WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is a remarkable piece of software based on PHP and MySql which also provides great features to WordPress users.

WordPress is written collaboratively by thousands of people around the globe. That’s a remarkable feat! It’s also completely free.

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. But even beyond normal websites with content, WordPress is also great at E-commerce.

WordPress also excels at membership sites, where you pay to access kinds of content like music, themes and educational material. It is also flexible enough to power mobile apps.

All you need is to update, manage and maintain your website from anywhere in the world.


WordPress is a Content Management System that powers more than 27% of the website on the World Wide Web.

You can build a website and manage it very easily using WordPress.

You can open a blog, portfolio, online shop, newsletter, utility, and many more kinds of websites using WordPress.

It is an open-source platform. WordPress commercial (www.wordpress.com) charges money for its services like using plugins and much more.

However, it gives hosting and WordPress domain for free. Basic work like creating posts and pages and publishing them are also free.

The WordPress Organisational (www.wordpress.org) is completely free. All the services are free of cost. Just you need your own domain and hosting (WordPress Hosting).

Install the WordPress organizational version on your website. In many C-panel, it is already provided the option to install WordPress. You can use that too to install WordPress.


Interesting facts about WordPress

1. WordPress doesn’t have a CEO.
2. WordPress holds 60.4% market share for content management system.
3. Around 48% of the top 100 blogs are running on the WordPress platform.
4. WordPress was used by more than 31.88% of the top 1 million websites.
5. Approximately 24,808,989 + websites are using WordPress till date.
6. You can create sites within minutes with WordPress.
7. WordPress is available in over 50+ languages.
8. There are 5,000+ themes and 53,000+ free plugins for WordPress.
9. WordPress is older than Facebook and Twitter.
10. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial website or a blog, the fact is WordPress doesn’t charge a penny.
11. As soon as you install it you can start using WordPress. There is no configuration required.
12. WordPress is SEO friendly. Popular search engines like Google, Bing tend to rank websites that use WordPress.
13. WordPress themes are automatically responsive to devices such as Tablets and Mobiles.
14. Some of the world’s most well-known brands use WordPress.


wordpress features

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management System (CMS) is an application that provides 3Ms features to users such as Make Content, Manage Content, and Modify Content.

The special thing about a Content Management System is that you can create, manage, and customize without getting into so many technical things like programming and coding.

In short, build a website without writing a single line of code. These are the prime features of the WordPress Content Management System. 

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System. There are a lot of features of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

In this article, we’ll discuss the key features of the WordPress Content Management System.

Why WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is so much popular? You will get the answer as you go through the article. From blogging to taking your business online, WordPress can help in all.

There can’t be a better platformer than WordPress which can provide so many features. Let’s look at the main features of WordPress.


Features of WordPress

The following are the best and remarkable features of the WordPress Content Management System which make WordPress unique and most popular in the list of best Content Management System software available in the market.


With the least technical knowledge, one can build a complete website using WordPress. That’s why WordPress holds one-quarter of the whole worldwide web.

Managing content is very simple through WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and this is one of the best in available.

Do you know that WordPress has a 60.4% Content Management System (CMS) market share! That shows the level of popularity of WordPress.

Simplicity is the main reason why people prefer it. One can easily make his or her website in few minutes using WordPress.

You can read our article on How to start a free blog in WordPress? It has all the information about how one can create a free website or blog using WordPress.

After, developing the website, adding, updating, and managing content is simply a cup of tea. Just take a small moment to learn it then you will already feel acquainted with it.

Furthermore, if you want to integrate some more functionalities into your website. It can be easily done using plugins.


The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) can be used in different devices. You can manage your website from your computer as well as mobile too.

This is a one of the key features of WordPress which benefits users to manage the website cross-platforms.

Just you need to login to your WordPress administrative account. Also, make sure the browser supports WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

Anywhere, anytime and at any place, you can see the information about your websites and if you want can tweak the stuff.

However, the most convenient is to use it on a laptop or desktop. As you can see multiple things in one place. Which makes it easier to manage them all.


Easy menu and media management

WordPress gives awesome accessibility to manage the menu displayed on your website. You can easily add and remove pages from the menu.

To do that go to Theme customization and then go to Menu. The process is very simple, just drag and drop.

Media files such as images, videos can be embedded on the website. Whenever working on a page or post, click on add block then select the media which you want.

You can upload the media file or put the URL. Your media files are stored in WordPress hosting memory if you are using WordPress.com.

If you are using WordPress.org then it gets stored in your hosting.

Ocean of themes to design your website

WordPress offers numerous themes for designing your website. Just one click and style your WordPress website.

Moreover, WordPress allows us to further customize the page layouts.

Go to the Admin dashboard then under the Appearance tab, you can find the option to change the theme and customize the theme.

Install the themes from the WordPress themes library. Themes are free as well as paid. You can also install a third-party theme on WordPress.

Upload the zip file of that theme. The upload option is available in the Theme option in the Appearance tab.

It is such an advantage to directly install a theme. Otherwise, it would take a lot of time and effort to construct a website like that by coding.

Secondly, customization and management would also be hard.

Wide range of plugins

Plugins are like applications that you can install and use on your websites for integrating some functionalities.

For example, you need a page hits counter below your website. Install a plugin for that and then use it.

Just like that, there are 10000+ plugins in WordPress plugins library. Whatever you need, just search and install the plugin.

Like themes, plugins are also paid and free. You can upload your own plugin too.

The plugin saves effort and time. For adding the same kind of function into the website, without a plugin, it would not be so much easy.

You saved yourself from writing hell lot of codes. 


This was all about WordPress and we also answered the question “Why WordPress”. Till now you know the meaning and features of WordPress.

Also, why it so much preferred as the best Content Management System.

These were the best features of WordPress which make it so admirable. Setting the website to managing all the content on its WordPress has made everything simple.

Now, you don’t need to master web development technologies for building a website. 


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