When you see a new person, or if you are in a public setting, you get only the first seven seconds to create your impression in the mind of someone whom you want to attract. Keep in mind the following tips on how to make a good first impression to create an everlasting image.

Dress to Kill

How you dress is everlasting? Dress for success. If in doubt, go to the online website and select an apparel store.  There you’ll see images of fashion models wearing the whole attire from a shirt to jeans, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and coats.


Shop this look, and wear it as it is to look like a brand enthusiast who loves getting decked up, or to look a little more casual, mix and match your brand shopping with clothes you already have, and look sensational.

There is respect in ironed clothes, polished shoes, neat ties, and brooches. You’ll create a powerful statement just with your outfit, but you could tone it down with less makeup, and a crumpled look. The choice is yours.

Colour sense tips are important to create a first impression. Light colours like lemon and light pink are making waves, but white and black are always in fashion. The Gray and Pink combination is also still in trend. Do not forget the perfume and never neglect your appearance.

Hair Game

The Hair Game is just that hairstyle speaks volumes too. Hair is 60% of your looks, hairstyles reverberate with how you see yourself, and it’s this image you are conveying the world.

It could be sleek, fashionable, vibrant or dishevelled and intentionally messy, but the hairstyle would not go unnoticed.



Our tips tell you about, How to make a good first impression? The first thing to do is to arrive on time when you are going for a meeting with anyone.

That gives an impression of the fact that you respect the other person’s time, and that you’re well bred. Other people assume punctual people are ambitious and that is a perfect image for anyone to have.

When someone is late, they may have come speeding and rushing, and they’ll only be catching their breath without any thought of how much they have irritated the person in front. Sometimes, running late is enough to put your whole image into jeopardy.


The most important thing in our list of tips for a good first impression is facial expressions, so smile, it is most important. People would remember your smile, but do not be known for a smirk, an evil grin, or a dumb plastered smile.

Tips for a good first impression

It is best smiling for real to spread cheer. Smiling becomes tough though if your teeth are all yellow and you have bad breath. Sometimes, you need a dentist, and that’ll be money well spent.

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Body language

Raise your hand in a hello. Your ‘hello’ should be bubbling with energy as if you are excited about meeting with that person.

Where your shoes point to how erect your shoulders are all makes sense to the person whom you have just come across, so point your feet towards the person whom you are talking to, and stand erect to come across as confident.

Also, distribute your weight evenly on both feet, align your feet and shoulders, and plant your feet a little apart depending upon what looks classy, and if you are a guest, keep standing till you’re asked to sit down.

If you want to sit down, and like to come across as submissive, then sit down with your legs crossed, hands wrapped in front of you.

Even in a submissive pose, do look at the other person in the eye while talking, but do not stare, and if you feel your stare is being too intrusive then look in the general direction of the face and not directly into the eyes.



Follow our tips for some real conversation with the same amount of confidence, where you showcase your personality and make a good impression, and ask questions that would make the other person feel comfortable and in a way that builds trust such that the other person opens up to you.

Giving a thoughtful compliment also opens up communication channels. But, do not delve too deep in the first conversation with someone, do not immediately start being too intrusive asking personal family questions, and things like what is the package of the man and the age of the women.

Avoid Ludicrous or Immodest Talking

If you have heard that the person in front has a disease or they are short of going broke or if they are getting divorced, then you will please the other person if those topics are not discussed right at the first meeting.

They’ll be glad you are giving them personal space and some respect to let their Pandora box remain closed. If you have a bubbly personality, and you are likable, neat, orderly, a calm patient listener who can build trust then you are a gold mine of a person.

If you are someone who does not remember names, then assert that and ask for the name again. This tells the other person that their name is important to you, and most people are susceptible to their name.

If you refer to the other person and address them with their name a few times in a conversation, they are bound to like you for it.


Positive Reply

If you want to create interest in the person in front, then start completing their sentences, mirroring their body language and take a little step towards them, build proximity and stay cordial. However, never scan the person from top to bottom; it is rude, intrusive, and cheap.

Moving on, if you are the kind of person who enables emotions to show on the face, remember not to hurt the other person with your expressions, but you should always show positive emotions on the countenance.

One nugget of information does not go anywhere when you are sleep deprived, your lack of patience would irk you, and people would brand you as someone with a negative vibe.

Pitch of the Voice

Watch the loudness of the sound. If you are too loud, people, would not take you seriously, they may even gossip about it, and it is not a sign of assertiveness and confidence, it is a sign of silliness, and would irk people.


Tips for a good first impression

Tone of Voice

Similarly, watch your mood, it could be rude to sensual, and you do not want both to show. Keep light and pleasant tone of the voice to be much loved.

Never let go of manners, and use a polite, mild tone. Using a lot of ‘Please,’ ‘Thank you,’ and ‘Welcome’ goes a long way when you are meeting someone for the first time.

However, when you become friends, you may do away with the formality, however, even with time, your manners should remain intact, and this is what determines the kind of person you are.

This is what would make you earn respect which is the most important thing that builds bridges between people.



Be positive and proud at the same time. Self-deprecating humor would always win your hearts, it would show people who you are, and they would feel more comfortable in lightly telling you their problems, and it would build an equation based upon facts about each other.

However, do not drive yourself into the ground trying to be friends with someone, and neutrally talk about your achievements, so you come across as a balanced and level headed person.

Be Honest

Being honest means you should show your true self. You do not have to always hide behind a façade of being an intelligent, no-nonsense and bold human being, just be who you are because facades fall off sooner than later.

How to make a good first impression is a big question and honesty is the best answer, that our list of tips for good first impression will provide you.

You should be loved and appreciated by people for who you are even if that means it takes a long time to find people who love you for who you are. These people are your real tribe, and you should let them come to you.


How to Say Goodbye

Once your first meeting is coming to an end, you would have decided if you want to hug the person or kiss them, or maintain a simple handshake.

A handshake is the safest for it offends no one; the handshake should be tight and crisp. It is just the first meeting, so go for a spiritual hug; it is too early to go for a romantic embrace.

Just maintaining a non-sexy hug is important immaterial of whether or not you want to date the girl in the future. The embrace does not have to be more than a few seconds.

Make sure that there is no awkwardness, step back as soon as the female pulls back. You could also plant a kiss on the cheek or forehead depending upon how comfortable that feels.

Now, that your first meeting is over, do not spread gossip about the person, and keep the things that they confide in you a secret. Disloyal and untrustworthy is not what you need your image to be. 

These tips will help you understand how to make a good first impression and will create a winner out of you.


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