Motivation makes you attain a certain thing that you had aimed for. The driving force to achieve the goal is most important for all. The ability to look beyond countless challenges and add effort to achieve the milestone is the motivation.

Motivation – What is not is What We know

The motivation is not completing the task day in and day out as per the checklist. It is a commonly used word these days to achieve something which is seen as worthwhile by others. Motivation leads to success – no doubt, but how we define success matters the most in the context of motivation.

Motivation Vs Success

Motivation and Success are interrelated factors. Success is the substance; motivation is the form over it. This is the nature of motivation. It is imperative for anyone to find the substance and build motivation around it. You can identify the success factor; how do you connect the success to yourself is of prime importance to get motivated.

Define Success – Motivation is on the way

There are many reasons for you to not to achieve the one you wanted. It is for sure not the motivation factor which causes the hamper, it is absolutely not the drive that you don’t have, it of course not having the ability or the talent or the energy which stops you from attaining it.

It is way deeper as we think, it is the success factor that you have decided for yourself that makes the difference. The difference between a person who cannot achieve and who has achieved is, he knows what he wants, and the pathway is clear for him.

Once the goal or the aim or the success factor is defined with clarity, you will not miss your target. This breeds motivation in you, the first blood needs to be drawn. What is your success factor? What is that you truly need? and What is that one thing you are aiming at? Nature of Motivation is pure science.

Let’s reiterate once again in a snapshot

  • Know what you want – Clarity leads to Power
  • Ability or talent does not matter for not achieving anything
  • Connect success to yourself and not as an attention-seeking method
  • Define Success for Yourself and Connect it emotionally
  • Knowing What is Motivation
  • Motivation automatically breeds in the process


Absolute Feelings Motivate Oneself

Motivation revolves around emotions all the time. The meaning of motives is emotion. The emotion is a powerful factor which drives you to get things done the way it has to be done.

The success factor must breed from the painful instances of your life. What is that painful event which you wish you could have changed? What is that painful situation you never wanted to land in again?

Motivation Mantra – Motivation in Organisational Behaviour

Analyzing the pain point of life will open the doors of opportunities you want to create. Feeling the pain of the past will offer you the concrete goal you want to achieve. The powerful mantra in the aspect of motivation is “Emotions = Action = Success“.

Absolute Purpose

Why you need as to what you need sets the right tone for your success factor. The strongest emotion connected to not doing things you want to change, is the motivation that you require at any point in time. This emotion drives you to work towards the destination without skipping any.

Relating the success factor to the previous column, it is a must to connect the success factor close to your heart. The brain shall find ways to achieve it. It is absolutely not the other way around. Connecting emotional factors to the brain and making the heart work for it is counterproductive. This brings the classification of motives in psychology.

Your goal can be anything that brings positive outcome to you and your surroundings. It must give a strong answer as to why you need this. It must induce the heart to tell you that you must need it at any cost. Once this happens, nothing can stop you.

Let’s reiterate once again in a snapshot

  • Success Factor must germinate from painful events that you do not want to recur
  • Success Factor must be functioning from the heart
  • Emotion is the best driving force to success
  • Emotions drive Enthusiasm
  • Necessity is what do you understand by motivation


Sustainability Challenges in Motivation

Motivation begins from within. As we saw earlier, the emotional connect to the goal will drive you to work towards glory. This is not all, sustaining the motivation is major factor to be considered and worked on.

Fundamental Problem of Sustainability

Lot of people start working on something knowing that they want it and lose the drive in the mid-way and quit. There can be many reasons behind it, as in we can quote it as external factors. But the truth is there is no external factor that can hamper the motivation. It is sheer internal aspects, and this is the motivation nature.

The internal aspects are more important to sustain motivation throughout. Right from the time that we choose our goal till the moment we achieve it, diligence and reality need to be understood.

Let us analyze, understand and act on every inch of the goal attainment process with thorough motivation. First up, the major factor for many to lose motivation in the middle is – The goal decided does not create enthusiasm.

It is common, have you ever observed yourself when you graduate to next level in school? say 4th class to 5th class or 8th class to 9th class. What we wanted was, study well, get good marks in the upcoming year. We set up things in such a way that we will have our time table set for studying, at times the motivation comes from parents too.

You may get the new uniform, which you will feel like the rock star of the school. Adding to it, the aim of scoring high that year will add to your enthusiasm.

Magnanimous Mistakes

This drive drops in the very first month. We stop following the time table that we set for ourselves. We feel the new dress has faded its way to be called new. The exams approached and we score decent but not excellent marks. Why does this happen?

1. We Do Not Have Clarity as to What We Want

Good Marks are a good approach but what marks are good is we failed to define. Study well is a noble thought, but what is considered studying well is something that we did not think about.

As in our case, we have defined the goal wrong as we failed to see the need in the longer run. It did not create enthusiasm in the longer run.

2. No Plans Made, or Substandard Plans made Based on Convenience

The goal which is set needs a plan of action to complete it. You cannot define a goal that you want to achieve for a lifetime. There must be a proper timeline for every part of the goal to be achieved.

What is the sequence to be followed, what are all the measures to be taken, what support do we need in achieving the goal, nothing on this accord is thought about? This mistake will never give you the drive to achieve something.

