Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to a process of increasing the online visibility of a particular web page or a website in the search results of an online search engine. These search results are always organic, i.e. not – paid. There are many important functions of SEO but the primary function is to make any website frequently appear in the result list of any search engine.

It can accumulate the maximum number of visitors who may later turn themselves into the customers of that particular website. The SEO is targeting various kinds of search such as academic search, image search, news search, video search, etc.


One thing to keep in mind is that when two different people run the same Google search then the exact same results show so why does that happen? This is known as the process called the same search engine results page or SERP.

Therefore, it is pertinent to note what shows up when you enter your company name on Google search. It could be web pages, or shopping portals, news, maps, websites of government agencies, Wikipedia pages or blogs. That is not all. SEO is like a report card of how well your company is doing.


SEO and Technology

You would start seeing SEO as a significant technological advancement when you come to know things that SEO can tell you. These things are if the page of your website is getting redirected or if robots are seeing your website.

If your company wants to take into account robot files for SEO then remember that the robot file tells which pages to index and show to the end user or the consumer. This is beneficial for both the privacy of the website and for the SEO.

Meta Title and Meta Description

The other aspects of SEO, Meta descriptions, and Meta titles are also critical. A Meta title is like a heading or a catchphrase that attracts your customers or viewers, and a Meta description is a small introduction of your business.

SEO functions


To give an example, if you are a jewelry company online and you wish to tell the customers and viewers about your company, you have to provide a paragraph that should be a certain number of words and a specific number of characters to describe your business. This is also an essential part of SEO, and website owners make sure this SEO is in place.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mostly focuses on both national as well as international searches related to web pages or websites.

These internet marketing strategies prove to be very useful for the websites or web pages as they optimize the entire web page or website by adding or editing content, conducting coding and decoding, HTML programming, etc.

As a result, the particular site gets promoted with the help of the SEO and is considered to be one of the best ways for the improvement of the rankings in the various search engines.

Moreover, they also help a website or a web page to increase its efficiency as well as quality by making it easier and much faster for navigation through the medium of user–friendly techniques. There are various rules, regulations, and procedures for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO Doctor

If your SEO needs checking, then there are SEO companies or SEO doctors that would give you services such as making it convenient for buyers to reach your product, telling you where you should sell your goods and services such as on an online marketplace, retail or the social media.

Unbelievably, now SEO also means online store design, which currency the shop accepts, the news display banner about what products are coming soon, and display of product reviews. This gives your website some eye-catching and functional elements. Let us see some SEO functions and benefits.


Functions of SEO

SEO is considered to be one of the best internet marketing strategies for the optimisation and benefits of various websites and web pages. Given below are some of the most significant functions of SEO.

Research on Keywords

Let us focus on SEO functions. Better research on the keywords is one of the best tactics used by SEO for the optimisation of websites and web pages.

This kind of research helps in the identification of all the themes and topics which are being searched by the customers or audiences.

If you wish to be known for a particular service, then make a list of all services you want to be known for and then make related keywords.

Optimisation of the Pages

Optimisation is very much necessary for the various web pages and websites as this helps the various search engines in understanding the related content.

This is because the researched keywords help the users in finding those kinds of content which are related to their search.

URL Decision

Your website title should have a keyword, and the URL makes an impact more than you can imagine so keep it short and crisp.


To make sure that the buyers feel your website is up and running, you should add modifiers in the content such as the term for the running year, ‘2019’.

With this, the viewers and buyers know that you upgraded your website in 2019 and you are selling the latest goods and services

Technical Level of Optimisation

The SEO is always technical which involve everything which tends to happen behind the scenes which are set up for the optimal level of rankings.

The most crucial goal of professional optimisation is ensuring that a particular website or web page allows a search engine to index as well as every piece of content on any specific site.

Technical SEO is when you make sure that there are web links of your website on other websites, and that brings traffic to your website.

Another brilliant example of technical SEO is that when your site is called, then your URL is both and

As far as a search engine is concerned, it would take both URLs as different, see duplicity and lower your website’s web ranking, so that is the job of the technical level of optimisation to make sure that this duplicity does not take place.

