Trying to date online? Here are some important tips for online dating site users: Online dating – a kind of process/system where you meet new people, who are totally unknown to you & then, after spending time with them online, you start getting to know them more & more, and start developing romantic connections & sexual relationships with them.

You do not need to go and meet them personally, until and unless you feel strongly for them & via online dating all you can do is to sit back in your room, have an internet connection  and a PC or laptop with you & can chat with them, do an audio or video call with them, or simply send them messages. This you can do using various online dating sites.

Nowadays, it becomes a social trend to initially date somebody online, and then meet them physically. But this trend is having both advantages & disadvantages.

And from keeping you away from facing the disadvantages, BronzeBucket is providing you with some important online dating site users tips because Prevention is always better than cure.

And we are adding few dating tips to turn your normal dating life into an amazing one.


Tips for the users

Put up your perfect profile photo

Maybe everyone will deny the fact that people do not go for looks, but its the ultimate truth of human behaviour that the first impression goes for the looks only.

So, try to give your perfect snap in camera & put a perfect profile photo on your profile.

Don’t get too specific about the unimportant things

Be unique and wrote a conversation starter. Don’t try to write a novel in your profile. Be up to the mark and add the least points but they should be interesting & amazing.

Avoid negativity

Do not give negative remarks to someone you are talking, or do not criticize any third person or thing, in front of the one you are talking with.

It may create a negative image of yours, in front of them which might harm your relationship with them.

Modesty is a turn off things

Honesty is the best policy.  Be honest & say what the truth is. Do not lie about anything such as age, height, weight or your likings or dislikings.

Maybe later, if they get to know the real truth, they will get hurt and deny your relation or might they will even stop talking with you.

Don’t stick to your wish list

While going through the profile of the other person, if there are some points missing which you are looking for in a person, don’t just swipe left.

Try to know them more, don’t judge on one go. Maybe you will like them. Do not just stick to your wish list.


tips for online dating

Don’t fall in lust with a photo

If you look at a photo of a hot girl or a cool boy, then don’t just start dating them in just one go. Try to know them before.

Try to know about their likings, dislikings and try to know whether you are comfortable with them or not.

Don’t expect too much

Do not expect too much from a person. You are new to them and they are new to you. Give them time and spend more time with them. Initially try to make them comfortable.

Don’t try to be sissy if you are not

Be as simple as you can. Because if you are looking for genuine love, then you won’t get it if you try to be sexy babes or a hotshot casanova.

Be as delightful as you can & as sweet as honey but don’t just to show off about the things.


Smiling is a perfect gesture to make someone feel comfortable with you. Smile to them and make them feel like they know you and you have known them since ages.

This will blossom your beginning with them.


List your hobbies

List your hobbies in a very unique style. Jot down them into your profile in such a way that the other person will feel a sense of life in you and feel attracted towards you. Don just write, to define.

Some proven facts about online dating sites

  • Online dating saves money. Almost every person can save an average of INR 20,000 while dating online.
  • Couples who meet through some online sites are less likely to get divorced.
  • About 45% of women consult with their friends while talking to a man, online.
  • The woman who drinks receives more messages from the man than the woman who doesn’t drink.
  • Around 2 out of 3 people who date online, will never go the real dates with the same person, they are dating online for a while.
  • How come the so-called algorithms will predict whether the two persons are compatible with each other or not. This is a lie.
  • Class is the most important factor for the people who date online.
  • Most of the men do not read the profiles of women, they just directly look at the profile pictures & ping them.
  • Around 85% of the people lie about their physical features such as weight, height, colour or age on these online profiles.
  • Online dating has become more popular in adults under 25 age & in those also, who are in their late 50s and early 60’s.
  • Tinder,, and OKCupid are all owned by the same umbrella company.
  • Surveys showed that Italian restaurants are the most preferred restaurants for the first dates.
  • AGE is one of the most important factors for the people to look for, in an online dating profile.
  • About 15% of the people from the world, use an online dating site for finding love.
  • Every day in this whole world, around 3 million first dates happen.
  • Chinese people use online dating sites, the most.
  • 1 out of 10 persons, deleted their online dating profile within 3 months.
  • According to a survey, women lie less than a man, on an online dating site.
  • On an online dating site, men tend to lie the most about how many partners they had in the past.

Hope you will like our tips & Bronze bucket wishes you all the very best for your online dating life.


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