Today’s best facilities allow us to travel more quickly and comfortably. It is also little or no reason to prevent individuals, whether for work or leisure. So you don’t have to ask people to travel as an affiliate marketer, blogger, or Vlogger who would prefer to concentrate on their travel niche. So here in this article, we are providing the best travel affiliate programs for travel bloggers.

Choosing the right and best travel affiliate programs is important alongside quality content and several other factors. Marketing affiliates are where users promote the products and services that you have not created.

You get a commission when users buy this product or service through your referral link. The fee you receive is dependent on the products or services you recommend.

How To Identify The Appropriate Affiliate

Good Commission: It is only fair for them to go for a higher commission paying affiliate programs.

Length of Cookie: The length of the cookie is significant since many more visitors can be converted. You will earn a commission if a visitor enters the website using your affiliate link, making any purchase immediately or even within 30 days.

Additional Support: This is also important to check when you select an affiliate program. To assist with all your questions, the Affiliate program must be welcomed and readily available.

Approval Rate: The approval rate of the affiliate program is also necessary to check. The more money you make, the greater is the amount.

Minimum Payment: You should also influence the minimum payment from the affiliate program. The less you pay the minimum, the faster and more efficiently you receive revenue to reinvest your campaigns.

The Best And Successful Travel Affiliate Programs Affiliate Program

(Earn up to 40% commission)

best travel affiliate programs

In the travel industry, is a popular name and one of the best travel affiliate programs. They do have a partner system that can be used by anyone with a website, an app, or a travel agency. This program is for you, as long as you have the right choice of accommodation.

Key features:

1.Free & Simple sign-up process.
2.Offers search box, banner integration options.
3.They have a commission-split model based on the offer.
4.Minimum €100 payout.
5.Payout is PayPal mode (create a PayPal account).
6.This official plugin enables you to integrate the Search Box of into a WordPress blog.


1.Every day there are more than 1.2 million rooms booked. That means that the promotion of hotels and lodging through the platform is more likely to generate huge commissions.
2.Offers promotional tools to advertise their hotel accommodation and it helps you get more commissions.


TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

(Earn 50% commission)

best travel affiliate programs

If someone plans to travel, TripAdvisor will usually be consulted for opinions, recommendations, and bookings.

This affiliate program would be useful because you can source your content from your website and connect your readers back through your tracking links to the original content.

Key features:

1.Commission of 50 percent.
2.Broad connections to more than 500,000 cities and hotels.
3.A tiered system of commission.
4.Payout monthly.


1.The business has global scope and customers worldwide who use its bookings platform and best travel deals. You can still start promoting their products even if you live outside the USA.
2.The largest deep link system allows you to find a ton of effective travel affiliates products.

Agoda Affiliate Program

(Earn 5% commission)

best travel affiliate programs

Agoda certainly deserves to be in this mega-list of travel partner programs with over a quarter million properties. The internal affiliate program is open for all (but a website/blog is obligatory).

The approval takes between 48-72 hours. The approval is manual.

Key features:

1.Commission on margin up to 60 percent.
2.The search box, text links, and data feeds are supported.
3.To increase your turnover by 3x, use hotel power ads.
4.Minimum $200 payout.
5.Direct bank transfer is the payout mode.


1.Currently, you have access to more than 900,000 properties worldwide to find great deals.
2.To increase the commission for your affiliate, you have access to hotel power Ads, text links, and other custom tools.


Skyscanner Affiliate Program

(Earn 50% commission)

This widget can be used in your sidebar or around the content where users are more likely to be proactive. This widget will forward you to the site of the Skyscanner.

You may hire a developer to create your search feature on your website or mobile app using the Skyscanner Travel API to take it to the next level.

Key features:

1.Offers flight search white label solutions on the website.
2.One of the most popular APIs for travel affiliates.
3.Your sidebar flight reservation widget.
4.One of the best and most detailed referencing systems for starting.
5.Flight booking, hotel reservations, and car rental are provided.


1.The best places to check out if you’re seeking discounted flights.
2.It offers different options for your travel blog.

Amazon Associates Program

(Earn 4% commission)

best travel affiliate programs

Amazon is the top online shopping destination. You have a wonderful reputation and in no time you can gain a lot of money.