Building of Links

There are various kinds of studies which have shown that the multiple inbound links are incredibly critical for the high rankings related to numerous websites and web pages.

Although the building of links is considered to be a complicated process, this process is considered to be extremely necessary for the benefit of various sites.

Inbound links could come from directories such as the Yahoo directory, press releases which the content writers write, directories of articles such as Ezine directory which has so many articles written on all topics.

You could also get backlinks and inbound links from social bookmarking from websites such as Reddit which has a whole system of news, and if you are popular on Reddit, you are a long way ahead of sites that do not work with Reddit. Not just that, on Reddit you could compare which keywords are better for the website.

SEO functions


Promotion of Content

SEO is one of the best tactics for the development of the materials related to the websites or web pages without any expenses. To promote your content, you could hire social influencers.

For instance, if there is an online company that sells pet products and the company sees an Instagram famous person writing about pets and dogs on their page, then the company should partner with the Instagram famous individual and make the individual, a social media influencer with your company.

The social media influencer becomes very important if they have their audience which they bring to the table, and thus the social media influence comes with their expertise and with their audience, and they could popularize the brand and help the brand sell goods.

Help of Internal Linking

Internal linking helps the various search engines and their users to navigate around multiple websites and assists in spreading the equity of links between the numerous pages. It also helps the customers and audience in finding the countless contents which are convenient for them.

Benefits of the SEO

There are various functions of SEO that provides a variety of great benefits to users. The following are some of the apparent.

Cost-effective Strategies

These marketing strategies help in targeting those users who tend to look for any specific product or service related to any website or web page. It also helps them to save lots of their money wasting on online promotion for their products and services.

If you want to know how much SEO costs, then the answer is $130 per hour maximum for an hour, and for the whole project, it may cost $5000 maximum.

There is also something like pay for performance in SEO, so if your website does not rank better after the SEO, it is possible for you to deny payment for the full SEO service.

Increased Utility of the Sites

The SEO makes it easy for the users to navigate through the various web sites or web pages conveniently and comfortably. As a result, more and the number of viewers and customers would be able to access these sites.

In the times of advertising, SEO is a very cheap method to make the utility of the website better. This means that if you search for New York weather, the page would directly tell you the weather in SERP without first you have to go to the weather forecast page.


Awareness of the Brand

These internet marketing strategies help the websites and web pages to be at the top list of the search of any user on the internet. It also helps the various brands to get associated with the users.

Not only should your website attract traffic, but there should be traffic on your Twitter page, your images that relate to the brand, personalized emails, and on maps so that if you have a local business, then instead of going to your web page, the customer can directly reach your local business address.

An example is that if you have a tarot business and you have a business website, then a customer should be able to find your local address to get tarot done instead of just reaching your website, the customer should be able to contact you, gets his tarot reading done, and pay you.

The Increased Amount of Traffic

Various functions of SEO provide great benefits to help the websites, as well as web pages to get a maximum number of clicks through the medium of the SEO. Increased traffic helps various sites to gain more attention from multiple customers and audiences.

It is not as easy as it sounds. If you sell cars, then all car seekers would not come to your website because there are 1000s of car sellers. Therefore, the long-tail keywords come into play.

An example of long tail keywords is ‘Used Car Dealers‘. Thus there is a high chance that used car seekers come looking for the cars that you are selling.



Thus, We have seen the above important functions and benefits of SEO and is considered to be one of the most crucial online marketing strategies for the promotion of various websites or web pages.

That is why the majority of these sites prefer to make use of these online marketing strategies to promote their products as well. These effective marketing strategies help in better promotion as well as the growth of the businesses.

The different agencies related to the SEOs can track every aspect of the multiple strategies such as an increase in the number of rankings, conversions, and rankings.

Thus, SEO is the best way to promote growth and develop various businesses related to multiple numbers of websites or web pages.

Moreover, the users also find it convenient and easy to find the products and services which are related to their own needs or requirements.

Thus, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an effective and useful strategy not only for the various web pages and websites but also for the multiple users or audiences who are in search of numerous products or services on the internet.

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