What are the most written about technologies this year as we enter 2019? We will read about what are these technologies which have made an impact this last couple of years.

3D metal printing

It involves the distribution of logos and all other design on all metal. It is being called a sort of revolution in making and manufacturing.

If one can draw it, one can create it. It happens in two ways. These two ways are :

  1. When you start with powder and produce a product.
  2. Starting with a block and cutting at it to arrive at the product.

One is layering. Cutting a block into the desired shape and putting the next exact layer over the first layer.

The second method is heating the powder with a laser as the dust starts melting. Then when it has a particular desired shape, the dust settles and solidifies in the said shape.

Your customized product would be ready in as less as eight business days. HP is the leader of this innovation. It can be applied to small to medium businesses.

But, one must know that the minimum price of a 3D metal printer would be at least $500,000.

This is just the cost of installation, and one would also need people to operate and maintain the printer.

The metal materials that one can use are aluminium, steel, and even brass and copper. The process of production of 3D printed metals is called lost wax casting.

Now, everyone would be surprised to know that this technology can also be used to make bracelets and earrings.

For those who cannot afford the same, there is gold plated brass. It is an ideal value for money, and the product has a professional finish, and one would also be able to see the beautiful and intricate finishing.


X-ray pills to detect bowel cancer

Cancer is a nightmare, and it is well known that by the time a tumour is detected it is often too late.

Now, the third invention of technology on my list is an X-ray capsule, one ingests the pill with some food, and fixes a patch on the lower back region, there is 360-degree radiation post that which scans the whole bowel and sends information to the spot.

This is 3D mapping, and the information is computer friendly. The capsule does not stay within the system and is ejected through the excreta within three days of taking of the pill.

Results are instant. This is being called the most life saving of all technologies between the years 2018 to 2020.


Artificial intelligence

AI in 2019 would have human values at the core. It is remarkably being argued that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is going to help and not harm people.

AI is also good because it’s the owner is not of any particular nation or any private or even government-owned company.

The things to bear in mind are protection from bias, AI being accountable, and everything being done transparently, and conducted in a way that can be explained in layman terms.

And not just that but the whole AI system being such that humanity is benefitted from the same, and privacy respected.

But, just like everything obviously, there would be downside such as loss of jobs because everything would become automated.


New Solar park in Egypt

This new solar park is being called the Benban. It is the world’s biggest. When this solar park is ready, it will create and generate 1650 megawatts of electricity.


Egypt is thus fighting poverty. The rates of what is the solar parts are reducing and can compete with oil and gas power plants.

The company which made this happen is an Indian company called Shapoorji Pallonji, and even for the company, this is their first solar project out of the Indian nation.

Nine international banks are funding the project, and the world’s biggest bank, the world bank is offering a $3 billion loan. The picture looks bright like a sun’s single ray.

Blockchain Revolution

The next technology revolution of 2019 is the blockchain revolution. Everyone is searching for blockchain independently as a name and as well as regarding technology.

The blockchain is not just cryptocurrency related such as Bitcoins; blockchain also means additional data security in a lot of ways.

But, you are right, and the most critical function of blockchain is cryptocurrency. You can add to this data, but not alter the data in any other way.

Since the previous block of information just cannot be changed which is what makes the whole information reliable.

This is also known as cryptography in simple terms. If one of the previous blocks could be changed, it would mean error in cryptography, and the whole process would be rendered meaningless.

It works with the help of many a computer which make sure that no subtraction or change is being made to the information previously being stored.

This in other language is called consensus. All computers have to agree to the same information in the same sense.

This information is then kind enough to be published, and that is what makes this information correct. Trust and other human intervention is not part of the process.

This asset of a company is called a digital asset. Thus this is also no less than revolutionary means.


IOT or the Internet of Things

Many things such as a car, some home gears and more are connected and related to one another and the internet.

This is just the start, and the total number of devices in a home, and under one’s possession that can be connected to the internet are reaching 8.4 billion in the early 2010s and then reach the number of 30 billion by 2020.

You can lock a door that you left unlocked behind at home, and as you gym, you can hail a taxi which you need at the doorstep after 30 minutes.

Thus this removes all minor and major obstacles that you face in daily life. This is going to have far-reaching consequences, and the internet of things is such an apt and fancy name for the same.

These are game-changing technologies which mean that they will change the way we learn, we create, we earn, we have fun, we manufacture, we create electrical energy, and we link one thing and next to the internet.

Each thing you can imagine and you can fathom or not would be linked to the internet in times to come, and times of the future.


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