It will be a great idea to visit beautiful places to explore Kerala because it is God’s own country. The bluish Arabian Sea in the West and the ever-green Western Ghat in the east have kept Kerala pleasing throughout the year. An anecdote goes that Lord Parshuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, picked up Kerala from the sea and gifted it to his near and dear ones.

Every day’s busy life makes us distressed and tired.  So, we need rest sometimes. We need to spend some relaxed time in the proximity of nature. And if we want to do so, nothing is better than visiting places in Kerala.

Life And Attractions In Kerala

Human life is short. So, it is unwise to keep ourselves confined to our limited periphery. The world always invites us to enjoy her beauty, hidden in every nook and corner. Then, plan a tour, and if you plan a tour, plan to visit the places in Kerala.

Kerala is famous for its old forts, cities, temples, backwaters, cashew, spices, and handlooms. Trivandrum, Alleppey, Kovalam beach, Quilon, Varkala, Kottayam, Kochin, Ernakulum Calicut, Trichur are the most famous places to visit in Kerala.

The Keralite people also are soft and helpful. Perhaps the environment has gifted them this soft nature. One may find here plenty of peace and love. People of all religions live here under one umbrella. So, you will find here the co-existence of Temples. Churches and Mosques.


Best Tourist Place To Visit In Kerala

Most of the places may be counted as must-visit places in Kerala. So, enjoy the beauty of the Kerala tourism places.  There are abundant visiting places in Kerala that will mesmerize you. Just plan a trip and go for an adventure with a backpack. These beautiful places in Kerala may be your destination.


places to visit in kerala

Trivandrum is not only the capital of Kerala, also, one of the best tourist places in Kerala. Tribundram or Tirubanantpuram is built upon the hills among beautiful natural beauty like Rome. An anecdote is there that Parashuram and incarnation of Lord Vishnu picked up the state of Kerala from the sea and gifted it to his near and dear ones.

The modern planned homesteads and the flower gardens have enhanced the beauty of the city. The capital city is an amazing mixture of traditional heritage and modernity.

The main attraction of Tribundram is the Padmanabhaswamy temple. The temple has a mention in Bhagwad Gita. The temple is a symbol of Dravidian-style architecture. The temple is built up of granite stone and its verandah is situated on 368 pillars. People of different interests can visit the temple from their own perspectives. 

Historians get interested from a historical perspective; an architecture visits its architecture and a religious man pays his tribute to Swamy Padmanabhan. Trains from Chennai to Trivandrum are easily available. Two days are enough for sightseeing. Taxis are available for movement.


placs to visit in kerala

Alleppey is a beautiful place in Kerala. Alleppey is well-known for its backwater. People also call it the capital of backwater. It is “the Venice of East”. I think the best place to visit Kerala is Alleppey. Because the backwater is so calm and still that you will be spellbound.

Sailing through the backwater slowly in between the abundant granaries and coconut groves on the two shores gives heavenly peace. And if once you head for Kerala, do it during late June or early July. Because this time the famous Snake Boat Race is held in Champakkulam Moolam, about 25 kilometers away from Alleppey.

Don’t get frightened. No real snake is involved in the race. It is the boat or canoes that are snake-shaped. But this race is very exciting and people from all over Kerala and even foreign tourists pour down to enjoy it.

All kinds of communications like air, train, taxi and bus are available. Taxi services are reliable and hassle-free.  It is also not costly. There are many resorts for tourists. Even you can stay in houseboats. Recently houseboats with cozy sitting arrangements, ACs, LED TV, hot water are available. Two-three days may be spent like a dream.

Kovalam Beach

places to visit in kerala

This world-famous beach is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. For those who like seclusion and solitariness, Kovalam beach is their favourite place. Three adjacent semi-circular beaches have formed Kovalam beach. It is a Tourist’s favourite beach since 1930. The ocean is calm here. 

The ocean is oval-shaped here, and very calm. Due to the calmness of the sea, it has been a popular sea-bathing place. Its distance from the capital of Trivandrum is only fourteen kilometers. and is well communicated by bus and taxi. 


places to visit in kerala

How can I describe Kochin?  In short, the best, I can say, it is the beauty spot of beautiful Kerala. People fondly call it the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. It is a famous port. The city was founded by the British. 

Even Chinese people had a business relationship with this port city. China’s fishing net is a contribution to the Keralite fishing system. Consider Kochin as a Kerala visiting place.

You will go to see the tourist places in Kerala, and not to the Vasco De Gama church, is unimaginable. When one goes to the church, he is bound to be mesmerized in history.

