Srilanka, the place of beauty: The travel historians thought, and they thought, and they thought and realized that Europe is a bit too expensive, Thailand too mainstream, and the US too uncompromising so they decided that the place of beauty in 2019 would be Srilanka for all its natural treasure troves.

There is history in Srilanka, and each step you take is in beautiful natural bliss. Hire a good cab through one of the most well-known tours making websites, and find a driver who can guide you around, who knows the language as dialect might become a problem, and get to see the currency exchange rates, and you will be surprised to know that the country is not at all expensive.

You will take back memories of a lifetime in the form of souvenirs. It is bound to bring back brilliant flashes of you sitting on a hammock taking in the sun and sand.

Facts about Sri Lanka

“Déjà Vu”

Once you take a six-day five nights trip to the place, you would not feel like leaving at all. When you are back home to wherever you came from, you would sometimes experience a feeling of déjà vu that you were still set in that green country of Srilanka.

One city place that anyone would suggest is Nuwara Eliya. There is modernity in there such as golf courses, and the whole area is scenic abundance.

The Animal Kingdom of Srilanka

The next city place is Kandy where there are pure water waterfalls galore. The heartwarming thing which really would capture your heart is the elephant orphanage. One can take a ride there on the elephant back, and the little height of that would win your spirit.

One can get clicked with the elephants as well, and you can feed them. One would get a rare opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitat where they breed, eat and work. Yes, these animals very much work, and tourists are delighted to see that this taxidermy still has tusks.

If you are a true animal lover, then you would also like a visit to the turtle hatchery where you can handle the turtles which are barely two to one day old. However, treat them with care as they die of the slightest mishandling.

You can also take many a picture with these little ones, and some bigger ones too. There is also fishes in gold and another colour. Wildlife is Srilanka passion.

Nature and Water Surfing

Regarding natural beauty and otherwise, the country is one of the most beautiful across the world. One more thing which is not to miss is water surfing. Not just that, one can go for a boat ride where the reptiles and crocodiles would be swimming alongside you, and the trees would be calling out and waving to you.


Religions of Srilanka

The place has three central beliefs which are Buddhism, Islam, and one own Srilanka religion known as Sinhalese. The site does have a religious vibe to it. You would find a Buddha statue everywhere you go.

Peace is radiated over there. The area is known for its biodiversity and is known as the UNESCO heritage site; you can witness sunsets and rises like never before from all the points and from where what is called the viewpoints.

The name Ceylon rings a historic bell. The peace that one finds in this place is too thick and beautiful to describe in words.

Beaches of Srilanka

The beaches are clean and are called golden beaches. You would find Polish people also living it up over there without being surrounded by any miscreant. The beach ends in greens with a variety of flora, and bird species.

An example would be the flamingos. It has all forms of nature. There are hills alongside beaches where one would find the tea gardens, and the place is all lush.

srilanka place of beauty

The seashells you would see there are lovely, and because the beach is so clean, one would see that the seashells are beautiful and more so than anywhere else in the world.

The beauty of these forest greens is transcendental. If someone is lucky, he or she would find and spot a lion.



The food is plentiful, and seafood would be your best bet.

Gemstones and Wood Carving

It is an island of gems, and the yellow and blue sapphire are rare from this place. The Srilanka people would tell you the mining process, and it is at least fascinating if not more.

It is a unique, risky profession. The related business is silk farming from here, and Srilanka women dress up in sarees in a different fashion than found in the world elsewhere.

That makes them look dignified, and beautiful at the same time. These women are charming ladies. Then come the wood carvings format of work.

The most favourite thing I saw and which maybe should be quoted is the horse carvings in a pair of three, and the artisans and the craftsmen do such an unbelievable job at it. Everyone is bound to be mesmerized.


If you are the temple types, you will find the Temple of the tooth relic very fascinating, and the reason is that there is one of Buddha’s teeth said to be found there.


Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

The favourite city would be Nuwara Eliya which is famous because it looks like, and is named little England. Everywhere you can see, you would find tree plantations.

The rural Srilanka is mesmerizingly green and beautiful. The beauty is impossible. The people are equally impressive.

One fascinating thing which one should never miss is the Ayurveda and herbal medicines such as oils and Aloe Vera which smell nothing short of heaven.

The prices might seem high at first, but when you convert them to the local currency of your own country, you will find that you are being benefitted, and not cheated.

One would not be exaggerating when one makes a finding that true class cinnamon is only found here. Herbs from here are also the most authentic, and best regarding healing.

All the farm products are equally authentic, and they smell so different and have such real quality that even one application would cure, and clean.

The place is so spic and spans that when you find one odd murky lake, you feel fascinated. The rivers are all flowing under bridges, and it calms you and soothes you to a large extent.

If one is in a mood to witness something unusual, then they can go to the snake farm where the species are venomous and would make for an excellent adventure.

When one visits the Botanical gardens, one will find that the species enchant you, and there are just so many species that one cannot ever identify them all.

Having a cuppa of tea in the midst of the place in a small restaurant would leave you invigorated, and from there you would be able to purchase photo books about Srilanka, and photo postcards.


Tuk Tuks to Conclude

We all have travelled using trains, cars, and cabs, but once in a while we all should step down and take a tuk-tuk ride, and see lamp posts lighting statues.

The air is so clean that you would never want to stop inhaling, and the waves would beckon you to peace, glory, and safety.

The place is also the place of the spa, and one would not find a lesser expensive and better kind of bath than anywhere else in the world, and the message would rekindle your whole feel.

If I had to pick two cities in this beautiful place, it would be Kandy and Ella. When you do not want to do anything more or anything less then go fishing and engage with the locals.

Wish you the whole warmth of its complete tropical weather. Cheers! May the drizzle be with you!

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