Srilanka under water sports: If you are an adventure junkie, and if you are one of them who believe what the local Srilanka folks say then you should get an unforgettable experience of water sports.

The place is full of memories and one memory you should carry back to your land is the experience of water sports.

This is quite remarkable taking into account the fact that the place already has much to offer regarding experiences.

There are water sports, and the water is surrounded by lush green trees, the swim in there, and the water splashes or the dive would give you a rare chance to explore the most beautiful flora and fauna in the world.

It is always more fun in the sunny season than in the winters. However, point to note is that there is still some sun for everyone in this island country, and some drizzle, and some cool breeze. It is refreshing to the core.

Let us study the following water sports in great detail

Scuba Diving

Everyone has thought about being a PADI certified scuba diver, and it is becoming a rage, and to the same end one should try scuba diving, if you are scared and still wish to try then you should go for easy dives. The ideal place for the same is Bentota.


srilanka under water sports


Swim away with fish, and green marine bodies. The best thing would be to go between May and September. The ideal place would be Bentota.

Sri Lanka is not known as the pearl of the Indian ocean for nothing. The PADI training that applies to scuba diving applies here as well.

A yacht would take you to the snorkelling centre. One would not just see the underwater life, but also coral reefs which would be nothing short of encapsulating one of your most beautiful visual sights ever.

Sri Lanka promises that. The name of the most enchanting views among coral reefs is Rock pigeons. These are fast becoming extinct due to human error, so do your bit to be kind to nature.


Sports fishing

The fish that you find here is tuna and marlin with similar names. You will become so acquainted with the fish that you would know the English, scientific and the Sinhalese names by the end of the expedition.


The natural geographical location of Srilanka makes it the best place to go canyoning. One gets to see whitewater, and you should go with your trainer, and with a partner who is experienced in this water sport as this is one of the most extreme water sport in the world.

The time taken is 45 minutes, or more so you should know that you will last this while before you decide to make the jump.

You will be as close to natural beauty and bounty as you would be to adventure when you choose to go canyoning.

The water is white, the scene is all set in green, but the experience is that the gorge and the canyon is at least 700 m deep, and the jump would scare the daylights out of you.

The water would be flowing fast, and the memory would get etched in your mind. Once again, it would be scary, so go with a prepared mind. It is not meant for everyone.



The second activity that you should take part in is the surfing experience. Wait patiently for the waves that come crashing in; it is the most loved and the most adventurous experience of all times.

Things might start to seem risky, and for that, you need to stay calm. There will be many an excited scream that leads to the massive adrenaline rush.

That is why this is a ‘ get over your fears’ kind of moment. Water will enter the raft, and there will be many an astounding moment.

You will get soaked deep. Do not be very scared though for you will be provided with training and equipment both when you reach your destination.

It is one of the ten most recommended tours across the world.

srilanka under water sports


It is getting onto a surfboard just like in the case of whitewater surfing, but the sport being a more adventurous one, and a more safe one because one is holding on to a kite for more of thrust and less of the fear factor.

All this happens in the vast Indian ocean, and you get some Geography lessons as you feel closer to the sea than you would ever be.

If you were to be curious about the best weather for the same, then you should know that the best time is from May to September.

An interesting fact about prices for this sport in Srilanka is 3000 Srilankan rupees per person. The worth knowing aspect of this is the fact that these are the average costs of any activity in Srilanka.


Whale watching

The story suggests that one went to Srilanka and saw both the elephant and the blue whale. The additional bonus was the dolphin. Remember, we just talked about learning the names of the fish world? This is true even in this case.

You need to know something – there is no gear – there is just a lot of love for these animals. The prices are the same for every Srilankan activity, and that is 3000 Srilankan rupees.


Negombo and Bentota are the places to be if you wish to go for wakeboarding. The initial experience you should try is 45 minutes one. This is meant for beginners.

It is challenging and would help you overcome your fear just like any other risk undertaking, and you should probably wait for the right weather conditions to try this sport.

Let the mangroves and dated palms play with your face as you overcome water shyness.


This is the safest of all water activities, and maybe also the most enjoyable. You are just paddling away together with your loved partner, and witnessing the wildlife along the way. Surprise, surprise!

The prices here are lower i.e. 1000 Srilankan rupees, and one-third of the costs for any other water activity which is usually marked at 3000 Srilankan rupees.

Where there is an adventure in other activities, there is peace in this one. Bag your memories, and click your moments.

In the midst of the Indian Ocean, you would find your lost soul. Dive in and feel a wave of new adrenaline which you have not had any idea of since you know not when.

It is partially because of these water sports that the income generation of Srilanka has become 368% more than it was eight years back, and the trend is rising. This is the mark of sports tourism in this beautiful island nation.


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