When no route of the journey except sailing through the ocean, were available, one Mr. Vasco-De-Gama arrived in India from far Portugal.  People say when he died here, was buried in this church.



places to visit in kerala

Munnar is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kerala. This is the top station having little chance to view human settlements. Situated 600 feet above sea level, the place will make you feel like you are on top of the world, literally.

Echo Point, as the name suggests is known for the unique echoing wonder – that is, if you shriek anything into the valley, you will hear it back. You can see people screaming like children as if to attract the people of the world. 

The Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are housed here. Nilgiri Tahrs, Golden Jackals, Elephants, dusky palm squirrels, the red-necked mongoose is the house in Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.


places to visit in kerala

To get rid of the scorching sun, one can flee to this place. Along with cool temperature, it gives untouched woods, mountains, and long-spread plantations. People call it India’s spice garden.

Vast groves of various aromatic spices like cardamom, Black pepper, Star Anise, are grown here. All aromas of these scented spices mix and are more enriched with coffee fragrance and give this place a different fragrance.


Situated by the side of Astamudi lake, Quilon is a tourist center. It is a commercial city. This lake has eight channels.  Hence its name is Astamudi. Ashtamudi is the entryway to the backwaters of Kerala.

Quilon is reputed for its Cashew and coir. Both the sources provide major employment to the people in rural areas. It is the center of the cashew trading business. The rural females of Quilon, peel and sort cashews by hand. It is a way for their livelihood.


Kannur has much importance in the state of Kerala. The place is bestowed with plentiful natural beauty. Kannur is famous for its handloom and textile industries. It is blessed with beautiful beaches on the one hand and beautiful hills on the other.

The handloom and textile industries of Kannur are very popular and have demand. The beautiful clothes and sarees that we buy as souvenirs from Kerala, a lot of them are produced in Kannur.

The Santa Cruz Basilica

The Santa Cruz Basilica is an ancient church built by Portuguese invaders. It is near the Fort Kochi and situated on the Santa Cruz road, Fort Kochi in Kochi district.

The Dutch did not attack the church so that it holds more pride over any other churches around Kochi. The Church was declared as Basilica in 1984 by John Paul II. The church is a remarkable bright, whitewashed exterior and a pastel-colored interior.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is only two kilometers away from Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It occupies a Guinness Book of World Record for holding the largest gathering of women for religious activities. This is another sacred place of worship in Thiruvananthapuram.

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple

Tourists coming for Kerala sightseeing must-visit Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple is situated in the heart of the city of Trivandrum. This temple has 32 sculptures of Lord Ganesha. The temple was made for worship for the Travancore Army.

Before beginning any auspicious work, devotees gather this temple to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha. They break cocoanut before lord Ganesha.


Kerala Point of Interest

The Keralites are too much pious. So, temples are found in large numbers. Also, religious celebrations are held throughout the year. You can go out for enjoying the Kerala places and their famous celebrations such as Onam in August -September and the Tiruvatthi in December-January.

Snake Boat Race is held in late June or early July. Kerala is famous for its dance Kathakali, Atam, Mohini. It has a rich contribution to Karnataki Song. Keralan people use eco-friendly materials for their crafts.

They prepare beautiful products from coir and bamboo. Kerala’s Ivory Works, carvings on Sandalwood, wooden toys Kathakali Masks, are mentionable.                                           

Things to see in Kerala

Kerala of late has been the Ayurvedic treatment destination. It is not only a beauty treatment. A lot of spas are scattered throughout Kerala. They love and respect the Ayurvedic treatment. A visit to the SPA may be useful if anybody has low back pain, arthritis, etc.

If traveling with the family and kids, then must visit the museum. It will be one of the best visit places in Kerala for you. Another tip to give surprise to your near dear ones.

You pre-plan to visit the Periyar National Park but do not close it to the family. Give a surprise them by making them ride on the elephants. They will feel like kings and will carry this sweet memory life-long.

Oh! yes when you visit any tourist places in Kerala, don’t forget to shop for spices and cashews from Kovalam beach and Quilon. Because these are the best spices, cashews tea, and coir handicrafts. 

Triveni Floating Market

Another unforgettable thing to see in Kerala is Triveni Floating Market. Visiting the Triveni Floating Market is an exquisite experience.

When the colorful boats with colorful fruits, vegetables cosmetics float on the water, it is a beautiful scene. It is one of the cheapest market places to visit in Kerala. Everything of daily necessities is available here.


Final Words

As you start to visit the places in Kerala, it will unfold nature’s picturesque beauty. The tall cocoanut groves swing their heads as if to welcome to their state. The enchantment you will gain will exceed your expectation. 

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