thumbs-up? or Do you want them to comment below on your video?

You have to tell them exactly what to do? There are many ways you can insert a call to action. You can do it before, during or after the video.

So, at the beginning of your video, you can say something, “if you are visiting my channel for the first time, make sure you hit the subscribe button”.

In the middle, you can say “hey if you like this video hit like”. And at the end of the video, you can say “Please like, share and subscribe to my channel”.  Your CTA might be something like:

  • Check out my videos to learn more
  • Click Subscribe to be the first to know more about news and updates
  • If you like this channel, don’t forget to tell your friends.
  • Long term consistency

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

This is something that may be the most important thing to remember when starting your YouTube channel.

Some of them are scared of what others are going to think when they are putting themselves on the internet.

Face this fear and be who you are and be transparent with your viewers.


start a youtube channel

Monetize your YouTube Channel

There are various ways through which you can earn money by making a YouTube channel. Start a YouTube channel, upload videos, and then follow these things.

Enable monetization

YouTube shows ads on your videos and pays you in return if your channel is monetization approved.

There are some criteria you need to fulfill in order to enable monetization. It depends on views and watch time.

There’s no fixed rate of the money you can earn. Different ads have different rates. The rate also depends on geographically. More views mean more money.

This line is not true always. You need to be patient in order to make a good income out of YouTube. Focus on your production quality.

Paid Promotions

Charge money to companies for promoting their products on your videos. It is a trending thing on YouTube after gaining a good count of subscribers.

You can also approach companies to feature their products in the videos. However, if your channel is big enough then companies directly contact you.


In YouTube live streaming, there is an option of super chat. A viewer can send money from his or her bank account directly to you.

Gamers who live stream on YouTube, make a great income from this. Furthermore, you can put different membership plans.

Learn about Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio is a one-stop destination for all your channel’s management. Using the Creator Studio you can,  

  • Customize the videos
  • See views, likes, dislikes, comments, watch time, etc
  • All type of analytics
  • Check monetization details
  • Tweak channel settings, and much more.

It is very easy to learn how to use the YouTube Creator Studio or YouTube Studio. Just try out all the things available.

This is a vital tool for any creator. For analyzing the channel and configuring it.

YouTube Content Copyright Policy

It is the one of the most important things that you should know about when starting YouTubing.

Learn about copyright policies and other video rules and regulations before you start a YouTube channel.

If YouTube finds you avoiding these, they will give you penalty strikes.

Multiple strikes can take your video down. Even your channel can be closed.

Therefore, it is important to know about them. Follow all the rules as described in CC (Content Copyright) policies.

If you want to use any content whether music or video which doesn’t belong to you then make sure you have proper permission to use that. Give credits to the original creator wherever possible.

There are many contents available which are Copyright Free. That means you can use them and no copyright strikes will be induced to you.

Sometimes, it is needed to give credits in the description in order to use it.

You can file a complaint if someone uses your content extensively without your permission.

However, there are some cases in which YouTube allows to use others content. You can find all details when you read about it.


Final words

This was all about how you can start a YouTube Channel of your own. Decide your niche and get started now.

If any problem, come back and read the article again. From beginning the channel to growing it and making money.

The article has covered everything. Along with the basics of Copyright policies and Creator Studio

We wish you the best of luck for your upcoming YouTube Channel. We hope you break all the existing records of creators.

Be patient in the beginning. Focus on the quality of your video. Take recommendations from others.

Implement them and upgrade your content quality. Consistency is also the key, never forget that.

Make engaging and unique content. 


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