Breakups and divorces are tough. Let’s try and make them a bit simpler. So, breakup if you must, but look for a time when you are both ready for the talk. It is cruel to break up over the phone or chat, do meet, and discuss. Here in this article, we will discuss the top 17 reasons responsible for a breakup in a relationship in deep.

17 Reasons for Breakup in a Relationship

When you meet, try not to start blaming and accusing, Blame games never end well. Also, do not avoid the person right after the breakup, maybe you are all they have.

In this case, promise to be friends, and then really try to do your best to stay friends, having said that, let us list some reasons why one should Breakup. Following are the Top 17 reasons for a breakup in a relationship.

Your Values Clash

The first reason is that you could be an individual who loves and respects elders, but the other is someone who cannot stand to be face to face and eye to eye with elders. This statement sounds simple, but it is very profound. It is one of the significant reasons for the breakup.


The second reason could be dishonesty. One is honest, and the other is a compulsive liar, so this couple stops trusting each other and respecting each other.

It becomes apparent therefore that you do not want to start a family with this person, and you cannot see yourself co-parenting with them. Sometimes, by the end of the breakup, you cannot even stand that person.


Cheating or Infidelity

Some people continue being in a relationship with someone who has cheated on them, but most people are more sensible than doing that.

It is evident that someone who can cheat once can always cheat again. Cheating is one of the important reasons in our list of the Top 17 reasons for breakup in a relationship.


It does not have to be full-blown infidelity with proof that you have been cheated on, but it could be a nagging feeling that you are not good enough.

When your partner continually compares you with other men, and you start questioning everything about yourself from your looks to your ability to earn to wondering if you can ever make a woman happy. Someone who makes you this insecure and unstable should not be in your life.


Unhealthy Friendships

If your husband has friends who come over, dirty the house, make it a gambling zone and treat your home like a free pub then things may come to such friends go out from your husband’s life, or you leave.

This tricky situation works oppositely too.

If your wife has extravagant friends who make your wife blow all the budget of the house, then these female pals need to exit for the couple to be happy. Such friends are not well-meaning if they give the couple the feeling of moving away from each other.

There is no Spark Left

A relationship is beautiful when it is blooming, and just like you know you are falling in love, you also know when you are falling out of love. This happens.

You do not hold hands often, you no longer watch movies together, no surprise gifts, not even roses and chocolates, no compliments, no long conversations over the phone in the night, no drives and utter lack of respect and trust. It is like the relationship has lost all its fizz.

The days of going dancing together even if neither of you knows how to dance are long gone, and both partners are looking more and more away from each other.


Top 17 reasons for breakup


Abuse is a common reason for people to breakup. Do not take someone who slaps you, abuses you verbally or gets abusive in the bed.

Do not excuse such things, or else you’ll be settling for much lesser than what you deserve. Even arguing in an unhealthy fashion is too much to bear on a day-to-day basis. It is also one of the important reasons for the breakups out of our list of top 17 reasons for the breakup.



Money is the very important reason on our list of the Top 17 reasons for breakup in a relationship. Why people breakup? and why marriages collapse? It is barely okay to live with someone who earns less, and even worse is someone who gambles away all money leaving no money on the table for even necessities.

Gambling is like you’re the king one moment and at the other chance, you are a beggar. Someone who knows nothing about managing finances is tough to live with and a disaster if the child comes into the picture.

Lack of Equality

Some women are very stubborn, and suddenly marital home means cooking and cleaning. On top of that, the husband does not allow them to wear clothes of their choice.

It sounds easy but times are changing, and adapting to a whole new lifestyle is an enormous task, and in a typical marital home, one would need much support from the husband. 

You are Only in a Relationship to Avoid Being Single

The next reason for the breakup is that you got into a relationship wanting a punching bag just because loneliness scared you. And that will be one of the valid reasons for breakup out of the Top 17.

However, you forgot that he is a person, a heart, a body, and a soul, and he came into your life with his whole being, and he should not be there just because you do not like eating alone. The suggestion is that do not get into a relationship for unsound reasons. It saves a lot of time.

Your Parents do Not Like Them

This is another primary reason for a breakup. Sometimes it is not possible that you will convince your parents to love your partner of choice and if the difference in status, religion, lifestyle is too much for the parents and you.

Then it is better to part ways with the person, Inter religion marriages rarely happen so accept that. Same for other vast differences in both families. After all, weddings are made to take place not just between two individuals but between families.

Top 17 reasons for breakup


Education and Mental Equality

Next is if a girl is very educated, and the guy is a school dropout, they might catch each other’s fancy and entertain each other for a while, but it matters more than everything else that their mental status matches.


No one likes someone who digs their nose, farts loudly and openly, eats with hands dirty with their mouth wide open, and does not take a bath for three days at a stretch. On that note, everyone should be hygienic for the health and benefit of everyone.

There is just no respect for someone who is unclean all the time, or worse when he tries to convince you that looks are not a big deal. Well, looks are an essential part of life, and you should go to a large extent to try and look at your best.


A sober girl marries someone who does doping, drinking and smokes cigarettes; she cannot tolerate the constant smoke or the kind of conversation that comes with it, what are her choices? We say she should breakup.

You do Not Want to Fix Things Anymore

Finally, breakup if you have lost the urge to fix things, and your mind is already wandering towards other companions who could make you happy, so no ifs and buts and a breakup.

If there are no reasons out of the Top 17 to work it out, then you should call it quits and you should take a break or breakup. Staying with someone without love for them is manipulation and not a virtue.


If one person comes with much baggage from perhaps having an unhealthy family, or too much negativity because of past failed relationships then this baggage becomes too much to bear for the second person, and they feel like a counselor more than a lover.

Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy is a sign that you have become repulsive to each other, and there may not be any fixing that, even courts say it is a valid ground for divorce.

Making the relationship worth the intimacy is the responsibility of both partners, and you should appreciate the worth of the partner, or else go your separate ways.


Last try

However, if you wish to give the relationship one last try, then communication could be the answer to solve the problem, and you may be able to save the relationship with some effort. We hope you do.

Women especially feel special and appreciated when the partner listens to them even if it is just ranting. There is only one way to solve the problem which is active listening and effective communication.

If the connection is dying down, extra effort should go into picking nonverbal cues or body language. Look for signs there, and we hope you find something positive. That said you should nurture a dying relationship, but there is a bottom line.

The bottom line

Thus, we have seen above Top 17 reasons for breakup. The bottom line is there won’t always be dramatic signs or reasons that you need to be single and that you need to breakup, and you should not wait for too much negativity before it becomes apparent that you need to breakup.

Wise folks see these telltale signs and do not become blinded with passion; they breakup before things become too messy. These smart people try and aim for a peaceful breakup.


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