These healthy drinks are a substitute for alcohol in the festive season: The generation is divided into two kinds of people – those who drink liquor every day, and those who start their day with something healthy.

Different Healthy Drinks

Some people drink even more to nurse a hangover, and some are teetotalers. These are the following yum, and fitness drinks to make yourself healthier and to promote a feeling of goodness.

Pomegranate juice

When someone is young, he or she hears stories of how certain drinks and beverages are very healthy for us, and the colour of the fruit determines how healthy the fruit is.

A red colour fruit means that it would increase the amount of blood production in your body, and give you beautiful looking skin.

So, the first drink which is being suggested here is the pomegranate juice. Just two glasses a day, one in the morning, and one in the evening mean better health.

The reason is antioxidants. Costly creams that contain the same ingredient can be replaced with this juice.

Beet juice

This fruit is good in calcium, magnesium and iron and is very good for people who have high blood pressure, those who have liver problems, and those who have dementia.

If one cannot easily make it at home then they should go to the nearest juice bar which fixes the best kind of juice.

The dark maroon colour of this beverage also means it promotes blood flow and is very good for looks and the brain both.

Green Tea

We all are either tannin and caffeine addicts and for the wrong reason.

Yes, the coffee or tea would give us instant energy, but healthier are still those who skip both beverages and the latest replacement of these beverages is green tea.

It tastes probably a little less than other hot drinks, but is good for skin and hair, and is a classy way to sip on something.

However, it is also true that coffee and tea are only bad when you are adding much sugar to your beverage, and otherwise, these addictive drinks cause no real harm.

Ginger tea

Because tea lovers who are hardcore need only a tannin fix, and for them is the ginger tea. It gives you energy, and heat and can be best drank in winters to promote the feeling of well being.

It is being said that ginger tea should not drink in summers because it warms up the body, but those with low blood pressure need more warmth from inside, and for them this drink is perfect.

Orange juice

orange juice

Many people like to skip breakfast, but it is a lifestyle disorder. Therefore, we suggest eggs, toast and a glass of orange juice which makes for a picture perfect breakfast as they show in the movies.

Citrus juices unbelievably help the health. They fill your soul, and the freshness of these juices cannot be found elsewhere. The effort of squeezing out orange is worth it.



Lemon juice

This drink is best in the morning as soon as you get up so that one can lose weight.

It is also citrus and which is good for the digestion, and it boosts the immune system which makes you fit and healthy and promotes a feeling of freshness as well which is the ideal way to bringing in the new day.


Coconut water

Coconut water is the second best beverage after plain drinking water. It gives you the much-needed cleansing that the body needs, and make you feel well and hydrated and provided.

The market is flooded with energy drinks, and this is a suitable replacement. It is well known for the magnesium content and makes for a healthy drink, and it is found in all parts of the world.

Water that is mixed with apple cider vinegar

If someone wants to go for an energy drink, he or she should go for this apple cider vinegar drink. It helps to lose weight, and promotes a feeling of well being,

it tastes delicious, and the flavour is outstanding, and it would relax you after a good workout,  and that is why we refer to this drink as well meaning, and well marketed.

It would make one want to lead a healthy lifestyle, and it is also ranked high on the list of glamorous drinks and makes you look trendy.

Iced Tea

It comes in various flavours and tastes damn good, it has high water content, and is a healthy replacement of natural hot tea, and makes for a tasty appetizer companion.

Probiotic drinks

These are straight beverages that come from a cow and other milking animals. They are perfect for the digestion, and fill the stomach and should best be had around 8 AM in the morning, or two hours after one gets up.

Yoghurt is also a food that contains the same ingredient as that of probiotic drinks, and it tastes good and might make your hair and skin both silky.

Hot chocolate

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is an ideal drink for winters. It helps with cramps that one gets during extreme cold, and it soothes the mind.


Aloe Vera drink

Aloe is healthy as the aloe vera has multiple benefits and would cleanse the whole system, making for beauty enhancing Ayurveda drug, and it is good for the heart, and the entire body.


Buttermilk is a refreshing drink on the inside, and it also induces sleep at the same time.

You can have salted or sweet buttermilk, or you can add cashews and other dried fruits to your drink and take a good afternoon nap, and it also fills your tummy and leaves you feeling good.


When the idea is to quench thirst, then do not shy away from water. It is available in the next tap, and we are here to promote the amount of water that you drink in a day, and an ideal quantity would be eight glasses, and when that happens, the body flushes out all toxic substances from the body and makes you glow from the inside.


You might not be sure whether these drinks would solve your alcoholism, but we are confident that if you stuck to one drink one-day routine with these healthy drinks, then you would develop a taste for these, and be more robust in just two weeks. Bon festive season.


My name is Atul Umarkar and I am the founder of I am a professional banker from Nashik (Devotional city situated in Maharashtra state). I am 30-year-old simple fun loving guy loves to be active on social media and surf internet to collect quality information to upgrade my knowledge.

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