3. Plans not Diligently Followed

This is an issue because of a lack of motivation. This is also because of the fact that the plans that we make are jam-packed that we do not have time to see the external world.

So, what happens is, once any distraction of events happens, we will skip the plan made already. This becomes a habit and shall hamper the entire plan of action eventually make us quit. All work no play makes john a dull boy.

4. Not Tracking the Progress

Once the goal is set, we must know how far we have achieved it. This is an important process in sustaining motivation. The major difficulty among many people is, we fail to inform ourselves as to where we stand in front of the achievement.

If reading a book is an achievement (for example’s sake) – we must know how much we have completed in what amount of time. This mistake costs us to drift away from the original goal and start searching for something else which is unworthy. Not knowing where we are is a disaster to motivation.

These 4 aspects mentioned are strong reasons for anyone to lose motivation half way and quit the goal that they have chosen for themselves.

Let’s reiterate once again in a snapshot

  • Motivation is purely internal
  • Decide the Goal which makes you feel energetic all the time
  • We lose enthusiasm and motivation in the goal achieving process because
  • We do not know what we want
  • No Plans made to achieve the goal
  • Plans are not executed
  • Progress is not tracked


Make your Motivation Blue Print

We shall deeply analyze and act on how to avoid the mistakes seen in the previous column. As said earlier we must look deep in ourselves to identify the answers. The action step given below shall give you an exercise to follow. This can help you maintain motivation throughout.

If the motivation has to sustain throughout and to reach glory there are certain things to be done diligently. In fact, nature of motivation pdf is the process takes you to the peak performance level If done the right way.

Choose the Right Goal

This is the fundamental aspect of gaining momentum all the while. We must understand that as a goal, we must not aim for all. This will lead to fatigue, not that we cannot achieve, wanting of all leads to confusion.

Which one to begin first, which one to do next. More of it all, if one activity is boring, we may shift to the other one and ignore the previous one.

So to identify the right goal to sustain motivation – follow the steps given below

1.Write 10 things that gave you a lot of pain in the past – Analyze those situations which has brought a lot of shame in front of many people. Analyze those things which has made you feel ridiculed.
2.Against each of the 10 situations add the main reason as to why that happened. Stop thinking at blaming others, connect yourself and see what is that one thing in you that could have changed the entire scenario to your favor or your liking.
3.Now the focus is on all the 10 reasons that is quoted in the paper. Connect all the 10 reasons, if there are same reasons for 2 or 3 situations, still connect it and see what it can bring as a change in all the situations.
4.Visualize the outcome if you have all the 10 right things happened for all the situations.
5.A Goal emerges in front of you as a package of things that you need to avoid in future.
6.Striving to be that person with all those good qualities and virtues is the goal you will set for yourself; it can be materialistic too.


Define and Plan to Achieve the Goal

This is the most important step in the motivational process. The goal in front of you is a chunk of a lot of things. Connecting and making it one solid objective will help sustain the motivation in the longer run. Defining the goal has a few steps to be followed,

1.Write a goal statement that connects all of it and makes a good sense of meaning. Ex, I prefer to become a world-class public speaker, in the field of astrology and metaphysics. In the process, I would practice money management on a day-to-day basis to become wealthy. The above mentioned is an example. You can attempt your own ways to write the goal statement.
2.Once the goal statement is completed, mention the timeline by which you would like to achieve every part of the goal. Divide the goal into equal sizeable chunks of your choice and mention the time frame ( make it realistic timeframe ) against it.
3.Identify areas of your goal which you need support, assistance or anything of the like. This will ensure you to identify the coaching areas to overcome that particular challenge. This can also be a financial support for starting something or a weight loss recipe which you would want to know how to cook. Once the support functionality is found, mention it against the areas of improvement.

Sketch out weekly, monthly plans to complete it.

Tracking the Progress

This ensures that the goal is intact. The weekly and monthly plan sketched out need to be cross verified with the completion of the tasks. This helps you to track the progress. More importantly, the feel-good factor shall bring you more enthusiasm towards the process.

Reverifying the Goal Statement on a Regular Basis

Please keep your mind informed about the goal you want to achieve. Have the pain chart with you which you had prepared. Take a look at that. This will help you regain strength to achieve it with more rigor.

On following these steps, you are emotionally connected to the goal which clears out dust out of motivation. You shall stay motivated throughout with this plan.


Tips that can Add Value

There are situations in life that may beat you. The environment is more powerful than humans. You may lose the meaning of motivation in life. There are certain psychological tips given below which you may follow it regularly to find maximum results.

Change Your Belief System: Yes, change it from negative thoughts to positive ones. Work on self-talking to be more productive and positive.

Watch, Read, Listen to the Success Stories: This will inspire you to work more. You can do this while you drive to office or working out or at any time that is convenient for you.

Listen to Music: The Power of Music shall play a vital role in motivating self. Have the headphones on for your ease and start working towards glory.

Sharpen Your Axe: Get skilled in the areas which you feel you are not good.

Take Time for Yourself: Schedule a break time for you every day and week. This shall rejuvenate for the upcoming tasks.

Final Words

Motivation is an internal process. What you sow is what you reap. There may be many issues lying deep in your mind. This can hamper the process of motivation. This needs expert help as well. However, digging deep and knowing yourself shall create a powerful enlightened path in front of you.­

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