You can connect to any of the products available in Amazon once you join Amazon Associates and earn money throughout the site.

Key features:

1.Very well-known network.
2.It’s easy to get started, and tons of guides & videos are available.
3.Several travel & travel-related products.
4.The higher commission when more users are referred to.


1.The world’s most popular online platform, with millions of products that range from toys, outdoor to camping to DSLRs.
2.It includes pre-designed links and banners for a large number of products related to travel that you can use to effectively promote.

Expedia Associates Program

(Earn Up to 11% commission)

best travel affiliate programs

Expedia is one of the best travel affiliate programs and popular location for flights reservation, hotels, rental cars, etc. You get extra income from your affiliate program. You will find all the assistance you need to promote your services.

Key features:

1.Negotiates to secure access to higher inventory directly with suppliers.
2.The brand’s high visibility builds trust and ensures leading consumer conversion rates.
3.You receive a percentage of the revenue from each qualifying transaction through your links.
4.All are available through tools, data, and storefronts.


1.It provides you with the largest inventory of trips for more than 500,000 hotels and 400 airlines.
2.Provides up to 11 percent of the effective transaction for highly competitive commission payments.

Wego Affiliate Program

(Earn up to $0.80 per click)

All affiliate marketers that are interested in earning more money with their numerous affiliate products from promoting travel products can use the Wego, excluding an affiliate network.

It helps affiliate marketers to pay for flights or hotels booked through affiliate connections. It is available for those trying to get extra money and traveling.

Key features:

1.The affiliate plan is unique since the commission system does not charge.
2.The best-known travel industry name.
3.Better for the income from travel.
4.A new innovative platform and tool enable publishers to add search features for flights and hotels on travel and tourism sites.
5.Generate the resulting activity with significant new revenue flows.


1.It provides more resources through exclusive best affiliate programs to all travel bloggers and associated affiliate promoters.
2.Have many travel programs.

Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

(Earn 3% commission)

This is one of the easiest ways of recommending cruises for affiliate marketers. Cruise Direct is one of the most rapidly developing and leading online sites for booking for travel, cruise holidays, etc.

Key features:

1.3% gross sales commission.
2.45-day cookie – you get up to 1 1/2 month credit after visiting a customer. 
3.Opportunities to market the PPC.
4.Proactive Affiliate Administration Team.
5.Advertising, Text Ads & Search Boxes are available.


1.Frequent deals are accessible.
2.Usage of promotional tools.
3.Weekly Newsletters that include bonus commissions for affiliates.

Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

(Earn 15% commission)

It is the world’s largest publisher of travel guides and publishes magazines, e-books, and many more and one of the best travel affiliate programs. This also allows you to book your journey with flies, hotels, and so on, where it charges all its partner promoters large commission payments.

Key features:

1.Up to 15% gross sales commission.
2.Offers flight, hotel, tours, or direct purchase insurance.
3.All appropriate promotional tools will be given.


1.Dynamic display banners are available for your website.
2.30-day cookie.
3.Different payment options available.

ShareASale Affiliate Program

(Earn 20% commission)

This is cost-effective, enabling you to access a wider consumer basis without extra overhead costs by using a commissioned sales force online.

You only pay for transactions done and validated. Many famous airlines, hotels, and services are available through ShareASale.

Key features:

1.Payment by bank deposit.
2.Easier than the in-house affiliate schemes to reach minimum compensation.
3.The most popular affiliate programs in each niche.


1.Commission rates are variable based on the transaction fee.
2.Online Help Center Access 24/7.
3.30-day cookie.


Important Earning Strategies in the Travel Niche

Affiliate Marketing: You can purchase and direct traffic to your landing page on any platform.

Have a Blog on Travel: To attract more visitors you need to make content quality on your blog nice and interesting.

Mobile Applications: This generates your income, but it is not so easy to build an application to create a blog.

Social Media: You can easily earn money from your travel niche through popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Therefore more followers you have, the more likely you will gain. You get commissions if your followers click on the links and shop.


A significant number of affiliate marketers believe that the travel niche is already saturated with profits. This may be saturated, but it depends on your ability as an affiliate marketer.

To move the traffic to your blog or website, you will have to create quality content. Only then will you receive payment. You can start making thousands of dollars from the best travel affiliate programs when you are smart enough.


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