Things you are unable to do when you are in long distance relationship: Long distance relationships are tight, and to add to the misery are dating couples all around.

You miss the voice, the fun things you could have done together like watching movies,  playing board games, stealing the boyfriends shirt, giving gifts, going for dates, cooking together etc.

Not being able to be together every day

This means everything such as helping each other be better persons when one does not like eating alone then being there for the company of the other.

This cannot happen in long distance.

Not being able to take care of each other

We all live away from our families these days, and we only have our partner. Giving each other medicines on time, and making each other some soup, tucking each other in for a good night’s sleep all mean so much.

Long distance means being alone in a new place without family, and without a  special someone.

Illness during this time can hurt a lot because there is no one to take care of you, and you are left alone to fend for yourself.


Being able to save each other from backstabbers

We all find people who are toxic, but we cannot recognize them even when all others can.

In this situation, a boyfriend would save his girlfriend, and the girl would keep the boy.

Why this is so important is because vicious people can put our life in rear gear.

When you have a long distance, then you are alone to save yourself from creeps and evil women friends.

But, for this to stop from becoming a big problem, you can call your better half.


Not being able to help the significant other during career crisis.

Jobs are tricky, and usually, there is a lot of politics.

We all need some help with that, and a boyfriend can tell his girlfriend what answers to give to certain people in office so that the messy colleague shuts up, and without creating a scene.

But, long distance means you save your job by yourself.

Not being able to do simple day to day things together

Your phone is broken, but you have no energy, and your girlfriend goes and gets the phone fixed.

It does not take a lot of hard work, but small little things are what makes one precious for the other.

Especially when it comes to phones, we cannot live without them, so a bit of help goes a long way.

But, now your girlfriend is in another city, and you need to fix your phone yourself, or go and see that phone man all without the cute girlfriend.


long distance relationship

Not being able to face the money hassles together

If you are your boyfriend study in the same college in a new city, and one runs out of money, then you can quickly ask him for money, and it depends upon your equation whether you wish to repay this small loan.

When your parents deposit your cash the next day, you can either return the money or buy a little gift for this sweet gesture.

But, now it is long distance, and you would really have to feel a begging feeling when you ask your roommate for money. You do not even know how much the roommate will harass you for you to return the money as soon as possible.

Those College notes that were a particular moment

If your boyfriend is a year senior to you, then he could give you teacher’s notes, and he can also teach you some subject or guide you of the essential portions that might be asked in the exams.

But, it is long distance, and you need to ace those exams by yourself, and competition turns cut throat when once it used to be the best feeling in the world to study together.

Trust me; your boyfriend also misses how he used to teach you about the exams.

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Family time together is no longer possible

When you and your boyfriend lived in the same city then it was always simple to make plans to meet each others’ family, and marriage could be planned.

But now your family is also reasonably worried that your better half is in other cities and if he could be trusted.

Someone should soon move back so that things go back to normal and the couple could be together again.

In some cases, when things escalate then a breakup could also be on the cards for the fault of no one.


Being a man for that precious girl

Your girlfriend just broke her car down at night, and you are not there to fix a tire for her means you get images of her being very unsafe, and she could be feeling the same is a possibility.

This sparks an argument which once could have been a loving moment.

Pet that you gifted on the birthday now is an ache in the heart

You and your girlfriend adopted a pet poodle, but suddenly one of you had to shift cities, and the future of both of you seems to be in a soup, and the poor animal might have to bear the brunt.

Just a little example of how delicate relationships are, and the extent to which you have to go to save the love between both people involved.

So, all this and more cannot be done together anymore, but does that have to mean a heartache or a breakup?

No, it does not have to be a heartbreaking situation where both the people break up, it can be handled with maturity, with the help of loving parents, some cousin advice.

Some intervention when one partner is behaving in a wrong way, and gifts sent to each other through some well-meaning friends.

True love never dies.  


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